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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Imagination Station
A brother and sister duo go on a journey to a world they never knew existed: Florawood.

This is actually a writing piece that I had to write for school, but I'm actually very fond of it so I decided to post it here. Enjoy!

Submitted: April 26, 2015

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Submitted: April 26, 2015



As Jack and Jenna made their way through the thick underbrush of the forest, they kept the location of each other in mind. Being siblings was great for them while hiking, as they had a natural instinct to stay close to each other. Jenna started to notice something underneath the dirt, as well as a tunnel up ahead.

“Are these train tracks?” asked Jenna. In the distance, the hikers thought they heard a faint whistle.

Jenna was an interesting girl, one that never seemed to fit in with the rest of the crowd. When she was in school, she was the outcast that nobody never really associated themselves with. She was enrolled at her local college, taking courses to become an artist. Being twenty-two, she still had to make time for fun hobbies as well. She had long, curly brown hair with green eyes and a smile that would light up a room. She wore jeans, a jacket, and sneakers, and she always kept her backpack with her wherever she went. She loved the arts, and she spent most of her time in her sketchbook delving into fantasy worlds of mythical creatures and adventurous heroes that would save the day. She had always felt slightly insecure about herself sometimes, so she never really took to talking to others freely.

The sound was familiar to both of the hikers. A train whistle was a common peal in the area that they lived in. This was different, though; they were very deep into the forest, and it was coming close to midday. Trains were never this far out into the woods. Jenna very quickly became invested in investigating the situation, but Jack treaded more cautiously. Jenna ran to the opening of the tunnel while Jack very slowly inched closer and closer. Sticking her head in, Jenna started hearing the sound of a chugging, similar to an engine. When she squinted, she could barely make out two lights at the far corner of the tunnel where it curved. Jack was just getting to the tunnel opening when the train became visible in the tunnel. Jack and Jenna were blinded by the headlights as it sped down the tunnel until exiting and coming to a screeching stop. The engine whirred down and the forest became silent until the conductors door opened.

At a first glance, he might have seemed human, but the pointed ears and the large eyes told a different story. This man was an elf. He wore a blue uniform and an indigo cap, with an orange woven crest resembling a police badge stitched into the fabric of his hat. The crest was similar to an emblem, with an intricate design that would be comparable to a flower sewn onto it. Jenna was quick to notice this, and felt a very close connection with the symbol.

“Nice seeing some new faces around these parts. Visitors are pretty rare around here,” said the conductor. “Would you kindly follow me?” He stepped back into the train, this time into the passenger area, gesturing for the duo to come with him. Jack looked at Jenna with a worried face, and Jenna reciprocated with a face full of excitement. She gave him a slight nod, and continued on to the train. Jack reluctantly followed. He didn't trust this man, but it was clear that Jenna did. He couldn't lose his sister.

The train was large. Larger than either of the hikers had anticipated. The ceiling was very high, almost too high to fit into the tunnel. It was about as wide as your average school bus. A mysterious green metal created the entirety of the trains frame, and the seats were as soft as grass. Something felt indubitably natural about the train. Jenna got comfortable in one of the seats closer to the front, and Jack sat next to her with the conductor returning to his place in the pilot station. The engine started to chug and the whistle could be heard once more as the train took off back down into the tunnel. It was pitch black inside, but Jenna and Jack still held on to each others hands for safety. The journey took a good fifteen minutes or so. 

The headlights made it difficult to see, but light began to shine through the tunnel up ahead. The train began to pick up speed, and Jenna and Jack ran to one of the larger windows. They weren't prepared for what they were about to see.

The world that was now open to the hikers was beautiful; plant life and human life populated the rich soil, flowers were into their later stages of blooming, and a roaring waterfall leading into a peaceful pond could be seen. The people inhabiting this land were all like the conductor, with their pointed ears and larger eyes. A bridge crossed through the middle of the town where the pond was located, and houses built from the most natural materials were dotted across the land. Birds hummed and chirped to a catchy tune while the elves of the wooded village tended to the crops. 

Jenna and Jack stepped out of the train to be greeted by one of the smaller elves.

“Welcome to Florawood!” he chimed, “we hope you enjoy your stay here!” He then trotted back to his group of friends near one of the sunlit meadows. 

“Now what?” asked Jack.

“We explore! We’re hikers, right?” responded Jenna. They went on their separate ways.

Jenna went over to the pond with the small waterfall and sat on a stationary log. She took off her backpack and retrieved her sketchbook and a pencil, and started to draw the scene in front of her. When she drew, she noticed the smallest of details, like the lily pads drifting across the pond or the croaking of the frogs as they leapt from stone to stone. Purple and blue flowers decorated the already tranquil environment, giving off a scent to be remembered. In the middle of drawing, one of the townspeople came over and sat down on the same log.

“Hey, you're Jenna, right? I”m Theodore,” said the elf. He looked to be at about the same age as Jenna.

Hey, Theodore. And yes, my name’s Jenna,” she said shyly. “This is a really gorgeous place here.”

“Oh, I know. I feel honored to just live here. It’s strange how everyone here just has a special connection to the village.”

“A special connection? What kind of connection?”

“It’s unexplainable. We just feel that we have to be here, and when we are here it just feels right.” Jenna took his words into consideration, as she wasn't sure if what she was feeling while here was what he had just described. “You know, you might be like us.”

“Really?” She was excited by this prospect. “Why do you think so?”

“Well, just look at you. The pointed ears, the big eyes, it’s all very similar to what we have here in the village. I wouldn't be surprised if you had a bit of elf in you yourself!” he exclaimed. 

“I do feel connected to this place. Maybe I do belong here,” she pondered.

The elf checked the suns position in the sky. “Oh no, I’m going to be late for the next harvest. It was nice talking to you!” He got up from his seat on the log. “Make sure you think about getting a place here. You might have fun!” With that, he ran off to the fields.

Jenna put her sketchbook away and decided to walk around for a bit to look at the rest of the village. She looked across from where she was standing and saw her brother talking with one of the female elves. He looked to be having fun, which brought a smile to Jenna's face. She decided to go and have a chat with the train conductor again, as she assumed his next route wouldn't be for a while. On her way over, she stopped to look at one of the smaller meadow areas. A smaller white rabbit was sitting all alone in the center, right where the sun was hitting the lush grass. She went over to the creature and reached out a hand in the hopes that it would accept it. First it took a few sniffs, then it touched it with its nose before giving in and allowing her to pet him. Jenna felt sympathy for the rabbit; he was left all alone in the patch of grass. It reminded her somewhat of herself, unable to connect with any of the other people at her college.

She gave the rabbit one last hug before going over to the trains small station. The conductor was standing at the desk in the station, drinking a substance that smelled like coffee.

“Hey miss. How are you liking the place?” he questioned.

“It’s amazing! I feel so happy when I’m here, almost like I have some kind of connection with it,” she claimed. 

“You know why that is, right?” he interrogated. “You’re an elf! You belong here!”

“How do you know for sure?” she asked.

“I just do,” he implied, “us elves just know when someone is part of our kind or not. When you first saw me, did you know I was an elf?”

“Yes, I believe I did.” she said in disbelief.

“Did your brother think I was an elf?”

“No, he tried to avoid you,” she said, beginning to piece this together.


“You must have gotten elf genes from someone in your family, but your brother did not. How strange,” he contemplated. “If you truly are an elf, then you can stay here. You can live out the rest of your life here, where you belong, or live a normal life. It’s your decision to make.”

“Can’t I do both?” she challenged.

The train conductor fell silent. “I think you actually can. Every day at midday, I take the train through the tunnel and into the other world to pick up anyone who is there, so you could just come whenever you felt was necessary.”

“That would be amazing!” she shouted.

“What would be?” asked her brother, who had been listening to the conversation.

“Coming back here every now and then. Wouldn't it be fun?” she asked him with great intention. “You could come back too! There isn't any real reason to say no.”

“I guess that could be fun,” he considered.

“Then it’s done! The two of you can return whenever, with each other or without. The sun is setting now, so it happens to be time to send you both home.”

“Already?” Jenna asked.

“Yes. Time flies here in Florawood, especially when  you’re an elf,” the conductor informed her. “Come on aboard.”

The hikers returned home to the forest with the tunnel, and hiked back to their home next to the wooded area. The siblings couldn't wait to return to Florawood over the next few days to come. Once inside, they unpacked and got comfortable just as their father had returned home from his workplace. As he was unpacking, Jenna happened to walk by and notice the pointed ears and the large eyes that her father had. 

© Copyright 2020 Hanorbi. All rights reserved.

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