Adventure time with Frankie! #1

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I've decided to start a little story that will soon be followed by others from someone named Frankie or Frank. Read through his stupid adventures as he fails over and over again due to his stupidness. Enjoy!!

Submitted: September 22, 2013

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Submitted: September 22, 2013



Frank have never been a bright man. Ever since he was a kid, he's been quite simple and dumb. His siblings made fun of him, he's parents look down on him and he never had much friends.


On his 30th birthday, still single, he decided to head to Egypt for a trip. While there, he heard there is a Genie Lamp somehwere in the Catacomb under the piramid. Many have entered, but none of them were seen again. Daring and balsie as Frank is, he decided to head underneath and shine with honor and pride.


While exploring the catacomb, Frank fought his way over the end of the maze. Once there, he finaly found the Genie Lamp.

He grabs it, rubs on the right side of the lamp with excitment as it is his day to shine.


Poof! A genie pops out.


"What can I do for you my friend! You have summoned me, I am the legendary Genie that many tried to find me! Yet, many more perished in their journey. Since you are the very first man to find me, I will grant you 3 wishes. Now listen well, those 3 wishes are not refundeble, once made, it cannot go back. Chose wisely human!" said the magical genie.


By hearing this, Frank doubted if he should make a wish now, but in the other hand, he's quite hungry, so...


"I'll have a hot dog, french fries and a fanta please."


"Very well man, here are your demands" replied the genie.


And that's the last of Frankie every one have seen.

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