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An intriguing article by Mentis cebum, "A Religious rant", i couldn't help but appreciate that she DOES think,,:) and i want to say some of the things, felt like it would be better to assimilate my thoughts in an article.. which ends with the lines... "I just feel like smiling, and bending my head to say, Oh Allah!, yes, yes, i believe, i do!:)"

Submitted: July 26, 2012

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Submitted: July 26, 2012



First of all my friend Mentis cebum, the thing that u actually take the pain to think about these things and that the questions buzz in ur mind prove that u have the quest to know the truth of the things, of the universe and beyond and that is the real thing that u think that why and how are u here,, who created you,, if he still cares about u,, and why in the world were u created, i am not going to tell u that my God is glorious or great thats 4 u to figure out urself, i just want to share my opinion of things:),,
For the idea of atheism,, do u really really believe that this universe came into being on its own,,???? that this complexity of life......... just happened? all this biodiversity , this perfect system of life, where we cant find any fault, any loop hole, any mistake happened accidentally?? this endless sky, this earth and the thousands and thousands of big and small and microscopic creatures which are living in a perfect harmony cant just drop from no where,  when even a small pen is not made on its own,, its created....
and to emphasize, , i will give the reference of an amazing writer here at booksie named khano:) her article named, "if u cant see it, it doesnt exist?"
so i think there is no way we can deny that we humans with so complex lives and emotions and thoughts just happened, that no one created us, we just happened to be a twist in the cycle of evolution,, that no one is there to look upon us,, that not possible, SOME ONE, SOME WHERE IS THERE WHO CREATED US!

with the idea of Greek myths, i agree that these are just read for fun things, now when we know the hugeness and at least have some teensy bit idea of the universe that compared to it, our world, this earth is just a speck of sand, its almost nothing,,

so can we really think that the mighty one who created the universe will indulge in the relationships with the earth beings or will fight for his position in the world or on the earth, i dont think so,, He who created it all cant be involved in such petty things, nop... mind doesn't accept..

Wel He has a name,, He has,, and He has told it himself..:)
and believe that He cares,, He wants u to admit His presence, just tell me that if u have made something like even,, even a small decoration box, after making it will u just throw it away, ?? that wont happen because if u have created something, u care about it and this is just a small thing then can He forget us?, can he just walk away from us after creating, will He be just oblivious to his creation, human?? no he isnt, He cares and HE has given u this quest,, this need to know because He wants u to admit His presence:) he wants u to figure things out.. and then he has not just left us in dark, to thrash about.... he actually sent people among us who were humans just like us to tell people that He is One and he is there, the people being prophets and the last one of them after which the message is completed is Muhammad (S.A.W).........
wel i agree there,,, that is a totally wrong concept, so Islam says, "to kill a human is to kill all the humanity and to save a human is to save all the humanity"
About miracles:P and so called miracles as u say my friend!,,
i dont know any of the turning wine to water and other things u mentioned to belong to Muhammad s.a.w but let me tell u a few simple things, short scientific facts,,
if u drink water standing up, it can cause ulcer, because the water goes straight down ur chest hitting the stomach walls with a force, but drinking water while sitting down slows down the passage of the liquid, making it safe.
another thing, drinking water before the meals is good, between is fine, not that good and at the end is real bad,, we know the scientific reason, that if u drink the water at the end it will dilute the stomach enzymes pepsin etc, resultantly the whole digestion process will be affected,, and recently it has been found that it causes cancer too, i dont know the details of the cancer thing so i wont emphasise this cancer point.
the third and the last point of mine is that in the last century Einstein proved that if a mass moves with the speed of light,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the time doesnt remain a constant, it becomes variable..
now if u remember these things
Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W taught his followers 1400 years ago,, " drink water while sitting, never drink water while standing,"

"drink the water before meals, donot drink water at the end of the meal, if u knew how harmful it is, u will not do it"
and the last thing "Shab_e_meraj,," which is translated in english as the night of the elevation or ascent, that after this night, when the prophet woke up, he told people that he had gone to masjid_e aqsa last night, the farthest mosque in jerusalem from masjid_e haram in Makkah, arab. and later to the skies and heavens and met Allah, now just for the travel between Masjid e haram and masjid e aqsa, the distance was travelled in weeks in those time without the modern transport,, people denied him and mocked that how is it possible? they asked him to tell what he saw in there, because he had never been to that place before they knew he would not be able to tel them but he told all the details, and he told that he had gone with the angel on an animal named buraq, white in color and it travelled with the speed of light, he told them he has seen heavens to which Quran says:

"Glory to (Allah) Who did take His servant for a Journey by night from the Sacred Mosque to the farthest Mosque, whose precincts We did bless,- in order that We might show him some of Our Signs: for He is the One Who heareth and seeth (all things)."
—Qur'an, Sura 17 (Al-Isra) ayah


he said that when he returned home, his bed was still warm and the latch of the door was still vibrating,
an animal that travelled with the speed of light, and when he returned the bed was still warm:),, this is somethng u couldnt explain at that time but now we know that when matter travels with the speed of light, time becomes irrelevant......

and the biggest miracle is Quran, the words of Allah,
when u ask the question that how the universe came in to being,, after much research now u know that it was the big bang,, and u have the evidence for that, now u know when u are living in the age of technology and science era, but Quran said some 1400 years ago,
"Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one unit of creation), before we clove them asunder? We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe?" sura 21 verse 30,, thats just one of the verses which prove the scientific facts of today,, and when i read that,
 I just feel like smiling and bending my head to say, Oh Allah!, yes, yes, i believe, i do, i do.

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