Aspiration meets Love

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Michelle just wanted to have someone to help her throughout her life to guide her into a path that she wouldn't regret. Her life is all planned out. She wants to go to school, go to collage, and grow up to be a famous actress. But the thing is, she's only 17 and doesn't-and hasn't ever had a boyfriend. She's in for some big news ahead of her. She meets Jake. Jake, a handsome, popular kid in her school, isn't actually who he shows to be.

Submitted: July 16, 2014

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Submitted: July 16, 2014




"This is the day, Rufus" I said, as I packed up all of my clothes. All I heard back from my beloved pet dog was a low soft bark, and the pitter-patter of his paws walking away from my bedroom into my kitchen. I wasn't really ready for this new change from my hometown, to the big city, but it was worth it if i wanted to hire high-class acting instructors. I was ready for that, for sure.


Rufus, my dog, and my kitten, Angel, are coming with me to LA. I don't know how good they are with traveling, but I guess we will find out soon. I couldn't ever give them away, because they have helped me through alot of things, even when they are just sitting on my lap, relaxing as I slowly drift into a light nap or a heavy slumber. I wish I could make myself happy, or even a little joyful about life. I just find my exsistence unimportant to anyone and everyone. I have never had someone to love me. My family never ''loved'' me. It was more like, "I'll only take care of you because you're family and we might not be considered good people if we put you up for adoption." kind of thing. The thought of Love pondered my mind every so often, but the word felt unfamiliar to me. I've never felt it, but the thought of having Love is something that I have craved for my whole life. It felt as if it was coming soon. I quicky brushed the thought out of my head as I heard knocking from my door. Moving Trucks. After I signed a bunch of papers saying I wouldn't hop in their trucks and run away into the sunset or wreck the trucks in any way, I left my door step to get all of my boxes that were already packed. I still had some more to pack, but I was too tired to pack today. Today I would simply pack my boxes in the trucks, drop them off into my new apartment, and go to eat some lunch with a good friend, Nancy. Nancy goes to school with me, and had invited me to a cute new resturant in LA. I was currently living in small apartment right on the outline of LA, but I didn't really mind the drive. I wanted to get ready and go, but she was quickly reminded by the truck driver that i was still in my plaid pajama pants, my white tank top, and my pink bunny slippers.


I ran out from the street and shuffled into the door, attempting to look casual as I peek through my door, and quickly jumping inside and scurrying to get dressed and ready. I grabbed a dress out of a box that hadn't been packed up in the trucks, put it on, applied makeup, and walked out like everything had just not happened. I got in the truck and drove to the apartment. I dropped off the boxes and left. 1 task done, that's a start.


I knew that Nancy was just trying to be nice by inviting me to the resturant, but she's the only friend I basically have. Sad, right? I know. But as soon as i get there, I'm going to act as mature as possiable. I know, Nancy isn't exactly mature herself, but I wil either be setting an image or mimicking one.


As I drive there, something seems to stop me. I feel a bad pain in my heart. Something that I've never felt. I laid my eyes gently on this man. His eyes were ice-blue. His hair was brown with blonde natural high-lights. I felt so relieved. All the pain I've ever felt seemed to lift off my shoulders and dissapear into nothing for a few moments. I felt amazing. It would be okay if right there and then I collapsed into the floor board of the truck and died.

It was wonderful. Before I could come to, (because apparently I blacked out) he approached me and asked if i was okay, and did he need to call an ambulance. I was fine. He spoke softly "My name is Jake."




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