Getting Noticed

Status: Finished

Getting Noticed

Status: Finished

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Getting Noticed

Short Story by: Hannah Jane

Genre: Romance


Short Story by: Hannah Jane


Genre: Romance



Sienna never realised how easy it would be to catch his attention until she tried . . .


Sienna never realised how easy it would be to catch his attention until she tried . . .


Submitted: May 01, 2012

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Submitted: May 01, 2012




Being best friends with a boy that youre in love with isnt something that Id recommend. In fact its just like torture; every day I wake up knowing that when I get to school Ill see him there with another girl, calling her babe and every day it makes me realise that Im never going to be the one he likes that way.

So when the boy in question texts me asking me to pick him up on the way to school I am more than a little surprised.

Blake Ashworth is the kind of person that everyone likes, from the girls and the boys to even the teachers. In the worlds eyes Blake cant do a single thing wrong and in my eyes that fact is true.

He is the most caring and attentive person that Ive ever come across. Of course he never used to be as confident as he is now. When we were in primary Blake had been rather timid and his braces hadnt helped him make a load of friends. Yet, even then, there had been something that had drawn me to him. I had made Blake my best friend and in turn I was his. His confidante but I’d never been more than that, I had never been his girlfriend. That particular status had always eluded me.

I pulled up in front of his house and beeped the horn. He was always running late but I had an assignment in today and couldnt afford to be late. A minute passed and I beeped him again. He emerged a moment later.

To say that Blake was like a fallen angel was an understatement. He played a lot of sports and was well filled out for his almost six foot frame. His face was carved from marble, his eyes blue stones that sparkled in the sunlight and his dusty golden hair just lay across his face in a way that made you sigh.

I sighed and I cursed myself. Blake had a girlfriend and I couldnt let myself get more infatuated than I already was.

He hopped in the car and grinned at me. Thank you Sugar, I dont know what Id do without you.

Blake was younger and so, unlike me, had only just started to take his driving lessons. I had already passed and as a birthday present my mother had brought me a car. Sugar, was his nickname for me, as I liked everything sweet.

Youd probably have to get the bus, I said, as I worked my way through the traffic towards school hoping that there was still some big spaces left. I still needed to work on my parking. And wouldnt that be a catastrophe.

It certainly would. Being cramped with all of those people, well, I wouldnt come off the bus looking like I do now, would I?

I had to resist the urge to turn and look at him. Resist Sienna, resist.

So why did you need me to pick you up? I asked. I thought Lauren had a car.

Lauren was his current girlfriend. A girl who had dated almost every guy in the school and was friends with one of the only girls I could put up with, Hayley. I got on a lot better with boys than I did girls.

Er, Lauren and I broke up, he said. Last night over dinner she said that I wasnt what she expected.

Wasnt what she expected? I wondered what she did expect, seeing as how all of the rumours in the girls toilets were of Blake being the hottest guy in school and having had slept with half the girls in our year. I tried not to think about that.

Right, so you called me up.

Exactly sugar, he said. Youre my best friend; youre always here for me.

I was. Whenever Blake called, I came running. Sometimes I felt like his personal lapdog. Go and fetch this bone Sienna and bring it back to me in an hour when I need it. It did infuriate me but whenever Blake bestowed me a smile I could no longer be angry with him. He neutralised the anger.

So are you going to stay single for a while this time? I asked. For the past two years Blake had never been single for more than four days. I often joked that he was on a constant rebound but he always informed me otherwise, saying that the reason he dated so many girls was because he had never found the right one.

Yet, if you believed the rumours then youd summarise that Blake was a player. His relationship with Lauren had lasted all of two weeks.

Yes. Youre right you know, Sienna. I really should stay single for a while, maybe itll help me see people in a different way. He looked out into the crowds that were moving slowly towards the school as we drove past.

See people in a different way. Those were the words Id used when I told Blake how stupid he was being by dating so many people. Yet the words really applied to me. I hoped that he would see me a different way. Not that it would ever happen.

I was the stupid one. Stupid for still thinking that Blake would notice that I exist. So, Blade drawled in his fake South American accent that I loved. Got a date yet to the Winter formal?

Date? I never had a date. Why? I asked. Not got anyone to go with?

He shrugged. Just dont want you going by yourself sugar. You should liven up a bit, ask someone to go.

Like anyone would agree. Maybe I will, I said as I parked the car and we hopped out speed walking to the school. Ill catch you later?

Sure thing sugar. he said before taking a corridor in the opposite direction.

I waited there watching him go as I always did. He didnt look back, he never did.


I didnt see Blake for the entire day. He had classes when I had free lessons and we both had one after school. By the time I came out to the car park it was raining and the place was empty and there was no Blake in sight. I rang him on speed-dial.

Blake, where are you? I asked through the static when he picked up. In the background I could hear the radio, and it sounded like . . . . Are you in a car?

Sure am sugar. Im with Isabelle on my way to the bowling alley. Why?

It doesnt matter. Let me guess - Isabelles your new girlfriend?

Yes she is. I heard a giggle in the background. I know what you said Sugar, but the thing is, Isabelle is special.

Hed called every girl special. Okay, Ill talk to you later.

Come down to the bowling alley Sugar, therell be a bunch of us there!

But I-

Go on, you know you want to.

I found myself agreeing before he hung up the phone. God dammit. Why? Why did I continue to torture myself everyday? And Isabelle? She was the exact opposite of what he needed.

I trudged to my car and made my way to the bowling alley. It was insane really as I knew I shouldnt go. That I had tonnes of work to do. But Blake did ask for me to go. . . .

By the time Id got there everyone was congregated and Blake only nodded at me before focusing back on the game and Isabelle.

Great, so I came here at his bequest to be ignored?

Looks like your having a bad day, came a voice from behind.

Oh Crap.

And youre meant to be at home studying. said my mother. She managed the bowling alley. Id forgotten shed told me this morning that she was being called into work today. I glanced between her and Blake involuntarily and she rolled her eyes. Come with me to the office, honey.

I followed my mum in, and we sat down as she made some tea. I hoped I wasnt in too much trouble.

You need to stop trailing after Blake. It isnt good for you, she started.

Wed had this conversation a million times, and every time Id agreed with what shed said until Blake rang and shot my resolve to pieces. I know Mum but its just…’

I know what its like, Sienna. It was the exact same with your father and I.

What? You mean Dad dated everyone except you?

He sure did, she said with a twinkle in her eye. I knew he was the one and just couldnt let him go.

That was kind of how I felt. I loved Blake.

You need to make a choice Sienna. A big choice. Either you stop pining for Blake or you try to make him notice you. Neither action will be easy. Which do you want?

I wanted to be with Blake more than anything in the world. How do I do it? I asked.

First, she said with a grin. You need a new wardrobe.


My mother had told me the beginning of the plan. The first had been new clothes. I was in desperate need of some anyway but the clothes my Mum brought me after shed finished work were what Id call grown up clothes. I mainly wore jeans and t-shirts, covered up as much as I could, but the clothes my Mum got me were revealing without being too much so and, though I hated to say it, I looked good in them.

As I parked the car and got out I tried not to cringe at all the stares I was receiving from my fellow classmates. This was the first part of the plan: to get peoples attention.

The second part was to get myself a boyfriend or at least a date to the Winter Formal.

That part was easy as I had been asked the day before and said to the guy that Id think about it. The person in question was a reserve on the football team and popular enough to get me noticed.

So I went to the common room where Blake sat with Isabelle, and went up to Henry, tapping him on the shoulder.

When he turned to look at me his mouth dropped open.

Then I said the words that Id practised to perfection. I thought about what you asked me and Id love to go to the Winter Formal with you, Henry.

Wolf whistles went up about the room and Henry continued to stand there, gobsmacked. I er-,

The Winter Formal was this Friday. Three days away and I still didnt have a dress. You can pick me up at eight. I stated before turning on my tiny heel and waltzing back out as the bell rang.

Part two accomplished.


My mother said that it would be likely, if Blake did indeed have a brain in his head, that he would seek me out sometime before the end of school. She was right, although I was getting worried by the time he did find me. I was just about to give up hope as I walked to my car.

Can you give me a lift home, Sienna? he asked. I waved my key on my finger as I thought about it.


Well, Im not going home, I stated.

Where are you going? he asked.

Shopping. Dress shopping.

Dont suppose you want a fashion advisor? he asked, like he was desperate to spend time with me.

I suppose I could do with one, I said and we got into the car.

The drive was a silent one. Blake didnt speak a single word, which was worrying since my mother said that he would remark something upon my behaviour. When we reached the shops I went straight to the one that I was most likely to find something in, picked several dresses off the rails and handed them to Blake to carry.

I couldnt stand the silence any longer. Are you going to the Winter Formal with Isabelle? I asked.

Yes. he stated looking guilty, he reversed the situation. Why are you going with Henry? I know you dont like him. You told me so.

Damn. He remembered that conversation?

Opinions can change, I stated as I went into the changing rooms, taking the dresses from Blake.

People can change. he corrected. Speaking of which, Sienna, what was up with you today? Youre totally different.

Different how? I asked.

More confident. Youre wearing different clothes.

I felt like a change. I stated. Dont you like it? I asked, as I peeked through the curtains.

He looked agitated and ran a hand through his hair before answering. Its not like you, Sienna. Are you doing this for Henrys sake? You shouldnt have to change for a man.

You didnt answer my question, I commented as I discarded the dress Id tried on. My mother had said that I should make out that I liked the guy Id picked. And I havent decided whether I like him yet, were just going to the Winter Formal together. Theres no rush to decide if I want to date him or not.

That made Blake frown, although of course he didnt know Id seen it. I never imagined you with someone like Henry, he said.

Then who did you imagine me with? I asked.

I dont know, Blake admitted. I never saw you with anyone really, youve never wanted to date before.

Well, I said. I am seventeen so its probably about time that I dated somebody. I wondered whether I should insinuate that there was someone unavailable that I wanted to date, but that was sure to give the game away.

Dont let him hurt you though Sienna, guys are arseholes. I should know.

Yes, I suppose how you date one person one minute, and discard them the next, is the definition of arsehole. I couldnt stop myself from saying it; this plan, this creating a new me had given me a confidence that I hadnt had before. To say the things that I had always wanted to say but hadnt.

See that, said Blake. That doesnt sound like you, Sienna. Youve never said anything like that to me before. You never say anything hurtful.

I opened the curtain so he could view the first dress that fitted and I knew without trying on the others that it would be the dress I would wear with a few alterations. Blakes face was comical to see. Well perhaps it is time I spoke up. You really shouldnt treat people that way Blake, it isnt fair.

Isnt fair? he asked rising from his seat. Why didnt you say any of this before, Sugar? Using my nickname, I could tell he was getting angry. Why are you doing all of this? I know it isnt for Henry. I know it isnt for yourself.

Its for you! I shouted at him. Its for you, you jerk! Do you know how many years Ive been your best friend? Do you know how many girlfriends Ive had to watch you sail through? Do you know how hard it is having to do that when- I suddenly realised Id ruined the game.

When? he asked.

When, I love you. I said, finishing it off. I closed my eyes. This couldnt get any worse. Blake would hate me now.

Im sorry, Sugar, he said. Three words I hadnt betted on hearing. I didnt know. I didnt realise until I saw you with another guy that I love you too.

I opened my eyes then, saw the truth in his own. He loved me?

Why didnt you tell me? he asked.

How could I? I whispered. I could never have competed with all the Laurens, all the Isabelles. I pale in comparison.

You dont, he said cupping my cheek. You shine in comparison. I guess its true what they say, that you never know what you had till its gone.

Almost gone, I corrected. Im still here.

Almost gone, he agreed, before kissing me.

I pulled back. Youre with Isabelle. I protested.

Broke up with her, he said. Told her that there was someone that I couldnt live without. That I loved you.

He actually said that? Everyone would know by now.

‘So you’re not taking her to the dance?’ I could hardly believe it.

‘No. So you better not be taking Henry,’ he said running a hand through my hair. So how about it, Sugar? he asked. Will you be my girlfriend?

I answered with a kiss.


© Copyright 2016 Hannah Jane. All rights reserved.

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