From a manuscript by this title.
It includes 23 poems of discovery and excitement









In Marienbad or Carlsbad

statues frozen in the fountains

figures in blue haloes

stroll in misty gardens

grasses soar to windows

an old man dozed upon a pallid treetop

dolphins murmur in the ponds of glass

and butlers stand like

lions' heads







To appease the angry gods

In the belly of the mountain

the Inca sacrificed virgins

Their pink flowers wreathes floated on a lava river

between Masaya and Nindiri volcanoes


The Spaniards thought it was barbaric

Threw into the volcano

The primitive Inca chiefs

pleading the lord to forgive them

And redeem their souls

They pronounced the volcano name

Messiah and erected an iron cross

To protect them against the devil


The Inca and Spanish priests were convinced the gods welcomed offerings

hearing the song of the green parakeets from the depths of the volcano and the wing flapping of thousands of bats in lava tunnels

And blessed the constant white plume of gases that rose to heaven.

But the next day the magma was storming out of the of god's furious mouth

who was hungry for more sacrifices


Every year Masaya still exacts its toll


from courageous climbers

lured by the red yellow flames falling

into the magma lake

hikers on the edge of the volcano

overcome by fumes



an American tourist in Bermuda shorts and a straw hat

wipes his forehead with his red bandana

"This goddamn volcano Mesya"

while his wife takes a swig of her water bottle

complains that the orange cross is ugly.

both don masks

against evil spirits and sulfur gases



Dark Thorns


Dark thorns 

in Rock chasms 

Goats are screaming to 

their gods on the plateau's edge, 

The volcano below 

hisses monochrome flames 

cliffs bow, 

valleys listening 

and dark thorns 

grow taller dueling 

sun beams on peaks.















Submitted: June 20, 2007

© Copyright 2022 hanochguy. All rights reserved.

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