Don't Try to Understand

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A poem written about being misunderstood. I have depression and anxiety as a teen and I do frequently cut muyself. I wrote this after a fight with my mom. I guess I'm trying to give a different perspective on these mental issues, due to the fact that I like having them. I hope several people can relate.

Submitted: March 07, 2011

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Submitted: March 07, 2011



Don't try to understand, what I'm going through.

As the pain and sorrow, runs through my veins.

I see you try over and over, but your failing.

Let me fight my own battle, even though I am weak.

The girl that I truly am, accept what you cannot see.


Don't try to understand, why I yell at you in anger.

I'm trying to tell you what's going on, it makes me feel better.

I am struggling to be who you think I am, angelic is just not me.

You say your not judging, you love me for who I am.

But after our words thrash back and forth, I can't seem to understand.


Don't try to understand, what I've turned into.

Please don't question, why I do what I do.

The cutting is what feels good to me, I don't care about the safety.

It hurts more to be with you, than it does to try and not cut.

I don't think you deserve the satisfaction, if I were to quit.

That's why I try and hurt you, with each and every slit.


Don't try to understand, why I hate being home.

I hate being around everything, I just want to be alone.

I don't like the help, getting better feels worse.

And the problems I have, I deserve the curse.


Please do try to uinderstand, how hard it is for me.

To be where I am, in this so called family.

My love for you, its fading by the day.

All I truly want, is another place to stay.

Maybe it's because, I like being this way.


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