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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Takes place in the year 3000 and artificial intelligence has come to rule the world literally. The Advancement has created A.I. that are considered humans. They do everything a human can do. One
day everything goes completely wrong for Delilah Swanson and all of the A.I. she knew, went on auto mode due to a code that was sent out from The Advancement that would be the end to the human
race. Delilah faces many hardships with her friends and family and tries to find a solution to save man kind. Then one day she meets a boy who isn't quite the same as her. She falls in love with
him and together Delilah Swanson and Aristotle Price will find the solution to saving the world.

Submitted: June 06, 2018

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Submitted: May 06, 2018





“Any Sufficiently advanced technology is

indistinguishable from Magic.”

- Arthur C. Clarke


My grandparents used to tell me stories of their childhood. A world that was still advancing in technology. Their childhoods had mainly consisted from playing outside to playing video games and hanging out with friends. As they got into their teens they had jobs and there really wasn’t any fighting over how many jobs there were. They had heard of the chatter of the new Iphones and the soon to be self- driving cars. At the time they would have never been able to believe that people could invent A.I. that looked like humans. They told me about an A.I., her name was Sophia. She could talk, walk, answer questions, and even have emotions. This was only the beginning of the future years to follow.

Fast forward to my parents, their childhood was completely different to those of my grandparents. They had already experienced self-driving cars and the newest technology of Iphones and video games. Their video games used headsets that made the game so realistic it made you think that you were actually in the game. At their time things were still somewhat calm in the world. The previously said Sophia had now become so advanced that she started sounding like an actual human instead of the animated robotic voice. The next robot was then made and had the same characteristics of Sophia. His name was Einstein. He was modeled after a used to be famous scientist, or so i’m told.

These A.I. became the future of my world. In my parents time, jobs had become very scarce, since what is now called The Advancement, they had created the beginning of the new A.I. world. All jobs had seemed to be taken over by robots and different types of technology. The most important jobs like being a doctor or dentist and some others seemed to be the only jobs available for my parents and their generation. My parents had become doctors and were soon known all over the world.

As time had progressed before they became doctors A.I and humans had become non-differentiable. They had even become so advanced that within their society of A.I., they were able to create families. Their ageing ability was the same as humans except for the fact that they never died. The only way they could die is if they were in a fatal accident that is similar to any human fatal accident. Now their ability to reproduce is designed much differently. Each A.I. couple would go to a lab and have an A.I baby made by the genesor characteristics the parents had had.

At first the A.I seemed harmless, but there was soon a realization that there was some rogue A.I that was actually out for humans. Humans would soon become scared of the A.I because they had taken over their homes and would soon take over their lives. The A.I would soon be the replacement of humans.

This is where my story begins, I was five and it was the year 3000 and nobody was ever really sure who was human and who was an A.I. We all looked alike and and there wasn’t a way to differentiate human from A.I. I lived in New Haven, Connecticut and the human population was 50,000 with an A.I population of 150,000. My parents Noah and Jamie Swanson were thirty-five years old and had been doctors for ten years. My brother, Jacob was two, we were the best siblings there could have been.

Up and into our early teens we were happy and worked well with our best friends, some being A.I and others human. However, we never really knew what everyone actually was. Everything was clam from when A.I. first came around, until one day when the known government in charge of the A.I.”s, also known as “The Advancement” had sent out a new code to all A.I’s. This new code would be the beginning of the end of the human race. I won’t get into it quite yet, but things went terribly wrong and I lost everybody that I was close to… except for my brother.  We had been abandoned and in search of humans until one day we found some. We lived our lives with them trying to figure out a plan against the A.I. Then one day, I met a boy or so I thought…




“When Nothing is sure,

everything is possible” -Margaret Drabble


My name is Delilah Swanson and I have been on the run with my kid brother, Jacob, for a month now; just two months ago our lives were great. We had a life that was full of technology. We had self driving cars that were safe and the newest version of hoverboards that made it really easy to get to places. I mean these hoverboards actually flew through the skies getting you places in a matter of seconds. The craziest thing was that the people that had surrounded our lives were in fact, artificial intelligence. My parents worked with them as co-workers, some of my friends were A.I, and some of them were even our teachers.

What we now call “The Advancement” is what started the creation of  artificial intelligence or A.I. They made robots that looked identical to humans. They did and still do exactly everything  humans can do. However, there just wasn’t enough jobs to be able to cover everyone. Most of them were taken over by technology. The only jobs that had remained were scarce, only jobs like: doctor, police officer, dentist, fireman, were still available. Of course there were more jobs than that but you needed to be able to outsmart any A.I. that came in your way.

My parents were doctors, they had become the best doctors there ever was over the entire country. They started their career at twenty-five and had been doctors for twenty years. Then one day just a month ago The Advancement sent out a code that changed our lives forever.

This code went to A.I. all over the world, it stated that it was time to go to autopilot mode. This autopilot mode was the death to humans. The Advancement’s original plan was to make the A.I. become a “superior race”. Their autopilot mode wouldn’t turn off until all humans were either dead or had come to help the A.I race.




“Technology is a useful servant

But a dangerous master”-Christian lous lange


It was just a normal day, like any other. I was in my my calc class with Ms. Fisher(an A.I) and about half the class was A.I., when all of the sudden the A.I. went silent and they all stood still with a blank stare. I was scared, so I ran out of class to go look at other classes. All of them looked the same as my class. I ran across the street to my brothers school. I was trying to remember how to find his class from when I attended his school. Finally I found him, still all the classrooms had A.I. with a blank stare on their faces.

Jacob asked “D.(what my brother calls me) what’s going on, why is everyone like a statue”. I don’t know Jacob all is I know is we gotta get out of here. Next thing I know is i’m running and I have Jacob’s hand. We get to the top of the hill up to our house when we turn around and see a huge crowd of people, all of them being A.I. walking in a march with a blank stare on there faces. We instantly turn back around and continue running home.

We finally reached our house and we noticed that our parents cars were still there. We go inside to find our parents. In the living room not only do we see our parents bodies but we see two A.I people standing over them with that same blank stare. I couldn’t believe it my parents, who were my only living family besides my brother, lying dead on the ground with a pool of blood around them. I was too much in shock to do anything. My brother was clinged to me crying.

The A.I. that killed my parents used to be family friends, they had helped us through both the good and the bad. I had considered them my aunt and uncle. And now I don’t know what the truth is of what happened and I why. The people I used to know turn to us with that same blank stare. Terrified I turned with Jacob and we ran. Running blindly not knowing where to go and we had almost nothing with us. We only had our backpacks from school which maybe had a granola bar or two in it. And no money.

I had never in my life not known what to do. With barely anything but what my brother and I had in our backpacks we were in search of safety. We ran into the forest where I had hoped to find more runaways who were also confused and scared for what had happened just two hours ago.

We finally get to the forest and immediately Jacob and I saw a huge group of people. There in the back row of the huge group was my best friend. I never thought I would be happier in the day I was having. I have been best friends with Sage Callaghan for as long as I can remember. Her younger brother was also my brother’s best friend. Thank God Charlie was with her. I couldn’t even imagine what would happen to Jacob if Charlie was gone. They are as close to each other that I am with Sage.

I ran right to Sage in a huge hug. Right then I started crying my eyes out. In one day I had lost both my parents and people that we considered family for so long. Sage is a whole 6 inches taller than I am, but i’m so glad I had her. I stayed like that for fifteen minutes and then I finally calmed down.

When Sage got the chance she said, “Delilah… I have no idea what just happened to our day but we have each other and our brothers so we will find a way to be okay. Where are your parents?” Then I started to get watery eyed again and then I said “they’re dead”. These words felt so weird in my mouth that I barely choked them out. She looked at me with the same look I had as she said “mine are dead too”.

It then came apparent to me that most of the people I saw in the group in front of us consist of 12-18 year olds. The adults I saw were about a third of how many kids there were. In the corner of my eye I saw Mr. Shaw and Mrs. Finney. They were my history and english teacher. I take Jacob and Sage’s hand who grabs Charlie’s hand as we make it over to our teachers.

Mr. Shaw do you know what happened? “Oh Delilah…  Sage… i’m so glad you guys are okay. I was just talking to Mrs. Finney and we think something went wrong with all the A.I’s. I was looking it up and all of them have been taken over by the Advancement. They are trying to rid the planet of the human race. We are trying to get all the adults together and the big kids to get together to discuss what has happened.” I’m going to talk to everyone once I finish talking to Mrs. Finney.

Mr. Shaw then got on a large rock looking over the crowd of people. There was maybe seventy- five people around. He then said, “People, people calm down. We don’t know exactly what happened here but we need to go around town to rescue anyone we can find. I know you all are scared but we need to do the best we can to survive and the best we can to save the human race. We need to get into groups of five and make sure to help any of the younger ones as much as you can.”

I knew from that point on my life would never be the same. Always on the run, always trying to help people, always trying to hide from the A.I. ;as of now the forest will become our home so we can do whatever we can to survive.






I have been in the resistance against The Advancement for six months now. I never thought I would spend my seventeenth birthday without my parents. These past months have hardened me along with my brother and my best friends. Since the beginning of the fight we have found a total of  2500 people. The A.I’s have gotten out of control. I’ve seen so much death that shouldn’t have happened. I honestly still have no idea how we are going to survive this thing.

I wake up to the sound of my little brother talking to Charlie and Sage still sleeping sound next to me. Today we are going to try and search a town full of A.I. in search of any more people. Mr. Shaw figured out a way to not be detected by the A.I. We had to do something unthinkable. He made a metal capsule kind of like a pill and when we swallowed it became engraved in our brain and if the A.I scanned us they would see that metal capsule and think we were one of them. Only a 100 of us got the capsule so that we could make sure it was safe. Myself and Sage where one of those people.

It still hurts sometimes but it’s worth it because we aren’t caught by the A.I. and we are so much closer to finding out what really happened that day. Unfortunately on one of our missions Mrs. Finney was killed and now only Mr. Shaw is still alive out of all my teachers. Three out of the seven teachers I had were A.I. As far as I know Mr. Shaw is the only one left.

I get back into what was really happening in the current moment and I notice Sage trying to get my attention. She then said “Delilah we have to go now so that we can be on time for the meeting before the rescue.” We then head to the central part of the forest where a total of ten people plus Mr. Shaw stay standing. Mr. Shaw says “Our goal today is to search and rescue. Like usual we will spread out and make sure we aren’t caught by any A.I. I know this sounds crazy, but today we also need to capture two A.I. to see if we can try to figure out what happened.”

I couldn’t believe that we were actually going to capture a couple today. It would be really risky, but I think it will get the answers we need. Then, we head off to town ready to get our answers.

We reach the town and its game time. Sage and I start left and  walk as everyone around us is walking which is with a perfect paustre and a smiling face. We still haven’t perfected this but we start out in the run down buildings and that is where we found three more people they were 3 kids. Oldest was twelve and they had been hiding there since their parents were killed and their town was run over.

Now we just needed to get out safely because these kids can be detected by the A.I. We decide to exit through a back window and see the forest about a quarter of a mile away. There is nothing we can do except run because as soon as the A.I. guards detect us we’re dead. We are fifty feet away when we hear a scream. “THERE!!” it was a guard and he began to chase after us. Sage and I looked at each other and new that we would need to get ourselves plus the kids in a tall tree so that the guard can’t find us.

We get to the closes tree that is out of site and start climbing. Luckily the twelve year old can climb so I have the eight year old holding onto my back and the six year old is holding onto sages back. We get to the top of the tree branches in a matter of just a minute. We had learned to climb fast in case of these situations. We then see the guard pass our tree looking everywhere with the same straight face as the first day the code was sent out. Except there was a fire added to his eyes.

The guard finally leaves and we head back to our base where we would meet the others. We arrive after about an hour of walking. We are the fourth pair to get back and now we are waiting for Mr. Shaw and his group. He is the main group because they were going to be the ones to capture the A.I. I look around and see that the other three groups found 4 people all together and they all ranged in different ages.

An hour passed and Mr. Shaw still was nowhere to be seen. Then about ten minutes later I see out of the corner of my eye Mr. Shaw and the two members in their group. I couldn’t believe it they had captured two A.I.’s and they were currently knocked out because I assume they caught them by surprise and knocked them out.

It turns out that they found the A.I. in a secluded area. They all had to work together and put up a pretty big fight in order to knock them out. I then noticed all the scrapes and bruises that our fifth group had.

The A.I were a boy and a girl who looked to be about the same age as Sage and I. We could only assume that they were twins because some of their features were really similar.

Mr. Shaw would interrogate them and see what they knew. Then he would do his best to decode their “bad code”.

A week had passed and the only information gotten out of them was what we already knew which was The Advancement was responsible and that they wanted A.I. to become the superior race. Mr. Shaw said their information was useless and that now he would try to turn off their code.

Two weeks later the A.I. siblings where to awake and their true identities would be revealed. They have awoken and I have found that their names are Isabella and Greyson Knox.




“My earliest memory is of feeling different.

My parents  told me that i wasn’t like the other children.”

-Billy Corgan


My name is Aristotle Price and my whole life has felt very different. I’ve always been different from everyone else. I was born and raised in Connecticut. I have never left in the seventeen years of my life. Our family wasn’t like every other single family either. About half our community is either human or A.I. My family was all A.I.

My parents were the first generation to have started the A.I. overrule, so therefore I technically don’t have grandparents. Unless you consider The Advancement Leader, Thomas McKinley, he is the only one you might be able to consider as a “grandparent”. But that would be weird, that would make my parents siblings since McKinley created them both with the main productions of A.I. He made it so that the A..I. could actually grow as humans with a new form of synthetic material that grows at a rate normal bones would; whatever “genes” that they had were combined to make me and my older brother and sister.

So yeah, that makes me the youngest, they are nineteen and twenty-three. Even our dogs were A.I. I know I couldn’t have changed the way I was made, but I wish everyday that I could have been like the other humans. I don’t know why, but I’ve never felt myself in this body, made of synthetic material and who knows what else. I guess you could say that my physical characteristics that were made in a lab by my parents is: 6’3, autumn brown hair, blue eyes, dimples, and a programmed super intelligence and super sporty. I’ve never known what to think of this, but it seriously was just the way I was made and there is nothing I can do about it

I have never had a girlfriend before, but don’t get me wrong, i’m not some socially awkward person. I just haven’t found the right person yet. I have tried dating A.I. girls before. A.I. aren’t supposed to date humans, in fact it’s pretty much forbidden to do so. I’ve always wondered but it just seems to impossible to ever be able to do. Humans an A.I. just don’t work the same. I mean they have the same structure they just can’t reproduce with one another. The girls that I did date here and there never really seemed to be actually present in the moment and I just didn’t connect with them. I’ve never understood why Mr. McKinley came up with the idea to create a new species that he hoped would be equal if not better to humans.

I mean why would someone do such a thing. The planet is already too compacted to ever be able to hold both “people” and humans. I know if it wasn’t for The Advancement, I wouldn’t be here so I guess you can say i’m glad it happened. It just seems so unfair because the A.I. race literally took over pretty much anything and everything that belonged to the humans.

It was bound to happen because the world was already advancing so much, so why not add one more thing. Sometimes I love the life I have. My friends are amazing, in fact my best friends are an A.I. and a human. Their names are Kingston Finley and Carter Mason. Carter is best guy friend who is A.I. and we’ve pretty much been best friends since birth. Kingston is my best friend that is human and we do seriously everything together. The three of us have had pretty much all of our classes together and there is no way anyone can separate us.

We never considered what each of us were, we just considered ourselves the same and never to part. We worked together perfectly and it seemed that our lives would stay that way forever…

Until one day when everything went horribly wrong and everything was completely different from then on. Everything went dark and my world that I thought I could love turned completely upside down. I couldn’t comprehend what had happened and why it had happened. It wasn’t until I woke up that I could actually understand what could have possibly happened that one horribly wrong day. I didn’t know what happened to my friends and I had no idea what wrongs that I had done.

Never in the seventeen years of my life had I ever imagined I could do something so impossibly wrong. I have never hated myself more than I do now than ever before. Why did this happen to me and why did it take me so long to get out of whatever state that I was in?




“Greatness lives on the edge of destruction, and the

reason that someone is great is because they have survived death.”

-Will Smith


I didn’t think anything of the “A.I. race” before just a week ago. Everything was just like every other day, at boring old high school in boring old math. Mr. Shane was teaching Integrals in our intro to calculus and he seemed to be talking  slower than he usually does. He has this crazy annoying voice where it’s basically monotone with pretty much no emotion at all. I’d have to say he is my most boring teacher, which sucks because I think I would actually love intro to calculus if I had a teacher that was more exciting and actually knew what he was doing.

I’m the kind of student that likes to be super involved in all my classes, but that only works if I have a good teacher. If it wasn’t for my programmed super intelligence I would probably fail all of my classes, but that’s the thing; being A.I. is an advantage you pretty much have everything already programmed in you. I know I don’t know everything, but once I am taught something it's like I can never forget it. Even this math class is easy, it is just SUPER boring.

Luckily I have this class with both Carter and Kingston, we always seem to have the same classes together. I think the only class I don’t have with either one of them is my Biology class because they both took Oceanography instead. Mr. Shane’s class is right before lunch, so right when it’s done Carter, Kingston, and I decided to ditch the rest of the day.

We were going to go over to Three Doors because they have awesome fries and shakes. Kingston I always get the classic chocolate shake while Carter gets his fancy, super sweet milkshakes. He seems to have a different one every time we go. Carter says, “I’m surfing the menu, I wanna see what they all taste like”. You gotta love him, he is always doing super weird stuff.

We always go to Three Doors on Wednesdays, It’s kinda always been our thing. Somehow we have never been caught ditching school. We just hack into the computer system saying that we were present for all the classes that we missed.

Unfortunately, today was a weird day. I was dosing in Mr. Shane’s class just waiting for it to be over. I was especially excited to go to Three Doors today because they were showing last night's basketball game on the big screen. It was the Titans vs. the Clermonts. It was the championship game and both Kingston and I loved the Titans and Carter loved the Clermonts.

There was just twenty minutes before the bell was going to go off to sound that it was time for lunch. I raised my hand to see if I could go use the restroom. I really didn’t need to, I just wanted to get out of class. I stood up went to Mr. Shane, asked to go use the restroom- which of course he didn’t care, I walked to the door, went to the bathroom, came back ten minutes later with ten more minutes of class, sat back down in my seat, and then all of the sudden I heard a high pitched ring. I had no idea what it was. It was so ear piercing and as I looked around I noticed I was the only one who could hear it and everyone looked at me as if I was crazy. Then it began, I noticed one by one, each one of the A.I. students including Carter, heard the ear piercing squeal. My hands were still holding my ears and then, there was nothing, everything went dark. I couldn’t see or hear anything. Next thing I know, I feel nothing and that’s when  everything really went completely dark and it was as if I was put into a dream state…




“There are things known and there are things unknown,

and in between are the doors of perception.”

-Aldous Huxley

I feel slightly awake now, there is still nothing, but I have regained my sight. Everything is still dark, but I can sense my body regaining consciousness. I could feel that I still wasn’t awake, but I think I was “asleep” for a long time. I didn’t know what was getting me out of my, whatever state I was in, but I think that it might have been bad.

Then all the sudden I was awake… As soon as my mind reconnects to my body, I am standing in a room and I realize that I am holding a gun. I couldn’t believe my eyes, not only did I have my finger on the trigger, but I was pointing it at one of the most important people in the world to me. It was Kingston. His eyes were big and it looked like he was pretty bruised and scraped. It looked as if he had just began to cry and I was the reason for those tears starting in my eyes. I began to realize what I was about to do. I stood there confused. Then, I broke down… I dropped my gun and fell to the floor and began to cry.  What had I done and what was I going to do?

It seemed like a forever that I was on the ground. Kingston was in the corner still puffy eyed and stunned. I finally got the courage to stand up. Kingston flinched a little and I began to fear myself and my knees started to shake. I slowly walked over to him saying that I wasn’t going to hurt him. I sat next to him and he embraced me in a hug. We sat down crying for a minute or so.

Finally when it seemed like a good time I asked, “Kingston, what happened? How long was I out for?” He then said, “I don’t know Aristotle, it has been about a month since every A.I. had a glitch. So I guess that’s how long you have been asleep for. When all of you guys started freaking out because of a sound, all of you suddenly went completely still. Had a blank face and everything. I ran up to Carter first and he wasn’t budging from his spot. I went to you and you moved for a split second and then there was nothing. I was scared so I ran. I didn’t know what was about to happen. All the other humans were still in shock of what just happened.”

“I’m glad I ran, I turned and I heard screaming and then all the A.I. began to march into the hallways still with that blank stare on their faces. I ran until I couldn’t anymore. I didn’t want to think of what was going to happen to all of the people. I had heard distant gunshots and realized that you A.I. were actually shooting people.” I looked at Kingston in disbelief as he continued his story of what has happened in the past month that I have been “asleep”. I didn’t want to think about all the innocent people that I know I had hurt. I was about to kill my best friend just a few minutes ago. Kingston continued his story, “ I didn’t know where to go, my mind was still blurry for what I just heard and saw. I didn’t want to think about what you and Carter were doing at the moment. I continued running until I found this place. It was in the middle of nowhere and this place was stocked to the brim with food. I figured it was just a safe house, so I decided I would stay as long as I could. The first three weeks were hard. There was a radio and as I listened to it, in a secluded area, there was a broadcast of just humans saying what was happening and the possible fatalities that there were. I stayed in this house for three weeks and six days. I didn’t go out ever in fear that someone would find me…

I was right to stay inside. As soon as I stepped out of this safe haven, it was like I put a pinpoint on myself. In an hour, out of nowhere, you showed up. I assumed you were patrolling the area. As soon as you saw me, you ran to me with a sort of fire in your eyes, the look of someone about to kill. We were fighting for a really long time. Then when I thought I couldn’t do it anymore, you pulled a gun on me and stayed that way for five minutes. I had no idea who you were and what had happened to my best friend that I grew up with. Then with no notice, it seemed that you were suddenly awake.”

I couldn’t believe the story that Kingston had just told me and that I was seriously about to kill my best friend. I then realized what I was doing patrolling the area. Whatever was controlling the A.I. had sent me plus Carter and my siblings to search the area for human life forms. I knew that they weren’t far behind me. So I know that we need to leave like right now or we are both dead. I was so thankful that I woke up, but I have a feeling the others are stuck in the way that I was just fifteen minutes ago.

I told Kingston that we need to leave now and we bulleted for the door. We then ran straight to the forest that we could see about a half mile away. As we are running I hear screaming. I look back and see the people I once knew and loved running at us with a look to kill. We make it to the forest out of sight of our once friends and start to climb the nearest and tallest tree. We climbed like never before and made it to the top in no time. We had lost them as we saw them searching for us with no luck.




“There will always be reason why you meet people. Either  

you need to change your life, or you’re the one that’ll change theirs.”

-loubis and champagne

Kingston and I have been walking through the forest for it seems like a couple hours. We still don’t know where to go and we don’t have any food with us or practically anything. I found that I had two guns and a knife, so we might be able to hunt and keep ourselves protected from others. There was absolutely no signs of life anywhere. It seemed that the A.I. has even gotten to this part of the forest. We weren’t sure how long it would be before we saw any sign of life.

About fifteen minutes later, we see a hare and chase after it. I managed to capture it and used my knife to kill it. I did not like the idea of doing this, but we were starving. I still don’t know what I did with the weapons in my bag and I certainly didn’t want to find out. We made an upside down fire so that there would be less smoke. We wanted to draw the least amount of attention to us as possible. Another fifteen minutes had passed and we were cleaning up the area and began walking again.

Finally, in the deepest part of the forest we heard voices. It sounded of about a couple hundred people or so. We walk closer to the sound and we go through a huge hedge and to our surprise, there was tons of light and people walking everywhere. The humans had found a way to live in the safety of the forest away from the A.I. They were in such a deep part of the forest;that was so well hidden that it would take the A.I. Years to discover. We were still in shock of how much life that we were in the midst of.

It was then that someone walked up to us to see who we were. The boy seemed to be about thirteen or fourteen and I looked around and noticed that there was only a couple handfuls of adults around. The kid asked us who we were? We didn’t know what to say.

Kingston still wasn’t very talkative so I just went with the bare minimum of the truth. I said we just escaped and we’ve been walking through this forest for what seems like hours. The boy looked at us and then said, “follow me, I’m going to take you to the boss so that he can put you guys in a safe place.” We were confused, but we followed the boy anyway.

I asked the boy what his name was, but he seemed to be distracted and didn’t hear me. We finally get to wherever he is going and he turns around and smiles. He then says, “ this is it boys, all you need to do is come inside with me and we’ll go talk to him so you can help explain what happened to you too. Oh and I’m sorry I don’t think I introduced myself, I’m Jacob.” We then said our names and we followed him inside the tent.

We are inside and there is a man looking at a map in the back of the tent. Jacob says, “ hey Mr. Shaw, I just ran into these two and they have just escaped from somewhere and they need our help.” Mr. Shaw turned around looked at us and then said, “ Hi what are your guys names?” We said Aristotle and Kingston. “ Well it’s very nice to meet you, if you don’t mind I’d like to ask you two a couple questions so that I can help you the best I can on how you got here. Jacob run along now, thank you for bringing them here.”

I knew that right now I couldn’t tell him that I was A.I. and I think Kingston knew it too. So we were going to answer his questions the best we could. Mr. Shaw said, “ So tell me how you got here please and if you know where any other living relatives could be.” Kingston started talking and said, “ I’ve been hiding in a safe house for the past month and well, you see Aristotle found me and about fifteen minutes later a patrol group spotted us and we bulleted for the forest. As of for the family members, I don’t know they could all be dead. I ran from the moment everything went so wrong with all of the A.I.” Then Mr. Shaw turned to me to hear my answer.

This was it I had to come up with an explanation of what had happened to me. I still had no idea what had happened to me so I decided I couldn’t do and I needed to tell the truth. So I said, Mr. Shaw honestly I have no idea what has happened to me within the past month. Everything has been completely dark. I’m scared to tell you this, but please don’t freak out, I don’t know what’s happened to me either. All the bruises and scrapes you see on Kingston is my fault. You see, I was apart of the patrol group in his area. I was father ahead of them and I think I saw human life forms and I ran straight for it. I was about to kill Kingston and suddenly I woke up and Knew I had done something very wrong.

Mr. Shaw looked at me in shock. He said, “ that’s insane, but if you are willing to help the cause against your kind then I’m happy you are here. I said gladly and for the family factor, my whole family is A.I. and as of now I only know that my older brother and sister are still around. Mr. Shaw said, “okay let’s get you boys settled in the west wing of our safe zone.” He took us to a tent and said that that’s where we would stay. He filled us in on what we would do over the time of our stay.

Over the next five months, Mr. Shaw had decided to keep my identity of A.I. Secret and Kingston and I helped with tons of stuff around. We had helped rescue about forty people from old run down towns. We also were part of groups that had gotten packages for supplies in the safe zone. Life started to seem pretty good again and Mr. Shaw was getting closer to finding out what happened that day. We saw Jacob ever so often, as well as his friend Charlie. We didn’t know them very well, but we occasionally talked to them.

Today was the day that Mr. Shaw was going to capture two A.I. We wanted to help, but there was already a group for that today. So we waited. They came back a couple hours later with a set of twins that never really was able to give any answers of what happened. I hadn’t even been able to give any answers. I actually was able to help Mr. Shaw figure out a way to wake those two up. So they would awake in about a couple days or so. Mr. Shaw and I figured out how to wake them up by actually having to cut into their brain and and decode the program. I think when I was put under the code,the people responsible for them problem left me with the structure of the code. I was able to decode them with the help of Mr.Shaw.

A couple days passed and they awoke. I hadn’t met them yet. Then when I was about to go meet them when I saw someone pass by that I had never seen before. It was as if I saw an angel. She was gorgeous and had long light brown hair and had golden colored eyes from what I could see. I needed to meet her then and there. So I ran blindly to her. I didn’t know what I was doing but I was so drawn to her and seemed that I fell in love with her the minute I saw her.

I accidentally blanked out and as I was running to her I ran straight into her. “Oww, dude what are you doing, watch where you are going.” She was even more beautiful up close. I immediately realized what I just did and said, oh no I’m so sorry miss I don’t know what got into me. I freaked and didn’t know what to say to her. I helped her up as she had her hand on her head and then got up dusting herself off. She looked at me and then it was as if she was taken aback and didn’t know what to say anymore.

I smiled at her, and everything came back, I had gotten back my courage to talk to her. I said again that I was sorry. I then said, you caught my eye and I guess I just ran to you because your glow drove me to come to you. She blushed and said, “it’s okay”. I smiled at her again and said, I’m Aristotle, what’s your name?? She looked at me again, not with the look of hate anymore, but with a look of uncertainty and want. Then in an instant she smiled back at me and said, “I’m Delilah, it’s very nice to meet you”. Delilah, such a beautiful name, I had never felt this much love for a girl that I barely knew. I then said to her, Delilah it’s so nice to meet you too. I kinda left it at that and I began to walk and talk with her. Never had I met someone that I felt so connected to and that I so desperately wanted to have.







“Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it”

-loubis and champagne

Today I went and met the twins and after that I can barely remember.  I remember walking out of the door and I was heading back to Jacob and then it felt like I was hit by a wall.  I said, oww, dude what are you doing, watch where you are going. I didn’t know it then, but I was going to meet someone that would change my life forever. I got up and I was thrown aback. In front of me was someone I had never seen before. He had auburn hair and gorgeous blue eyes. I was suddenly breathless. I was immediately embarrassed how rude I just was, even though it’s not my fault, he ran into me. Then I think he asked my name. I stuttered badly and then I said I’m Delilah. I believe he said his name was Aristotle, but I think I was still in shock of what happened.

He looked at me in a way of such kindness that I suddenly wasn’t nervous anymore. We started walking and we began to get to know each other. I asked him how long he had been here and he said FIVE MONTHS. How on Earth had we lived in the same area for almost the same amount of time and never bumped into each other! He was amazed too. Then we went into the smaller, but bigger details of our lives. He said he had an older brother and an older sister. Unfortunately he said they were gone along with his parents. I could only assume they had died when all of this chaos had began. He also said that he had come with his best friend Kingston. Then I said both my parents were dead to and I went into all of the details of what had happened from the moment all of the A.I.’s had gone silent. I told him I had a younger brother with me here. And I said his name is Jacob. Then he said something I couldn’t believe. He said, “Jacob! I know him he’s the one who first introduced Kingston and I to Mr. Shaw and began our work within the fighters against “The Advancement”. I see Jacob here and there at least once a week with his friend Charlie”. I then said, you know Charlie! He is my best friend’s brother! I have pretty much known him as long as he’s been alive. We were both so shocked that we had ties to each other, but had never met each other before.

He actually was on his way to go meet the twins, so we walked back to the lab so he could officially meet them. I figured they would be able to help us find a plan to stop “The Advancement”, considering they were A.I. He said he had helped to wake them up and I was shocked because that meant that along with me, he is at the top of our resistance, who help the most with gaining our world back. When got into the lab we sat down and talked with them for a little bit. Their minds were still a little foggy after being “asleep” for so long. They really weren’t any use for information because they literally remember nothing from the six months they were out. They are both extremely kind and are definitely willing to help us as much as they can. Aristotle and I decided to let them rest, so we began to head back to where we originally ran into each other.

We began talking again to each other just finding out the little things about each of us. I felt almost “school girlish” if you might say. It almost seems like everything was normal and it was just another day at school talking to another really handsome boy. I felt like I had known him forever even though I met him earlier today. It was about six o’clock, which is crazy, because that means we have been talking for almost three hours. It’s amazing how close I feel to him, it seems as if we could talk forever and never run out  of things to say.

We talked for another hour and we were about to go our separate ways because I didn’t want Sage to worry because she hadn’t seen me all day and probably had no idea where I was; when suddenly he blurted, “ Do you maybe wanna have dinner with me tonight”, something so normal that you’d think our world wasn’t near its end. I suddenly got nervous and I could tell he was nervous to because he started to get red in the face and I could see a bead of sweat dripping down his forehead. Nervously I said yes. He loosened up a bit and he smiled. I might have just met him today but it’s so relieving of not only how normal of a day this feels but of how safe I feel with him.

He walked me back to my campsite and said he would be back in an hour to pick me up. I needed to tell Sage what happened and I need to find a way to get ready for my “date”. This is so weird, im about to have dinner with a boy like a completely normal life and right now it's the near end of the world if something isn’t done soon.

I immediately see Sage and she looks VERY upset! She is standing with her arms crossed and has the straightest face ever. She looks at me and says “where have you been!! I’ve been looking for you all day!” I still had a smile on my face from the day I just had so I ran up to her and said, I’m so sorry Sage, but I just had the best day ever! I met a boy and he is super sweet and literally just asked me to go have dinner with him! Sage was so shocked. She was really happy for me, but then she started talking about the fact that there isn’t time to date since the world could seriously be at its end tomorrow.

However after she finished her whole lecture about it she smiled and then said, “what’s wrong with one night? Let’s get to work he’ll be here soon!” So we found the best clothing that we could scrounge up. I had found a nice pair of jeans and a blouse in the clothing that was taken from the towns when we got new supplies. I didn’t look great, but it’s okay, the circumstances weren’t the best anyways. Aristotle should be here any minute… then I hear the sound of the bell near the entrance of our tent that is kind of like our door bell. I say goodbye to Sage and she has a huge smile and wishes me good luck. I then exit our home and I see Aristotle with a huge smile on his face and he had a bundle of wildflowers in his hands. Tonight will be the most normal and best night I could ever ask for considering what has happened these past six months.





“Life goes on… whether you choose to move on and take a chance in the unknown. Or stay behind, locked in the past, thinking of what could’ve been.”


Oh my gosh this day was seriously the best day ever. I have never felt the way that I do with Delilah. We were just talking and I don’t know what got into me, I suddenly said, Do you maybe wanna have dinner with me tonight. It just came out of me and I was so nervous for her answer, but as I know that I turned red, she said, “ yes”. I was so relieved I really didn’t want to mess up with this girl. I know I should have told her that I was A.I., but I just couldn’t, I wasn’t ready yet. I know that her parents were killed by A.I. and I just couldn’t do it. I walked Delilah back to her camp area and said I’d be back in an hour. I needed to tell Kingston what happened today and I seriously need his help to figure out what I am going to do for this “date” tonight. This is so weird, the world is about to end and we are acting like a normal night. I don’t understand how I meet a girl for one day and my whole life changes. I actually feel like myself in this body and I have never felt this way my whole life. So I walked back to my camp area and I immediately saw Kingston with a huge smile on his face. He looked at me and with a giddy face and said, “where have you been all day young man?” He laughed and then said “I saw you walking with a girl earlier today.” I then said I just asked her out on a date! I need your help now! He said okay, okay and then he laughed again and we went inside our tent. He actually found a nice shirt and pants that I could wear. Then I asked what we should do about dinner. We managed to go to the store real quick and got a prepared meal from the kitchen near the lab. It was just some chicken and vegetables. I found a pull out table and brought it to our camp area. I picked some wild flowers and then went back to Delilah’s place to pick her up. I was so nervous and I had never felt this way before when talking to girls.

I knocked on her door and she looked beautiful, wearing a blouse and her hair was done. I smiled and gave her the flowers and she smiled back at me. I offered he my arm and we walked back to my place. I said to Delilah and said that she looked gorgeous and she just blushed. We make it to my place and go on with our date. She was amazed by the meal and the date couldn’t have gone better. Before I knew it I was walking her back home and as I brought her to her tent I leaned in and I kissed her. It was my first kiss and it was amazing. I feel like I have know her forever. It was that way for a couple weeks. We were always together and we knew each other in every way possible and our love was endless. However I still haven’t had the courage to tell her I am A.I. I know I was making it worse every day that I didn’t tell her. So I decided that tomorrow at our usual spot in the forest I will tell her the truth.

I was already so nervous and I had no idea what she was going to say to me. We told each other everything and I didn’t tell her the one thing that is my biggest feature. These past weeks were amazing, it was fun, it was relaxing, it was everything. We even spent a lot of days with Knox’s. They are super awesome and kind of came one of our best friends together. The project was still in motion against the advancement and we had managed to get six more A.I. to wake them up. It seems the longer they are asleep the less they remember of their previous lives. We really need to find a way to wake up all of the A.I so that our world isn’t completely destroyed.

It was a Wednesday morning and I just met up with Delilah and I need to tell her now or my relationship with her will be out the door. I smiled at her and I took her to our rock that opens up to where the forest splits and you can see the mountains. She then said with a blush, “Aristotle, what did you want to talk to me about?” My smile dropped and then hers faltered and said “what?” with concern. I need to tell you something that is a major part of me and I just have been to nervous to tell you. I’m really sorry it has taken me so long to get the courage to tell you. “Get on with it already” said Delilah looking more worried than ever. The truth is, is when I first came here with Kingston, I had almost killed him and then we ran away together to find refugee from a group of A.I. “why did you want to kill him?” It’s not that I wanted to kill him is I didn’t know at all of what I was doing. The thing is the way I was made, was with synthetic material. I’m artificial intelligence. The people we were running away from were my older brother and sister.

She looked at me with a blank face as if she didn’t know what I just said. She seemed to be trying to process things and all of the sudden her face blew up and she said, “ HOW COULD YOU NOT TELL ME THIS!! We’ve been talking for weeks and I think we fell in love with each other, yet you didn’t tell me the one thing that completes who you are!” Delilah wait! As she got up and turned around and stormed back to the campsite.

I just needed to let her cool off and I will try to talk to her in a little bit and maybe she will forgive me. Ahh I love her so much… how could I be so stupid, I should have told her the day we first met.





“Don’t trust everything you see … even salt looks like sugar.”- unknown

Uggh how could I be so foolish! There is no way a boy could be that perfect. He just told me he was A.I. and I stormed off back to my tent to vent to Sage. I get back to my tent and vent to her explaining everything that happened. She was shocked and couldn’t believe he hid that for so long. She also said that he had a reason to be scared to tell her with all of the stuff that happened with her parents. We talked a little longer and I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t be mad at him forever… I love him. That's when I hear the makeshift bell at our tent and I knew it would be none other than Aristotle himself. I was so nervous to go to the door. But right as I saw his face ( a small smile with concern and nervousness) I couldn’t do it, I fell into his arms saying I was so sorry I got so upset and that nothing will keep us apart and from loving each other. I realized I started crying and couldn’t stop.

Aristotle fell to his knees with me in his arms and he actually started crying as well, I think he was relieved about my result. He then said, “ I'm so sorry Delilah I should have never kept that from you. I love you sooo much!” we stayed there a little longer and then finally got up and we kissed and everything seemed better again.

The next couple weeks were a breeze. Our relationship had doubled and soon realized the physical features of each other. The events with the resistance was still going strong and we had come up with a plan to stop the advancement so that no more harm could be done. I had been told over the weeks how Mr. Shaw knew Aristotle was A.I which made me furious at first, but then things were better. He told me how Aristotle was able to program the A.I. back to their conscious mind and if we could send that code to all of the other infected A.I. we could save the human race. Millions have already died, but in our camp alone we have 5,000 people so after all this is over we can build our world back up piece by piece.

Mr. Shaw finally came up with a plan, at the beginning of next week the core group will go to the source of The Advancement and we will find the main computer and we will decode the whole A.I. Kingston, Sage, Mr. Shaw, Isabella, Greyson, Aristotle, and I were going to be the ones to go into The Advancement. This was going to be a dangerous task, but it’s for the sake of the world so we need to do it. We were to bring guns and make sure Aristotle doesn’t get hurt because he is the only one who can do it considering he was the only A.I. to be able to wake up on his own.

It was next week already and Aristotle and I went to our rock in the forest for hopefully not the last time and we talked about all the risks and we both knew we loved each other to no end, but if either of us die, it’ll be okay because it was for a good cause. However we promised to protect each other and make sure we will make it back tonight together. As a group we left and said goodbye to the people we loved in case anything were to happen. Jacob and Charlie were both broken up and I was going to make sure id come back for them along with Sage and Aristotle. I would be so heartbroken if anything were to happen to any of these people.

The Advancement main center was about twenty miles from our camp so we took a car that we stole a while ago so that we could have a vehicle in case of emergencies. We get a mile out and decide to ditch the car. We were wearing all black and had our guns on us. We were to walk the rest of the way and enter through the back gate. There was heavy security, but we were able to make it through them. This was going so much easier than expected. We get to the main control center and freeze. Aristotle and Kingston looked like they had seen a ghost. I asked them what was wrong and they quickly and silently pointed to the A.I in the room that it was Aristotle's brother and sister as well as Carter, Kingston and Aristotle’s other best friend. How were we going to divert them away.

Finally Mr. Shaw said for everyone to get in the closet near the door we needed to get into. He said, “when you hear the yelling run out into the control room and code the computer as quick as you possibly can!” Mr. Shaw what are you doing, he then said “Im helping to save the last bits of our race.” he then turned around and started running the way we came and then I heard a gunshot. Then Aristotle heard the voices of the people he once knew run towards the sound. We then bulleted to the control center and looked around for the main source. Aristotle found it and he started immediately coding. It took him about ten minutes and then on the screen tons of videos popped up for all the A.I under control. Along with them came  a bunch of boxes and a main box that said push to start deactivation of “destroy all humans version 364”. Aristotle immediately pushed it and it started decoding A.I. one by one. All was going well after Mr. Shaw sacrificed himself. Then all of the sudden Carter came running through the doors gun in hands. I realized I was the closet target. He cocked the gun and shot. I closed my eyes hearing yelling all around me from my friends and Aristotle. When I opened them I screamed. Aristotle had jumped in front of me at the last second!! The Knox’s had tackled Carter down. That’s when the last box had cleared and all of the A.I. were awake now. They were passed out but they were not under control anymore. ARISTOTLE I said with all of my might. He was crumpled on the ground and I fell to my knees holding his face. He was losing life fast, He was shot right in the gut and he wouldn’t make it. I laid their crying as he said it’s okay and he looked at me with his big gorgeous blue eyes and kissed me with the last strength he had and said “i'll love you forever and promise me you won’t shut down.” with his last breaths he said “You will be my love forever Delilah” He closed his eyes and he was gone. I laid next to him for what seemed like hours. I didn’t even notice that everyone was huddled around us and even Mr. Shaw had escaped and was back at the control center over Aristotle’s body.

A year had passed and all the artificial intelligence once defected had gone back to normal. Carter was in shock when he woke up and was devastated to find out what happened and how he had killed his best friend. He really wasn't the same anymore. Everyone had mourned for him and we were able to give him a proper burial. I’ll never forget the boy who walked into my life and changed it forever. Aristotle Price saved the world and he will always be my one and only true love.


The End


© Copyright 2020 Hannah Brown. All rights reserved.

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