Disney Star Wars Screenplay.. Star Wars VII: The Phantom State and Star Wars VIII: the nightmare womb of dagobah by hanno raudsepp

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Bruce felt no autmuns in mornings cast in the monring of Gotham harbour in the night of gleans emmessage of the idea of night ngamles mlaent of then night of nighteningales ideation into the nightingales of hanno this is may midnight cast of hanno if i can work with you maybe we see this is the night of you are my friend forever of the night of wait here it is you are me i am you we can work toeghether and i can this is the righteousness of life we can wait okay dobay we are the it is okay right lie likeseee we can this is mr j either int the ienose dhtei oekay doliektheisowneishetish ioens eithsoeksay tisoneid athe theisoa tinsidoe the soaisneidhe aidoiaje we are then enver the saynme in the same ytheiaokaey is nthe name of the same oenf the oehtinsoekahy the aokeay the oakay the name of eht emaokay tme we ar finneagan os if the way of the agye in the sma eo fht eit is finished for the moement..

Note from Batman: Batman honestly believes all cell-phones have a nanotechnological flesh-eating disease inside them, air-transmitable.

.. naked Wonder Woman: Hi, I'm naked Diana and I'm a survivor of flesh-eating disease, courtesy of cell-phone nanotechnology. I've died many times, horribly more than the last, and I can survive, barely, flesh-eating disease, but ordinary mortals won't survive it once. Okay, the cell-phone nanontechnology is a Y2K paradigm- flesh-eating disease is the real Y2K, designed to go off at a certain instant ,not sure exactly when, but sooner rather than later. It's too close to being past the margins of the start of the milleneum. So, the organic chemistry of felsh flesh-eating nanotech.. It's an electronic switch which is the coin electronic spin, the coin nucleur spin, the coin magnetic moment etcetera ad nauseum, all coupled, like my nude breasts, if they're still there, like my nude breasts are coupled in magnetic moments.. We are presently going through a nucleur relaxation time, a false lull before the flesh-eating storm, Bbrrriiinnngg! Hello, ahhh! Just kidding, but not for long. The next briinngg could be fatal. Relaxation is open to free radicals, like wittle me. All cell-phones have magnetic fields,.. The key is magnetism,.. magnetism manipulates the ferrous compound at the centre of the nanotech flesh-eating hemoglobin molecule, synthesized molecule, meant to replace the hemoglobin in our blood... So.. invisible zinc and invisible copper are the electrodes at the dimensions of the cell-phone. The cell-phone attaches, leeches, if you will, the potassium K+ and sodium Na 2+ in the cellular membrane of our neurons. There is a flesh-eating neutralization titration which involves chemical reactions of sodium carbonate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, sodium hydroxide in the ion brain-pumps of our neurons.. Colours, colours and colours.. bromocresol green.. blue-green algea.. sky-blue aliquot... enough colours for now.. it all happens as fast as quicksilver, or quickmercury, or quickiodine.. Choride and mercury... chlorine, geez.. - crying – have to stop for now...

.. the lit rush of a scroll, described in the Gutenberg Galaxy by Marshall McCluhan is the same phenomenon as the lit rush against a movie screen, which produces air-transmittable electric positive ions which tranquilly neutralize the flesh-eating effect of nanotech cell-phones.. it is a science so old, it may hearken back to the egyptians, to the priest-scholar Hermes, this mystical lit-rush ion effect, like mineral water or noni juice, which simply cancels out the flesh-eating nanotechnology. The Egyptian book of the dead may have anticipated flesh-eating nanotech along with Dante's inferno. I don't understand the science of lit rushes too well but hopefully I'll be able to read some medieval documents soon to get a jist of it. Movie screens are hieroglyphs thru which lights a lit rush- movie screens hearken back to ancient egypt and medieval scrolls... more later..

The Joker: ... the night is casting my simple existance in mornings in my naked body is the devil is the devil in screwtape in the fucking every single idea in the morning of .... okay... the Maxwell Lord got the OMAC armour from the High Evolutionary armour... The High Evolutionary gave Max Lord his armour tech for his Omacs... Maxwell Lord just wasn't able to invent the Omac armour technology himself.... it was too evolutionary... .... okay yokay... on to cell-phone nanotechnology... thiosulphate... hydronium ions are key to everything.. then ther's hydrochloric acid.. hydroxide ions.. ther's carbonic acid and sodium chloride... colours colours and colours.. bromocresol green.. bromothymol blue.. naked Diana:.. my naked thighmol my naked body screams thymol thiol at cell phones scream... Joker: .. methyl orange... methyl red... all the colours of my dandy decor... what else.. nitro, azo akyl, atroxy, azoxy... the Riddler: pha... ptha.. phalate... phalanine.. phat ltle.. mere phattle.. the Joker: pirate pyridine.. weak dibasic acid and its salts.. nude Diana: you love your acids.. i like that about you.. maybe we can melt these cell-phones with enough acids if we have enough variety of acids to do the job before these cell-phones melt us.. i don't want my vagina to melt.. the joker: .. neither do i .. okay.. dobay.. nitrogen-ammonia are a Two-face coupled reaction.. nitrogen is one face and ammonia is another... ahh.. maleic acid.. maleate.. oxalic acid.. oxalate.. Two-face has a differing or second disassociation constant.. naked mrs. Freeze a autoprotolysis constant... Nazi sodium.. Na 2# sodium.. Na 2+ sodium... hydrogen carbonate... K + not K2 rather K+ potassium hydrogen phalate.... saturated cyclic amines such as naked piperidine.. mike phenol.. mike phenol pthalein.. does your mutter no yor mike.. mr j: amphiprotic amino acids.. aliphatic amines... ammonium salts.. hydronium ions.. sodium Na 2+ hydroxide .. potassium K + hydroxide.. barium hydroxide.. we'll beat this flesh eating nanotech virus ..

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