End of the year Pranks.

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This is a newscast I wrote after my friend told me her, now my plans, for our end of the tear prank. Enjoy!

Submitted: June 26, 2011

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Submitted: June 26, 2011



Good evening, I'm ___________, We join you to breaking news at 6. It started as a simple prank, off a type of bucket list. It appears 5 teenage girls have stolen their school resource officer's car, and are now involved in a notorious police chase. We bring you to ____________, who's at their school with more details.

Yes well, as you said it started as a prank. The girls had a list of nine things to do after the eighth grade dance, and well it appears to be coming true. Around 2 o'clock today the girls met up right here where I'm standing, in (THE SCHOOLS) courtyard. From here the five girls walked to the front office and into their resource officer's office. They at first all started to cry so he would become alarmed and stand up. Then the girls each ran up to him and gave him a swift kick to his groin. The girls left this note I'm holding, that says “Sorry for the five kicks. We weren't sure if cops wore downstairs mix-up protection. P.S. We borrowed your keys.” They then proceeded to walk straight out to the parking lot, and got into his car. Where they all put on mirrored sunglasses, and argued about what type of music to play. They settled on Rap then drove off. The girls were driving the car by having on crouch on the floor and another steer. The girls proceeded to drive down 16 street like nothing was out of the ordinary. Nobody even noticed them until they pulled up to the stop light where ________ is right now.

Thanks__________, I am standing here where the girls trouble really started. The pulled up next to another cop car. Where they rolled down the window, lowered their glasses then rev-ed the engine. The light changed and the girls rushed ahead while the officer got behind them and turned on his siren. The girls reaction is whats having us all startled. The turned on their sirens than shouted into the radio saying “10 24!” then sped off. The girls had officers chasing them for about an hour. When the helicopter started to follow them the 2 girls in the backseat rolled down their windows popped out with AK-47's and began shooting at the copter. None of the officers wanted to risk shooting at the girls. A third girl came out the passenger window and began shouting obscenities at both the police men and helicopter. The one steering then came out and started to do the same. Whats this? It appears that we have breaking news now back to ______________ in the studio.

Thanks______________, We have breaking news now on the police chase involving 5 teenage girls. The chase has ended. No one is hurt at the moment but the girls are still on the run. They crashed the stolen police car through the outer fence of their school. It appears that once they did they shouted “OH YEAH! KOOLAID!” Then the car continued skidding through the school's drainage ditch then crashed through the schools brick wall and into the courtyard. All five girls then hopped out of the car and then ran to the elevator, for today they said they were breaking all the rules. Once up stairs they climbed onto the roof of the school where they had previously stored balloons filled with paint. They began throwing them at all the reporters on the ground level. The girls then climbed back over the safety rails and ran to the piano room and knocked over all the pianos. The proceeded to the nearest office to use the intercom. The pointed out three specific teachers names and then said some things that can not be repeated on any form of telecast. Here we are with _____________, who is at (THE SCHOOL).

As you can see _____________, I am covered in paint splatters from the previous paint balloons. The girls are now somewhere inside the school somewhere. Their location is still unknown. The only info released on the girls is that they are eighth-graders. So we are assuming that they know their way around the school and could be anywhere. We will report back when there is any more recent news.

Welcome back. We have breaking news, the five teen age girls have been caught. They were found behind the gymnasium, doing some sort of illegal drugs. When asked about it they said it was for medical reasons. When the officers told them that it was still illegal they then said it wasn't theirs. While being cuffed they all pleaded insanity and were released to their parents, and as we know of are not being punished except for loosing their illegal marijuana. One girl reacted in outrage when she found this out and then ran from her parents screaming, “Baby come back, you can blame it all on me.” Two of the other girls lowered their head and said, “Oh Sam.” And this is it on the elaborate police chase and the final verdict is that all the girls are free and one may be retarded. Thank you for watching Chanel 13, this is _______________, saying good night St. Petersburg.

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