Incredibly Hard Decisions...

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Not really sure what I should do.

Submitted: January 12, 2008

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Submitted: January 12, 2008



Decisions.  I know the deal, everyone runs into them and has to make them eventually.  What happens when you're stuck?  It's that feeling that you're feet are glued to the ground and you can't move them.  Forwards. Backwards. To the side.  Just stuck in limbo.  Somewhere between ignoring the decision and making it.  I can't decide which would be worse.  I think I know in my heart that I want to make the decision, that I know what it will be.  But, it's hard to imagine the consequences once it's actually done.  I can't seem to imagine how the feelings would actually make me feel.  It is one of those times where you realize just how alone you really are.  You can talk to someone about it, but in the end, only you can make the decision.  It has to be that way, otherwise, you lose control over your own life. I don't want to lose control.

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