what is true love. a personal account

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have you ever been confused, if what you are feeling is love? or is it a passing emotion.
well here is what love feels like.

some times.. once in a blue moon, it happens that.. you fall in love, but you can't fall out. years pass by.. and you think that you have gone on with your life, you find a new love,  and then some others. and you think that , thats it. the past is in the past. you have moved on.. and then one day, you see that person again, smiling or laughing or just sitting and being themselves.. and you suddenly feel all the years drop by,.. and you are still standing in the same place. your heart starts hammering in your chest and you tell it, no, command it to shut the heck up. you have been over it for years, why is your heart misbehaving now. why are your palms suddenly sweaty. and then that awful truth dawns. that through out all these years , you had been simply deluding yourself. that while that other person has moved on you are still... there. It doesn't matter how many winters and summers and springs have passed. you have been standing still, at this same spot.. all this time.

oh you try, you try hard to convince yourself and every one around you that you are completely fine, that you have , ofcourse moved on. found new people to love. new hobbies, new interests.. but you are still reeling inside from this earth shattering epiphany that  you.. you  my friend are still.. and have always been and will always be in love with person, whom you gave everything you had.  that person who has no idea that he or she is.. still, the centre of your world.  you, the successful, moved on, new, grown-up you, have in fact, been unable to move on. that you had fallen in true love, and you never fell out.

Thats fellows, is what true love is.

as to my dismay I just found out.

Submitted: February 22, 2017

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