Market Day

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This is my first poem since I started writing so it may not be perfect. It might be hard to spot but I wanted to focus on the political rebellions taking place in the Middle East. As part of my family is originally from Iraq, I have been trying to keep up with the news in other Arab countries and thought about how to express the situation as I see it, hope you enjoy it.

Submitted: November 19, 2011

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Submitted: November 19, 2011



They shout "We all know what the people want",

To which the crowd erupts,

"You must as we only know so much."


But, in the corner of the room,

Behind the flock of restless sheep,

An old man stands with his arms crossed.

Not in defiance, nor in fear,

But out of acceptance,

Of being lost.


He's spotted how each shepered herds,

The same whistle, the same movement,

Yet the ones that the sheep hear first,

Are the ones that they all run to.

Each to his own they say,

Yet there's few 

to choose from.


Now at the busy market day,

Every sheperd will try to bid,

For the most sheep, and price so cheap,

That the old man would raise his head,

For he's the best sheperd,

When all is said.


At hearing every sheperd shout

"We all know what the people want."

The old man rises and asks "Why?"

To which they fall back in surprise,

Unable to argue

or reply.


Those words then said by the old man,

Were whispered and yet heard at large,

For the truth was something special,

And the sheep began to notice,

How their minds were less closed

and helpless.


"Hear me all those who care to love,

The land we're on, oh so beloved,

Is she by its herds who graze it,

Little knowing what powers reign,

Who steal the sun and the

sky-born rain.


Many years before this sad news,

A leader won failry the minds,

Of those it wished to give back to.

But now they cheat and steal from you.

To them I say three words,

You will lose."




© Copyright 2018 Hanna A. All rights reserved.

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