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Our opinions shape us and who we are. They make us human. They make us different. They make us special.

You'll find bits and pieces of my life here. Individual entries of observations, perspectives, realizations, personal objectives, and even revelations of my own journal are here for you to read, to comment on, and to compare to your own life if you so desire. These are written for me to learn more about the world, and by posting my journal here, for all to see, I hope to share my discoveries with bounds of others.

Everyone has a different life with memories to make and experience.

These are mine.

This is my thought bank.

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I know this chapter is shorter. For me and for this journal (and hopefully for you), length shouldn't matter. If I get something out of writing 5 words, I'll write 5 words. If it takes 500, I'll write 500. Read Chapter