Love? How 'bout no.

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This is just your typical love story. The girl hates the boy but eventually falls for him. Lame I know, but with said girl's two sarcastic best friends, a super old friend and a sudden break down on a deserted road might cause a plot twist in your usual love story.
"So how 'bout it? Wanna go on a field trip with your bestest buddy?" I gave her a playful punch.

"I would rather be violently stabbed to death." Hannah said with her arms crossed and showing no emotion.

"But Hannah! You love road trips!" I said in a very whiny voice and pouting my lip.

"First of all, no, I don't love road trips. Second, where are we going to go and how long are we going to be gone? Third who are we going with. Lastly, on a scale of one to ten what is the likeliness of us getting arrested, kidnapped, maimed or killed"

"You ask to many questions."

"I know fantastic isn't it? Now answer my questions."

"Okay okay, geez. We're going to the lovely state of Texas, probably to gone a few days, we're going to be going with Theo and that's it and the likeliness of us getting arrested, kidnapped, maimed or killed is about 4."

"Ugh... fine. when do we leave?"

There will be some swearing. Sorry if i don't stay in the same tense, I try hard to keep it the same. Some of these lines are from ourwritingprompts tumblr blog, you should go and check them out.

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Chapter 1: Road Trip!

Submitted: August 26, 2016

  Chapter 1: Road Trip! -  Gwen POV   I walked up to Hannah's apartment and knocked on her door and then brush... Read Chapter