Leave your pride at the door and enter eager to learn,

You have felt this feeling come and go but today it starts to burn,

A light, a path, a way to escape has appeared before your eyes,

but the path you walk is trodden down and you've been entangled by it's lies.

But lo I bring good tidings, a message to every man 

that Christ can live within you and help you each day to stand

to stand for what is lovely, to stand for what is true

to turn away from vain deceit and walk a path thats new

it starts with self examination, a gaze at your the soul within

the hardest thing to admit is that we are wallowing in sin

but the path that Christ afforded by dying on the tree,

is simple to find and he'll be at your side if you only just believe.

So to every breathing person in every foriegn land,

the Gospel of Christ is the way and Life and you will become a brand new man.

1Cor 15:1-4

Submitted: August 02, 2018

© Copyright 2022 Hansel Lava. All rights reserved.

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