Crossing Alice

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Alice makes a decision that changes her life forever.
**If you haven't read it already, please read the short story 'Beings' on my page. It'll give you some insight on this story and will help to make more sense of it. This could be considered a sequel to that.**

Submitted: July 02, 2015

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Submitted: July 02, 2015



I’m not going to stop running.

They can send everything that they’ve got at me and I won’t stop running.

Right now I’m hiding in an abandoned warehouse, and I don’t know where to go next. They’re likely making their way through the streets, and I need to pray that they won’t stop here. The traffic better be heavy. I don’t want to have to use my powers again.

I’ve come to call him Aiden, the voice in my head.

Should I dare call him the dark wisp, he’d have me killed.

He’s told me everything I know now; of the evils of the world and how dangerous they are. He’s told me of things I never thought were possible. 

How I can stop time.

How he can tell me the thoughts of others.

How we’re all connected.

He’s done it all, and I couldn’t thank him enough.

I want to kill him for ruining my life. I’ll thank him for that too when I see him there.

He’s promised me heaven; the place in the afterlife where he resides. He wants me to conquer all here in the overworld before I’m able to go to where I belong. He’s told me of the evil being filled with a devilish light who once followed me before, and how he saved me.

I know I can’t conquer the world and I don’t intend to.

I don’t want to die. I know it’s unavoidable to most, but I don’t want to believe it.

That’s why I am avoiding it. 

I’m going to trick him.

I’m planning on creating a portal there with his help.

A portal to heaven.


He’s told me everything, that damned spirit. I don’t know why I haven’t come to realize it before. 

I despise him so much to the point where I can’t even bring myself to look at him. I’m glad I took her away from him and I’m glad I know what’s been running through that soul of his for so long. 

He’s disgusting.

I’ve lied to Alice for what seems like a lifetime; I’m not the being she thinks I am and I plan to keep it that way.

I plan to remove Dave from the equation.

The good and bad beings who have lived here for what’s felt like an eternity all know about our rivalry. I know he wants to banish me.

He knows I want to banish him.

In the afterlife, all spirits are given a second chance to redeem themselves, no matter how evil their deeds were in their human life.

We’re all given a blank slate.

That means me and Dave have the same chance of ending up in Hell. 

This makes me very happy.

Banishment can happen in three ways: the killing of another spiritual being in the afterlife, the killing of a mortal being from the afterlife, or the third way.

The third way is the act of saving a mortal being from death.

That’s the way I plan to get rid of Dave, and I will succeed.

I just need to get Alice here.


He’s still staring at me.

I know Alice calls him Aiden, so that’s the name I’ve come to call him.

I also know what he’s planning and I know I can’t stop him.

Portals are never meant to be opened. Dimensional rifts are not toys, and he should know that. He does know that, and I hate him even more because of it.

I know he’s reading my thoughts right now, but it doesn’t matter anymore.

Nothing will matter anymore before long, and that’s the weird thing; us heavenly beings aren’t meant to feel emotion.

I’m scared.

I’m scared because I know why it won’t matter.

He’s luring me to banishment.

I don’t want to go to Hell.

With the lack of emotion comes the annoying aftereffect; the people we attach to are just bothersome. They do nothing for us, and we feel nothing for them.

The only exception is when the feeling of love is felt for any mortal being.

I feel something for Alice.


The sirens are getting louder and I don’t know what to do.

Aiden hasn’t said anything for much too long. I’ve tried getting to him, but everything isn’t working now.

I’ve tried to stop time and it isn’t working.

I peered out a window at someone and I can’t read their thoughts.

I was worried until I heard him lurk out of the shadowy recesses of my mind.

Alice, time is of the essence now. We’ve got to get you here, and it has to be fast. There’s no time for conquering the world.

Bingo. No tricking necessary.

Behind the warehouse you’re settled in, there is a cliff. I’ll open the portal at the bottom. Making it to another dimension is going to require speed, Alice.

Oh no.

You’re going to have to jump.

Can I trust him? I don’t know anymore. Things are much too hectic and I don’t think I have many other options.

I moved towards the back of the warehouse with the sirens growing louder at an accelerated pace. I found a broken window, the latch completely off it’s hinges. I don’t know why it was, but that didn’t matter. I forcefully shove it open, making my way through to the back of the shelter. It was a long run to the cliff.

I knew the fall would be longer.

It was high, and I didn’t see any opening rift.

The footsteps behind me were getting louder, and I could hear the spinning blades of the helicopters above me.

Alice, this is a game of trust. I need more time to open the rift, but it won’t be long. You’re going to have to jump before it opens.

My hatred towards him was growing and it wouldn’t be stopping anytime soon.

When I jump, my moments in the mortal world will cease. 

I won't be able to come back.

I look up and gasp, the fully starred sky above me looking as beautiful as ever. I notice the moon, much larger than anything I’ve ever seen before.

Brighter than anything else.

Calling my name.

Looking at it destroys all my nerves.

I reach out to it.

I clench my fist and wish.

I wish for safety as I close my eyes and jump.


No pain.

Nothing sharp punctures my stomach.

When I enter the afterlife, I feel an overwhelming amount of happiness and joy.

I feel safety.

That doesn't last long; I'm transparent, completely see through. I still have my human body and color, but everything behind me would be visible.

Would be visible, because there isn't anything behind me.

There's whiteness.

There's whiteness until he appears out of nowhere.

“Welcome, Alice. You’re in heaven.” Aiden's voice is deeper than it was in my head.

“You look different than I thought you would. Why is there a black smoke surrounding you?”

“That isn’t important right now.” He starts walking, turning his back to me. “What is important is him.”

“Why do you have to bring me into the situation?” comes another voice. I see this man appear out of nowhere too, but his smoke is white. It's hard to distinguish against the whiteness surrounding us all.

The voice is so familiar, yet I can’t place it.

“Dave, you knew this was gonna happen. Stop lying to yourself.” Aiden’s voice was demanding and booming like thunder.


I know a Dave.

“If anybody is going to stop lying, it’s you, Aiden.” Dave was shouting at him now, and Aiden expresses guilt. “You don’t want to confess? I’ll do it for you.” The familiar stranger turns towards me.

“Aiden has been lying to you, Alice. You see that smoke?” He points to Aiden, then continues. “That smoke marks a dark wisp. He’s a bad person, Alice. My smoke is white, marking me as a good person.”

I know where this is going.

“He took you away from me, Alice.”

Dave was my previous spirit.

I know him from a past life.

I turn towards Aiden in disbelief. I don't say anything. I don't think I'm in the position to talk. I mean, I know he is a dark wisp, but Aiden told me everything in the afterlife was a dark wisp.

Aiden’s been lying to me.


I don’t know who to trust.

I’m standing in between the both of them now, and I need to make a choice. I can be with the evil that’s always stood by me or with the one I’ve just met.

The one who’s probably the good one.

I turn towards Aiden to hear what he has to say first.

“Alice, I haven’t been lying to you.” He smirks, but his voice is sincere. “I’ve been with you through the ups and the downs, Alice. I’ve never left you. He, on the other hand, has.” I turn to look at Dave, who looks scared.

At least we feel the same way.

“This is difficult for you. I know, Alice, trust me. All you need to know is that-“

His eyes grow wide.


He rushes towards me, shoving me out of the way and onto the floor.

I hear an explosion before I lose consciousness.


I wake up with the both of them on the floor, and I struggle to rise. I’m still hazy on what exactly happened, but both are severely injured. Their souls are damaged.

I first run over to Dave. He explains to me that while he was talking to me, Aiden made an attempt to tackle me. Their souls collided when Dave saved me and that's what caused the explosion. Aiden tried to run into me.

To hurt me.

I’m done trusting Aiden anymore. I want him dead. I storm over to him, making myself noticeable.

“Hey, get up.” I kick him and he moans. “Why did you try to hurt me?” I don’t think he's able to move very much.


“Alice, you poor girl. You fell right in.” Aiden says, laughing.

I don’t know why he’s laughing.

“Alice, I’m most likely going to die here. My soul will finally vanish. Your little friend over there will be going to Hell for saving you.”

I turn around to look at Dave, who’s gotten up and is standing behind me. He gives me a sorrowful nod.

“You may think you’re going to be alone, Alice, but you’re not. I don’t suppose you remember, but there’s a part of me inside of you. Look at your smoke, Alice.”

I look down.

My smoke is grey.

“That small part of me that managed to make its way into you has merged into your entire being. That very small part now makes up your entire being. It’s become a part of you.”

I shake my head in disbelief.

“We’re the same person now, Alice.”

I turn to Dave for reassurance.

“I’m sorry,” he says, looking away.

“Alice, I hope you know what that means. Now that we’re the same being, we share everything. Our age in this world, our essence,” he pauses, looking at me. He smiles.

My smoke is black now.

“I’m dying here, Alice. My soul is being taken away from my being entirely. We share that soul.”

My vision starts to blur.

“Nothing can help it now. I’m going to die. We share everything now, though, Alice.”

I feel dizzy.

“You’re going to end up the same way I am.” He coughs.

I fall to my knees.

He’s on the brink of death now. “When I die…”

He struggles to make out the words as I struggle to breathe.

“You die.”

© Copyright 2020 Hanorbi. All rights reserved.

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