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About thinking of a good first job for you, I think any age should read this when wanting a job. Hope you like it.

Submitted: May 10, 2013

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Submitted: May 10, 2013



Thinking about a good job for you

By: Hannah Engle

  You might think what job is for me? Answer: what are your talents you don’t mind sharing? So, get a paper and start a list of those talents. The next step would be to pick your best idea out of all the ideas and talents, or you could combine two together to make one. Maybe you are good with kids, pets, teams, or working out situations, or even solving problems, there is always something for you. Just write everything you can think of and try not to leave any out.

  Here’s an example: Your talent is that you are good with pets. You could start a grooming for pets or care while their owners are gone. But, Make sure it is something you will enjoy doing or don’t mind doing.

  Another few things to think about before you choose are maybe to think how much you might want to get paid, do you want to work with other people or independent, are you comfortable in public and talking to customers? Those questions may also help you.

  On the side, you could make jewelry or some type of handmade item and sell them, friendship bracelets (if you are interested) they sell for quite a lot, too. Also try talking to family and friends for more ideas too.

  Good luck!

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