For the 9/11 brothers of the 343

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How 9/11 affected emergency workers; Including myself, around the world.

Submitted: September 11, 2012

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Submitted: September 11, 2012



I remember that day,

Clear as could be;

You could walk into a room,

And fear and anger was all you would see.


Everywhere was quiet,

You could hear a pin drop.

The words of the President saying,

"We will not stop."


The teachers not telling us what happened,

Much to our dismay;

We were curious,

But our gut feeling was "It's a horrible day."


We got home from school,

The news was on;

They kept replaying the towers crashing,

We knew lives were gone.


My dad came home after a long and hard day,

He didn't say anything,

As he put his badge and gun away.


He had a look on his face,

One I had never seen before;

I watched him,

As he dropped his knee to the floor.


He lost brothers and sisters,

Even though they had never met before;

You could tell by looking at him,

That his heart was very sore.


He stood up when he was done with his prayer,

I felt cold chills go up my back;

The feeling of tragedy still floating in midair.


He sat down,

And I gave him a hug;

He looked at me and said,

"I love you little bug."


Two years later,

I looked at my dad;

I said "I want to be just like you.

Helping the good,

and locking up the bad."


He looked at me and asked,

"What job do you want while you grow old?"

I sat and thought quietly for quite some time,

"I want to be a Paramedic."

It was my classic line, always good as gold.


He looked at me and said,

"You'll see bad things,

And that job is tough;

But I've known since you were a toddler,

That you've wanted that job bad enough."


"You'll be helping people through tragedies,

Like September eleventh, Two thousand and one;

But please keep in mind,

A paramedic doesn't carry a gun."


I looked at him and said,

"You're a cop,

And momma is a nurse.

So why not combine them and I be a Paramedic,

So I can help people at their worst?"


He looked at me and smiled;

Then stated "I'm proud of you."

I smiled back and said

"You and momma are my heroes,

For what you do."


"You may not have been at ground zero when this tragedy happened,

But you protected this part of the country,

So no more planes would be crashing."


"Momma helps the sick and injured through their horrible times,

It makes me realize how many lives she's touched;

Including yours and mine."


I graduated from Paramedic School not even a week ago,

And today I sat there watching the news,

Replaying old videos of the dust,

As if it were snow.


On this day,

I realize my job is full of danger.

Those men and women lost their lives,

to save so many strangers.


I look at the numbers marked 343,

I pray for them saying,

"Rest easy y'all,

As you can see,

We got revenge on Bin Laden,

Sill home of the brave,

And land of the free."

© Copyright 2018 Hannah Orr. All rights reserved.

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