The Silenced Orphan

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Nothing special, please don't criticize, I have tried my best.

A story about a young girl who dissapears.

Submitted: September 07, 2012

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Submitted: September 07, 2012




There she was, just sitting there, staring. Staring straight in to the emptiness. Her face had no emotion, and although the wind was howling past. she made not a single move. Her long chocolate hair danced around her head, but she stayed still. 


The only sounds you could hear was the wind and her breath, deeply, in and out, in and out, no one really knew what she was thinking, or why she was sitting there, all they knew was that she was alone, alone in the world. She didn't need any one but herself, an independent child. An infant could be one way to describe her. 


By the time the town was silent and the wind had calmed its self down, she had left, simply got up and walked away. No one knows where she went and no one knows where she is now. 


This was 5 years ago, the girl was called Lucy, and she was an orphan. Her parents died when she was 2, they died in a house fire. The one strange thing that every body has always known, is that the fire was arson. the arsonist has never been caught, and although lucy escaped she was the only other person in the house at the time. But she was never suspected. 


No one would suspect a 2 year old child, she was classed as innocent because she was beautiful. After time her beauty has slowly deteriorated, and her speech also, she never spoke to any one, she never went school. And as soon as she reached the age of 8 she left the orphanage and went to sit down on a wall in the wind with her chocolate hair dancing around her head. And on that day the wind settled and she disappeared. 


One day she'll come back, every one knows that. they know that because Lucy told them that shed return, she said she'd disappear but she said she'd return. No one knows when she'll return but they know she will. 


It could be next week, next month or next year… It could be in ten years time. 


5 years ago today, Lucy an orphan from the age of 2 disappeared from the her village in Scotland. Some one said they saw her, near the ruins of her parents house just sitting there starring, starring at the house. They said they saw her crying but when people went to look she wasn't there, the ruins were there but she was not. 


Then a year later another person said they saw her in the same place at the same time doing the same thing. But when people went to look, she wasn't there. 


This went on for 5 years. She said she'd return, she didn't say whether shed be dead or alive. But she did promise that she would return, and she did. once a year for 5 years, then it stopped. Nothing more happened, no one else saw her. That was it.


That speechless 8 year old orphan called Lucy, who sat on that wall in the wind with her chocolate hair dancing around her head.

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