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star wars IX : the awakened force

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Anakin Ares: Juaquin Phoenix

Jaina: Claire Danes

dinza: sarah polley

Anakin skywalker: hanno raudsepp

luke skywalker: mark Hamill

han solo: Harrison ford

leia: carrie fisher

Anakin: my womb is pregnant with sin

Jaina: womb devours me whole and impregnates me with its crime

Anakin: darkness is coming like an ocean of sin

Jaina: an ocean of sin.. an ocean of sin devouring me whole sin whole nude me whole nude

anakin: renoir... i think renoir..

jaina: my nude body is the vegetation of renoir..

anakin: the force creeps.. the force is a creeping thing.,

jaina: i am earthworm jim.. heeheeheee..

anakin: a heap of crime we are born .. a heap of crime we are both..

jaina: crime is sin crime is sin heee hheehee my nude pubis is sin crime

anakin: prometheus was the first sinner.. nude eve was the first criminal..

jaina: criminality is a christian aspiration..

anakin: jesus was brand, a man branded with criminality his stigmata..

jaina: my wrist hurts

anakin: so does mine.. it's supposed to.. their the lightsaber signal..

jaina: the lighsaber sig.. beep beep beppo..

anakin: the force runs on duracell..

jaina: i thought they were mitichlorians..

anakin: mitochondria.. the breathing pulses of time.. .. force is breath.. stanislavksi.. or is it ribozomes.. or lysosomes... not sure..

jaina: a lot of force to go around.. the milleneum falcon runs on duracell too..

anakin: it looks it... .STRENGER than an engels bunny..

Jaina: HOY!

Dinza: my hands are wriggly worms .. a mass of genetic code are my octopus arms.. a mangle my speech with them.. my arms mangle my speech.. i am doctor octopus- no, - weep weep – doctor doom am i.. i am vulva .. vulva doom..

anakin: i sometimes take a coat-hanger to my arm.. it bleeds like a gash of crime..

dinza: oh god – weeping – oh god - , women will weep for my arm – ... my arm is a tendril of crime.. doctor octopus's arms..

anakin: the arms of crime set fire to people of law..

dinza: heeheehee.. the force is anti-law isn't it..

anakin: the force is the underground rivers of crime..

dinza: dats me goin' up da river.. oll' girrl rivver...

anakin: Ares is a man of the river.. a man of the crossroads of the force..

dinza: a crossroads of blood on my arm.. a stigmata..

anakin: the cross was a crossroads.. Christ walked the cross.. He was riders on the storm..

Dinza: i'm a ryder

Anakin: women will weep..

Luke evaporates in role-reversal like a phantom sphere

Luke: i'm back from the dreaming.. she's staying leia is staying their.. the dreaming is her super-max.. han is staying to console her, but he's always.. somewhere else..

anakin: he's where he belongs.. he always is..

luke: he annoys is?

Anakin: no – wait – what?

Luke: sorry, sorry, i know what you meant.. my ears are deaf with the sound of cell-phones.. the lightsabers of the twentieth century..

dinza: are we still in the twentieth.. i am alway sought by fox-hunters in the twentieth..

anakin: we are looking forward to the twentieth century...

dinza: noooooo... i'm going to DIE before i'm twenty... i've arranged it...

luke: so have i.. you have a slot in the dreaming..

Han comes back temporarily smiling like the chesire cat...

Han: WHAT?!! You never consulted me...

Luke: I don't have to.. i have the force.. you don't . It's all in the differance of a lightsaver lightsaber..

dinza: tweet tweet

han: my blaster does a force sonar clap tho..

dinza: that's just no fair.. i men i was talking to – what?

Han: it's okay i forgive you for being cutely stupid, dinza.. for being cutely stavrogin i forgive you, dinza...

luke: ah, what is wrong with our gene ration.. no gene ratio.. nnoo.. generation.. what is wrong with our generation..

dinza: i was once a baby-boomer too

leia: - evaporates in force role-reversal: i am not a baby!!...

luke: yes you are, nerf-erder. You don't have the force either. It's because you married anne hathaway and i wasn't invited..

leia: i meant to invite you but i thot you'd be disappointed i wasn't han..

han: i'm disappointed by that too..

dinza: gales of laughter rock my nude breasts.... - wait – sniff – where's anakin..

luke: he's above all this..

Anakin: the force is swimming in nude nymphs.. nude nymphs of svengali.. of salvadore ali.. ali.. ali.. aliyaauu..

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