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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Since he was little James Carter looked up to his older brother and sister.
Now that he is working with them will he be able to handle it or is he just not cut out for the job?

Submitted: April 08, 2012

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Submitted: April 08, 2012





Standing outside smoking a cigarette agent James Carter can’t help to wonder if he was just given the job because of his older brother and sister, Patrick ‘Snake’ Carter and Elizabeth ‘Cat’ Carter. 

He inhales smoke and wonder what his nickname will be, if he is good enough to get one.  “James ‘the fast’ Carter, no that sounds dumb.  James ‘00’ Carter, yeah that sounds better.  It makes me sound like a super spy.”  He continues talking to himself and smoking not knowing that his sister is standing right beside him listening to every word he says.  “You can call me Carter, James Carter, here to make sure you sleep save at night.” 

Trying not to laugh Cat walks closer and jumps besides him to scare him.  “What are you doing?”  He jumps around and throws down his cigarette like a busted school boy.  He stutters as he tries to speak.  “I, I’m just getting some air.  What are you doing out here?”  She walks around him to the other side, lighting a cigarette she smiles. 

“He wants to see us inside.”  James standing against the wall jumps straight up.  “Cat if you are trying to make me look like a fool I will put toothpaste on your face when you sleep.”  Cat puts out her cigarette and starts to walk away.  “We are going on a family mission, prepare yourself.” 


Inside James can’t hold in his excitement any longer.  He pushes past some of the other people in the room making his way to the front where the ‘big boss’ is standing waiting for everyone to enter.  Gaia M Jamie is called the ‘big boss’ because no one knows what to actually call her and they are scared shitless of her. 

She stands there in front of the room silent waiting for everyone to come in.  When she sees that it is everyone she starts to talk.  “As you all know special agent Patrick and Special agent Elizabeth is going on a new mission with the newest member of their group, agent James Carter.  They are going after Doctor Brown and they are going to catch him thanks to special agent Rodger who has tracked him down. 

We now know what he is going to do next and where it is going to be.  So agents, let’s put bad guys in jail.  Good luck.”  She turns around and walks away, waving at Cat to draw her attention.  Walking to the back room Cat is nervous about this mission.  “Cat are you sure James can handle this?  Is he ready?”  She looks her dead in the eyes to make sure Cat understands the seriousness about the situation.  “He’ll be fine, besides Snake and I will take good care of him.” 

One the private Jet James keeps on fiddling with everything he gets his hands on.  Irritated Snake stands up and walks to where Cat is sitting.  “He is worse than a child.”  He talks to his sister in a whisper tone.  “He’ll get use to everything.  Just leave him.”  She pushes her chair back and closes her eyes. 


“Doctor Brown.  You have a package.”  His assistant says over the intercom of the phone.  Without saying anything he stands up and walks to the front office.  He signs for the big box and they push it into his office.  He starts to open the box as his assistant speaks over the phone again.  “Doctor, if you don’t leave now, you are going to miss your plane.”  Agitated he stands up and walks out. 


Cat feels a hand on her shoulder.  “Cat, are you awake?”  James lean’s over the chair and stares straight into her face.  She pushes her chair up and turns around.  “What is it?”  He gives her a retarded smile.  “Shouldn’t we go over the case or something?”  Cat sighs.  “What do you want to know?”  Still smiling he looks at her.  “What are we going to do in Peru?”  Snake walks towards them and speaks before Cat gets the chance.  “We are going to the hotel were our good Doctor is staying and we are going to take him out there, plain and simple.”  He looks at his younger brother and gets a disappointed look on his face. 

“I have always wondered why he looks at me like that.”  Cat looks at him, but says nothing. 

Landing at a private air strip Cat sees James panic.  “Don’t fuck this up; if you panic rather let us do your part.”  He smiles at her and with walking past he says.  “I’ll do my part.” 


Brown sits in his hotel room wondering what is in the package that came for him.  “No use crying over spilled milk.”  He says to himself as he lies on the bed.  His phone rings and as he answers it he sees it is a number he does not know, just then someone knocks on his door.  With the ringing phone in his hand he walks to the door and through the hole he sees a beautiful woman standing there.  He sees her smile and opens the door for her.  “I don’t believe I have ordered anything.”  He has a joke tone to his voice.  “It’s on the house.”  She replies in a delicate soft voice. 

He invites her in and closes the door behind him, but just as the door closes Snake pushes something between the doors so it won’t lock.  “Cigarette?”  Brown asks Cat.  She nods her head and sits down on the bed making sure she he will not face the door.  “I’m Lilly.”  She introduces herself with a smile.  He sits with his back to the door and touches her leg. 

Trying not to look disgusted she sees Snake silently entering the room and finding cover.  Now they have to wait for James to do his part so that they can finish the job.  Brown hears a noise and as he turns around Cat grabs him and throws him onto the bed.  He smiles as she climbs onto him. 

His phone rings again, looking he sees it is that number from earlier.  He rejects the call, but the caller keeps on calling, after the sixth time brown answers his phone.  “This better be good.”One the other side of the line is James talking in a deep voice.  “This is an emergency.  Open the door.”  Brown pushes Cat off of him and sits up straight.  “What are you talking about?”  Brown stands up.  “If you don’t open the door and get out now, you are going to get killed.”  Brown turns to Cat, he looks at her innocent smile then he walks to the door, past Snake waiting in the closet. 

Brown opens the door and in front of him is James pointing a 9mm at him.  James walks forward, drops his gun as he shuts the door with his foot.  As Brown starts to laugh at him Snakes walks out of the closet and grabs Brown from behind.  “What do you want?”  Brown looks nervous at them.  James walks forward and trips on the rug, falling on his face, and the gun slides in Cat’s direction.“Is it money?  I can make you rich, just don’t kill me.”  He begs for his life, seeing they are dead serious, except for the fool tying his shoe laces.

“You are a criminal and you are getting what you deserve.”  The anger rises in Snake’s voice as he talks to Brown.  Cat walks toward them, smiles at Brown then snaps his neck as Snake holds him. 


Out of curiosity Doctor Brown’s assistant walks into his office and closes the door behind her.  She walks to the half opened box and peaks inside.  When she can’t see anything she opens it a little but more.  She starts to scream and in shock she takes a few steps back looking at the little boy in the box.  On the inside of the box she sees a letter.  She takes it off and reads it.  Dropping the letter she runs out of the office. 


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