You called me Perfect

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Submitted: July 08, 2018

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Submitted: July 08, 2018



I want to the dispute

The word perfect

And then, to be called by such

Too much

Makes my stomach

Wriggle inside

Ants crawl from the button

Down to the toes

Leaving trails of


Pinching the skin

Or maybe just below the surface

As they make the trek

The neck and all its hairs

Salute as soldiers


I want to compliment back

But what is better than perfect

Is everything better than perfect?

For perfect is, only an homage

To the still

And you are anything but

A passage for the quiet

And you are anything but

Idealistic and faultless

Bring about boredom


And sticky

Like a august in Indiana

And you, my dear

You are anything but


A fighter with horns

Let your vice cry out

Never to be silenced with fear

Though the fear

It can be there

You kick up the dust

And little by loads

Everything shifts

Transforming with

Or without pressure

But the strength of pressure

Can spin it your way

Days on this axis

Are never the same

And with the force of you

Brings a positive change



Never sit still

Never stay quite

Nothing else will

You are the ‘perfect’ you

Not perfect in a flawless sense

But blemished to precision

You are an inspiration

The constant motion

Don’t let this make you tense

You are the words to this



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