revenge (never again)

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So...I tried, but at the end I got lost on how to write this so it sounds..weird. Hope you enjoy reguardless

Submitted: June 02, 2011

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Submitted: June 02, 2011



I see her walking

in the shoes I used to fill

She doesn't know who you are

and I pray she never will

You tell her you love her

and she says she loves you too

but soon you'll be the man

she wish she never knew

you two walked together

under the moon and stars

you turned and walked her far away

from the street lights and cars

your grip on her got tighter

and for a moment she was scared

bet you couldn't guess she was a fighter

as she screamed and hit you back

You grabbed her and hit her hard

she fell to the ground

you began to undo her dress

and she couldn't make a sound

Her hands clawed rapidly at you

but she couldn't land a blow

you had done this so many times

every move she could make, you'd know

Luckily for your prey

you'd already done this to me

so much to your dismay

I was watching you this time

I slowly crept to you and her

the bat safely in hand

something in you began to stir

as I smashed it over your head

I couldn't stop beating

my rage filled me up so much

by the time you had stopped breathing

I'd finally had enough

And she was still shaking

as I helped her to her feet

every part of her was aching

as she saw your bloody corpse

We never said a word to anyone

as we went our seperate way

and the man who struck fear in so many

was finally far away

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