In her head

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A girl doesn;t let people in and she loves her dreams.She attemps to fix her reality and succeeds

Submitted: January 24, 2014

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Submitted: January 24, 2014



Have you ever felt lost in your own head? Have you had the chance to open up to yourself?

My story is about a girl called Lisa who drifts in her thoughts and dreams. She imagines a fantasy world in her dreams and wakes up to a reality that’s far from what she wants.

So this Is how it stars…

One day Lisa woke up from the best dream she had ever had. She dreamed about being on the beach watching the sunset without a worry or a care. She had let go of her troubles and was having such a peaceful moment, She walked along the beach barefoot and splashed the water all around. She had never smiled so brightly, her eyes were glowing as she looked at the sun. At that moment she knew that this is all that she ever wanted, a peaceful and beautiful life filled with joy. Of course she loved her family, but she always wanted to be alone in her dreams to make them more special or meaningful. As Lisa walked along the beach she hoped that she would never had to give up this moment. The light breeze, the warm sun ,the smell of the ocean and the sand between her toes, it was spectacular, but yet so simple. Lisa  woke up that morning and as she opened her eyes she saw she was laying in her bed ,She checked the time and noticed that it was really early and the sun hadn’t come up yet. She decided to wait for the sun to rise and when it did, her day began. She got dressed had breakfast and went to school and for her it was just another dull, boring day. What she wanted was even a slight change in her routine, so she can make her dreams a reality. But she wasn’t a very open person she didn’t have a lot of friends and, she didn’t want to change herself so she could think of another way ,at least not yet. After her classes ended she came home and sat down to think. She went trough some of her old boxes and found a diary he had kept for almost all her life. She started flipping trough the pages and as she got deeper and deeper she realized that change will eventually come and that maybe change for her will be good. That night she couldn’t fall asleep .She wanted to have a plan on how to face the next day and turn over a leaf. When morning came she kept up with her regular routine until she got to school. When she got to her high school she went to talk to one of her oldest friends Sam. They weren’t very close but now, Lisa wanted that to change that, she wanted  to open up, but all she could say is:Hi.She took Sam a little bit by surprise but the girl couldn’t stay quiet.

Sam said: I’ve missed you. You drifted apart from me. What do you want?

Lisa replied: I want my friend back and this time I want to be there for you .I’ve missed you too.

Sam replied: It’s okay we all get lost in our own heads, we all slip away from time to time. Friends again?

Lisa smiled and said: Of course. They spent the whole day together after that and when Lisa came back home she was so happy. All she ever wanted was starting to come true. She never tried to take this step but now that she had ,it was the best feeling in the world for her. That night she went to bed and fell asleep peacefully. She recognized the dream because it was the same as before, but then she heard a voice. It was Sam, and she was asking if she could join her. Lisa gasped for air and then agreed. She ended up talking with Sam about things she wouldn’t tell anyone. The morning after was the best morning Lisa could have. From her dream she realized that she was happy and she wasn’t alone anymore. She let someone in and it made her feel so light .She got up excited to see her friend so she could tell her about the dream and ran to school. What Lisa wanted was so small, but in her dreams it was a big picture that was unreal

.She kept going on with her life making more friends and having more fun, She had let go of her old self and was looking to the future. She occasionally had a dream or two but her dreams now had more meaning and she ended up making most of them true. Her fantasy was know her reality and she couldn’t ask for more.

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