Mentally Mad

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

When the evil does not go away after you close your eyes you must stand up and make a decision to get rid of it yourself.


Mentally mad


She closes her eyes wishing for the bad men to leave, but they stand there in front of the door not moving a mussel.  It is her first night in this place and I can see her panic, she has no idée what is going to happen to her. 

It is the first time I have seen them put more than one girl in a room.  It is starting to turn out like a prison.  “So sell mate, what are you doing looking at the door like that?”  I don’t even know her name, they brought her in like this and she has not said a word since. 

She turns her face and looks at me with dead angry eyes.  “I am waiting for those men to walk away then I am going to get out of this place.  I don’t belong here.”  She turns her attention back to the door.  “Sorry to burst your bubble sweetie, but no one gets out of this place, not even if you are good.” 

Her voice gets loud as she walks closer.  I take it she is angry.  “Listen whoever you are.  I will be getting.”  And just before she could finish that sentence the guard looks into the door and shouts at us.  “Would you shut up and go to sleep.”  He turns around and I lay my head down on my almost not there pillow. 


After a very disturbing night of restless dreams I wake up to find her looking at the door again, or for all I know she is still looking at the door.  “So I take it they did not leave?”  She turns around and looks at me with hate and anger.  “It is entirely your fault, if you just kept your mouth shut they would not have had to watch over us the whole time.”  She gets of her bed and walks to me.  “I hate you and I will kick your ass if you ever do such a thing again.”  Her eyes are dead, no one is inside there.  I spent many years around crazy people to know that. 


Breakfast as usual is just oatmeal and some juice on the side.  I watch the new girl as she walks to an empty table.  She puts down her tray and makes no attempt to look up at anyone.

The girl next to me taps on my arm and starts to babble like a fool not knowing that she is doing it.  “So tell me, what do you know about the new girl?  She looks shy like she does not belong here.  Do you remember how you where when you first came in?  You were shy and did not want to talk to anyone and then Sally came and punched you and that big fight and those were good times.  Do you know that since that time you are different?” 



I turn to her, she has an annoying face and her voice makes people’s ears bleed if they don’t know how to ignore her.  “I know nothing about the new girl.  Now stop talking.”  Her eyes are sad and I turn my attention back to the new girl then I see Sally walk toward her.  Sally has a reputation of beating up the new girls.  I don’t want her to do this anymore.  The last girl she attacked ended up in a coma and died a week later. 

Before doing anything I sit and watch them.  Sally smiles like always, she acts friendly, you think that you might be making a friend and then she attacks you.  Old Sally has been doing this for a long, long time. 

I see the new girl get up and throw something at Sally.  We all walk to them and form a circle around them.  “Fight, fight.”  Everyone keeps on saying.  I look up and see the guards coming down.  Stepping in between them I hit Sally at the exact time the guards push past the other girls.  “Kim why are you and Sally fighting again?  Come here, right now.”  He grabs me by the arm and leads me to a room where he places me in a chair.  “You will sit here and think about what you have done until Dr. Monty comes.”  He closes the door and I am left in silence. 


Hours later, I don’t know the exact time, Dr. Monty enters the room with a bag in his hands.  He puts the bag in front of me and walks to the corner of the room like he always does.  He looks at everything in the room.  I can see his eyes move slowly over every little detail, even all the dust in the room.  He moves away from the corner in disgust.  “I have to remember to tell the cleaning people to clean this room more often.  Looks like you like getting into trouble.” 

He looks me in the eyes.  His dark brown eyes do not compliment his futures.  He has a sharp nose, too big for his face and he has almost no hair. 

“Kim are you listening to me?  Do you want me to put you in the big chair again?”  His eyes are sharp, studying me, waiting for my reply.  I hate the big chair, it sounds fun and all, but it is not.  They strap you into it, put something in your mouth and then they shock you until you know that you have to behave.  When you are new and misbehave the put you in that chair, no questions asked.  I guess that is why I stood up for the new kid; she does not have to know the pain, not now anyway. 


“Doc with all due respect, I don’t need punishment, I just want to be left alone, but none of them find it possible.”  I can see he does not believe me.  “Kim strange thing is I saw you walking towards the fight and taking the bait for the new kid.  I know she lives in your room and all, but you don’t have to take the blame for something she did.”  I look down at my feet, knowing that something bad is going to happen.  “Don’t worry Kim I am not going to do anything, but next time all of you will be in trouble.”  He pickes up his bag and walks to the door, before heading out he turns around.  “Go to your room and don’t be the hero.  What needs to happen will, with or without you”.  He closes the door behind him and I sit there again in silence. 


Getting to the room I see her sitting there again just looking at the door.  I am starting to think that she has some sort of problem.  As I sit on my bed she walks to me. 

“Why did you do that?”  I look up to her.  “Well it is my bed so I can sit on it whenever I want, unless you have a problem with it and you want me to sit on your bed, but I don’t think it will work if you are sitting there.  Then where do you want me to sit?”  She looks confused and takes a step back. 

“I don’t mean the sitting on the bed part; I mean the fact that you hit that Sally girl and got into trouble instead of me.  Why did you do that?”  She does not seem so scary and angry anymore.  She looks like a nice person.  “Look kid, there is stuff here that you are not supposed to see on your second day.  I just wanted to protect you.”  She smiles at me then sits back on her bed. 


“Why are you here?”  I ask while wondering what her name is.  She looks around then makes eye contact with me.  “I don’t know.And you?” 

I smile.  “I am an undercover agent sent here to uncover criminal activities and drug smuggling.”  She looks away and laughs.  “Why are you laughing?  I did not make a joke.”  She says nothing; just keep on laughing until the guard knocks on the door to make us quiet. 


I sit up straight looking at her serious face.  “Who are you?”  She smiles and looks away again.  This mystery is starting to bug me.  “I am Alo Mc Nally.  Who are you?” 

She looks at the door waiting for something to happen.  “I’m Kim.”  She turns.  “Kim who?” 

“Just Kim.” 


Sometime later the guard opens the door.  “Time for dinner.”  He stands there watching us as we walk past him into the hall.  I can’t believe they made me miss lunch; they serve the best food then.  “Alo try and stick with me if you want to stay out of trouble.”  She looks at me.  “How are you not trouble?  I recall you taking the blame for something you did not even do.”

Sitting down at a table I see the others look at me.  “I’ll take the blame and keep you out of trouble.” 

She looks around.  “You don’t have to do that.”  I hate the dinner in this place.  It is so boring and predictable.  “Meatloaf again, when will this end?”  Alice moans as she sits next to me.  I turn to her.  “Alice this is Alo.  Alo this is Alice.”  They great each other only with a smile. 

“Kim I found some information for you.  Do you have my payment?”  I hand her a brown paper bag over the table.  She opens it to make sure everything is inside. 

“I heard the guards are leaving their posts tonight for the annual poker game.  So this will be our best chance to get out.”  I look around to make so no unwanted people heard her.  Everyone is minding their own business. 

“What time?”  She is silent.  “What time?”  I ask again and then she looks up.  “Just after lights out, but we have to wait a short while to make sure the way is clear.”  I smile and we finish our diner. 


Washing my hands I watch the bad men walk past the door.  “Lights out, go to sleep.”  They shout, in a hurry to go play poker.  I watch his eyes as I climb into my bed; he smiles at us and walks of.  That smile is always the same, no matter what happens, he always smiles the same way, evil. 

“Kim, Kim, are you ready?”  Alo asks in a whisper tone.  I have been ready since I got here.  I get up and walk to the door.  “Let’s go.” 

Opening the door from the inside is not hard at all, considering all the time I spent on trying it, time and time again.  Down the hall we find Alice.  Silently we make our way to the front door.  Suddenly with a bang someone is behind us. Someone grabs my arm pulling me back.  Another person takes Alo and a third Alice. I can hear them scream, but my eyes are forced to look up.  “Let me go!”  I try to get myself loose but this person has me in a tight grip. 

“This is the last time you are ever going to try and escape.  Doctor Monty has had enough of you.”  His voice is deep and he does not sound like one of the guards in this place.  “Let me go.”  I keep on trying to get free, until I fall down on the floor of a room I know all too well.  There in front of me is the big chair, smiling at me, waiting for me. 

Landing next to me is Alo and Alice, both looking just as confused.  “What just happened?  I thought all the bad men would be gone.”  Alo has a point.  I try to think as I stand up and pace around the room.  Wait, the doc said he saw me walking to the fight.  “He has cameras in here.”  I speak to myself not realizing that it is out loud.  They look up at me.  “Who has cameras in here?”  I kneel down next to them and in a whisper I answer them. 

“The doc, he knows everything that goes on around here.  We are never going to get out.”  I stand up looking around.  There has to be some way, or just a slight chance.  I hear footsteps coming closer and then the door opens up.  It is the doc with the same old bag in his hand.  He smiles at me then looks at them. 

“Well, well, what have we here?”  He places the bag in front of me again and walks to a corner of the room.  “Alice get into the chair.”  He looks at her and I see the fear rise.  I stand up and walk to him.  “Leave her alone, this was my idée, punish me.”  He pushes me to the side and picks Alice up.  He straps her into the big chair and flips on the switch.  “This is what you wanted Kim.  This is all you’re doing.”  He looks at me with a smile as I watch Alice shock; I see he is not going to stop.  “Stop it, just stop it.”  I shout, but he does not listen, he just keeps on smiling. 

I look at Alice and then my eyes meet Alo’s, she knows what is coming and there is nothing we can do about it.  I jump at him, tackling him to the ground, but it’s too late, Alice is no longer with us and it is my fault. 

He stands up, looking angry.  “Why did you do that?  I thought you did not care about anyone but yourself.”  He walks to Alo and strap her into the chair.  I fear for the worst as I watch a tear run down her face.  “Let her go.”  He turns around.  “Don’t you know by now that saying those words will not help?” 

He flips on the switch and I watch her die in front of my eyes.  This is his way of punishing me, hurting people close to me.  He switches of the chair and the stench of burnt flesh hangs in the room. 

“Your turn Kim, you didn’t think I was going to forget about you.  GET IN THE CHAIR.”  He shouts at me.  I see the veins in his face rise.  The doc hardly gets this mad.  I get into the chair and he straps me in.  Tears running down my face I try to stay calm.  “Doc, why did you kill them?  They did nothing wrong.”  He starts laughing at me again, anger rise in me I try to get my arms loose.  “You’ll never get out of there.”  His laughter irritates me.  The strap around my left arm breaks loose, the doc stares at me not believing what he is seeing.  I loosen my other arm and attack the doctor just before he reaches the door. 

“Wait Kim, don’t do this.”  He begs for his life at my hands chokes the life out of him.  I look him straight in the eye.  “This is your entire fault doc, you brought this on yourself.”  I feel him struggling trying to get free, but I don’t let go.  As my hands hold him I feel him dying I feel the life drain out of him.  I drop him and he falls to the floor like an anchor. 


Submitted: April 16, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Hanlie. All rights reserved.

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Insane Membrane

oh .. I have no idea whether I liked this or not but you held my attention to the very end ... well done

Mon, April 16th, 2012 9:54am


Thank you.
I am not sure if I know what I expected from this story. I wanted something different from my others, but not too much.

Mon, April 16th, 2012 5:09am

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