Elizabeth Knows You

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a quick short story that I have not finshed yet. It is about the murder of a woman who terrorises her murderer in a almost realistic way.

Submitted: March 05, 2012

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Submitted: March 05, 2012



As if she were a puppet on strings, the distorted face eyed me out behind the heap of wood, peering at me as she hung there with her bare feet delicately swaying in the wind. Her head was knocked to one side and sat on her shoulder, revealing a horrific gash in the location of her ear and the thick outline of her cheekbones.  Her pasty, white skin shone more brightly then the red that swamped her gown and frail features, red flowed like rain water down the steps and it lay like a paddock around her. She hovered in thin ear, gawking at me still and I placed my bets on when she would drop.

Behind the wood I sat for an hour. My feet were firmly on the ground and hers effortlessly floating, paying no attention to gravity. Yet, I still maintained my focus on her, even with the devilish face and hanging limbs. I was compelled by her incredible stance and movement, though she was still, the wind kept a polite motion that nudged her so she swayed side to side. Her jaw also joined into the movement, as the three strings that held it helplessly from the rest of her face started to yank away, exposing her dangling, purple tongue.

No eyes could tell the beauty of her gown. For me it held its colour in my memory and could not be shattered by the blood stained ivory. I was forced to look away at that moment and back at the dirt at which my hands had collected but, my eyes would not obey. They flickered back at the face which now looked as if they were mocking me, her jaw could almost be back in place to presume the hideous pout. This was complete nonsense, I told myself.

I talked to her now, though her jaw had completely broken off. “You’re not real, you beast” I shouted in her direction. This I thought would hurt her feelings and I started to shout louder. The expression in her eyes was unfazed by my words that crumbled under my heavy breaths and her arms swung faster as if strumming a guitar violently.

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