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A journal entry about the differences between apes and humans

Submitted: February 12, 2014

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Submitted: February 12, 2014



A silverback sits comfortable with the world that moves around it. among plants at peace on the side of a mountain in the grace of fog, unmoving and unaware, perhaps of the motion of our globe. A creature that couldn’t cope with the human methods of transportation and would become weak at the sense of motion. Are they just evolved in a lesser sense? Why so joined to their creation mates?

As the peopled cars swing by, defined by the sunlight, there is a perception at odds with the truth, it becomes possible to realize humans as oddly sedentary, barely moving within the frames of the automobiles. They ignore the phantasm through which they travel.

The same silverback might find it difficult to bear limited spaces, threatened by the three dimensions walled away, and so they sit encapsulated and taught by the gray light that filters through the trees both closer, farther away. Do we live to some constructive purpose?

Humans sit in cubicles through the day, wrestling down empty visions of simple thoughts until they make sense, like a conductor mining for the most valuable single note in an orchestra.

The Gorillas watch, wondering on their children that play in the deep daylight green carpet of the forest, or dig in the thick coats of their neighbors for the tidbits of insects. Is it wisdom that creeps in through the periphery.

While humans sit on deep and plush couches in front of the odd glow of televisions, distracted by the acts of others. Removed from reality, strive to bring comfort back to that same state of being.  

But the amazing thing is that the same light and space infect the surrounds of each. It could be God, or Eternal Hope, or Bliss. We share the light, a sacrament, the place where the palpable and in impalpable join in some mysterious way we cannot understand. It is what brings creation together, and still we stare, and stare, and stare.

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