Seventeen is just a number.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a poem that shows a conversation between two lovers, who have had some dificulties in the past. Now one lover is desperatly ill, and the other is blaming himself for not being with her longer. Enjoy!

Submitted: June 26, 2011

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Submitted: June 26, 2011



Seventeen is only a number.

Oh. baby.

I can't keep this up.

Much longer.

I'm deteriorating.

Just sitting here.

Falling, piece by piece.

Soon I’ll be gone.

Nothing left to love.

So hand me the

antidote, please.

I'm begging.

Stop the pain.

Inject me.

With the answer.

That’s all I need.

Oh. Baby.

Oh. Baby.

I didn't see it before.

The way you look.

Its horrifying

to see you so ill.

Your reduced

not your self.

I just want you to know.

No matter what you say,

I will be here.

In the back ground

or right in front of you.

I'll be here,

holding your hand.

I’m not leaving.

Oh. Baby.

Oh. Baby

I told you.

I'd have to think.

But baby, I was


But my answer

will be


Babe, it's cold.

I'm not sure

how much


The tape will hold.

The edges are peeling.

Were growing old.

Oh. baby.

Oh. Baby.

There's no easy

way to say


But I don’t got time.

The doctors say

It won't be long.

Were only young.

Yet its coming to an end.

I’m only


Your staying,

I'm going on.

I hate to say it but

I'm on my way, there.

Oh. Baby.

Oh. Baby.

It can't be true

Your lying

to make me


well baby it

making me sick

stop the nonsense

Your only seventeen,

I cant be losing you.

They say they can't

fix or cure you.

They’re trying

o they're trying.

I cant loose you.

Oh. baby.

Oh. Baby.

Seventeen is just a number.

The number of times

we've fallen.

Th number of tries.

Even the number of tests

they've run on me.

It's too cold baby.

I've made it to this point today.

Could we of lasted?

Oh no,

not like this.

Sooner or later

He'd loose his interest.

And toss me aside.

Oh. Baby.

Oh. Baby.

Please don't talk

like that.

It hurts, to know

that you'd ever think

I'd hurt you.

Look now I'm yelling.

Its upsetting you.

How could you

believe, I told you

Babe, I was scared.

That way years ago.

What? If I'd of said yes

sooner we'd of had more time together.

Oh. Baby.

Oh. Baby.

Don't close your eyes.

Don't slow your breath.

The heart beeps are slowing.

Oh no. Do not leave!

I said I was scared!

Baby my answer was YES!

But now your gone.

© Copyright 2020 Hannahgurl97. All rights reserved.

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