Through the eyes of a killer

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be inside the mind of a killer? Well, now is your chance.

Tom is no regular guy. He has more than one issue and struggles to control himself. Follow him as he deals with his everyday life.

Through the eyes of a killer


Standing outside the shop he feels sadness and hatred at the same time as he watches the fathers and their children buy mother’s day gifts.  They look so happy, laughing and talking.  Then he starts to wonder if he was normal would his father have done stuff like this with him.  Tom backs away from the window and bumps into a woman walking on the sidewalk. 

“Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to.”  She smiles at Tom, something that hasn’t happen to him in a long time.  “No problem, it’s not like I was looking where I was going.”  She reply’s in a soft, but sweet voice.  As she walks away Tom studies her, memorizing her every detail.  Walking back to his house he can’t stop thinking about the blond, friendly woman he bumped into, but she, or just the idea of her has to wait. 

Tom still has some other business to take care of.  Walking into his house he can smell the strong sent of blood and urine and somewhere in the air he smells fear.  She is sitting in the corner, duck tape over her mouth, her arms tied behind her back as well as her feet.  Walking closer he notice that she is not crying, as he comes close enough to touch her she jerks away and falls to her side. 

Tom starts laughing and then he says, “you silly little thing, I am going to kill you.  No matter what you do, you only got yourself to blame.”  His voice is now deeper than before in the street.  It’s deep, dark and scary.  Tom listens to himself talk, but does not recognize the person.  The woman is still groaning and he is starting to get annoyed by her. 

Tom stomps over to the kitchen; pulls open a drawer and pickes up his knife.  There is only one knife he uses to kill them and carve the flesh off of their bodies.  It is the knife he stole from his father’s closet the night he ran away from home. 

Just thinking about home makes him angry and the woman in the background making noises doesn’t help at all.  She knows what is coming her way. 

Every time Tom looks at the knife he is reminded of what happened to him as a child, how his parents treated him.  He still has nightmares every now and then and every time just before he kills his latest victim, he imagines it is them.  Tom still dreams of getting his revenge, but for years he has searched and still he can’t find them.  Standing over her she stops moving.  They both fall dead silent and look each other in the eyes.  He sees fear in her eyes; he sees something he knows too well. 


She holds his eye contact, but sees nothing in his light blue eyes.  No life, no soul, nobody’s home.  She accepts what is coming her way, the bad luck that has found her.  She is done fighting it and that scares her, she knows he sees it. 


Tom closes his eyes, takes a deep breath and stabs her in the stomach; he hears her gasping for air in pain.  He stands up, leaves her to bleed out.  He throws the knife down on the carpet and slowly walks to the outside.  He can hear her still breathing, mumbling something he cannot make out.  Outside the fresh air freezes his face, he feels calm, but still unsettled from everything. 

Tom goes inside, picks up the dead body and carves off her flesh then he cleans up the mess he made. 

After getting rid of the body Tom goes for a walk in the park, trying to clear his mind from all the things that has happened during the day. 


Running after her dog Samantha sees that he is about to jump on a man facing the other way.  “Gus come here boy, here boy I’ve got something for you.”  She has tried everything, but he doesn’t want to listen, for some reason.  “No Gus, bad dog!”  She puts the leash back on her dog then helps the man up from the ground, surprised to see that it is the same man that bumped into her earlier.  “I am so sorry, he doesn’t usually do this.”  While he is standing up, Gus growls at him. 

Looking into his eyes she sees nothing, but the light of the sun.  “It’s you.  Are you all right?”  She tries to sound as calm as possible, but something about him is scaring her.  She notices that he is a very clean man with dark brown hair and blue eyes.  He starts to twitch then he says, “I have to go.”  Then he runs off in the direction he came.  Samantha shakes her head, tugs on Gus’s leash then walks on. 


Running home he feels his heart beat in his chest, his palms are sweating and he thinks he is about to faint.  “Not now Tom, not now.”  He keeps on telling himself.  He bursts trough the door, falls down on his couch and turns the TV on loud.  He only gets three channels and all of them are news.  The reporters are talking to police and telling the viewers about anther body that they found.  Tom leaves the TV on and goes to sleep, hoping he can forget about her. 

The next few days Tom decided to stay in his house and for a while relax and forget about everything, until he woke up on Friday and turned on the news.  There on the TV is a live report at a dog show and in the background he sees her, standing with her dog, her blond hair flapping in the wind, she smiles but not at the cameras.  Tom jumps up, puts some shoes on and drives to the dog show.  Outside the wind is nasty, blowing in every direction.  He doesn’t look at anyone on the street and drives as fast as he is allowed to drive.  Reaching the dog show Tom is happy to see that he does not have to pay an entrance fee.  He makes sure he avoids the news crews and their cameras.  He sees her standing on the open field and decides to go and sit on the wall and watch her for a while. 


Samantha is overwhelmed with all the attention and hopes that her dog is not going to embarrass her.  The wind is blowing her in every direction as she starts to feel dizzy.  She pulls on Gus’s leash and they walk off to the side so that she can sit down.  She looks around and it feels to her like she is being watched.  Turning to her side she sees a man sitting on a wall watching her.  Not knowing what to do or who it is she looks away. 


Noticing that she saw him looking at her he stands up and walks a little further away, pretending to be interested in the dogs.  A while later he feels someone tapping him on his shoulder.  He turns around to see her standing behind him.  Her eyes are angry and staring right trough him. 

“Are you following me?”  She asks him in a soft voice witch stays the same even when she is mad.  He struggles to look her in the eyes while answering her.  “If I was would it freak you out?”  She looks at him in disbelief.  “Just leave me alone.  You scare me.”  She turns around and walks away. 

Tom feels anger grow in him as he watches her walk away.  Walking back to his car he feels sad.  “How dare she talk to me like that?  I’ll make her pay.” 


After waiting in his car for about two hours he sees her walking in the parking lot.  He follows her and she drives around for twenty minutes before she stops at the side of the road.  He stops next to her and before she can react he grabs her and throws her into the back of his car. 

He drives back to his house as fast as he can.  He keeps on looking back to make sure no one is following them.  At his house he puts her in the corner where they all go.  He looks at her, but she is not crying. 

“Why are you not crying?”  He shouts at her, but she just looks at him with blunt eyes.  He is bothered by her attitude and shouts at her some more hoping it will make her cry, but it does not work. 

After catching his breath he walks up to her with the knife in his hands.  He takes her by the hair and picks her up to her feet.  He looks her in the eyes and says in a deep scary voice.  “Maybe this will make you cry.”  Then he stabs her in the stomach.  He lets go of her.  She drops to the floor and dies in silence. 


Submitted: April 05, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Hanlie. All rights reserved.

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declan mckimm

I have written something very similair to this called "through the eyes of a murderer"! When I saw this, I could not believe the coincidence! Anyway, good story :)

Sun, June 17th, 2012 10:27am



Yes it is a coincidence. I would have named it the same as yours, good thing I did not..

Sun, June 17th, 2012 4:34am

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