the twins adventure

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This is what i wrote when i was younger but never knew how to end it.


The Twins Adventure!

Chapter 1

On Wood Road lives two twins Rosie and Susie and their best friend Ben. Further down the road is an old boarded up church, Even though nobody can get in the church bells ring every day at 12:00pm.

Chapter 2

Rosie, Susie and Ben all met up at the park at 8:00am on Monday just before school. Ben said,
“ i would really like to know whats in that chuch lets go during lunch break.”
 “Yeah” said the twins.” “But won’t we get caught.” said Susie worriedly. “No not if we’re quick.”
“Ok then.” Susie quietly whispered

So off they walked to school...

DING,DING,DING, the bell went they all walked inside.

It was lunch the time they had all been waiting for. It was time to leave. So off they walked down the road all chattering about their day until they reached the church path...

Chapter 3

They found themselves staring at a tall, creepy looking church. It started to rain then thunder. Susie got her umbrella out and held it over everyone.


There was a loud knock coming from the inside. Then afterwards came a small voice saying help me, help me. Almost like the voice didn’t want to disturb something but wanted to be heard and saved”

“What was that” said ben as he shivered.

“I’m not sure let’s investigate” said Rosie.

So they all went up to the door and gave it a hard kick, the door tumbled down and then they entered …

Chapter 4

Ben said
“hello is anyone one home”. The lights flickered and suddenly as the lights came on a body came crashing down from where the bell is kept. Ben checked for a pulse and he looked at the twins and said “he’s dead”

The two twins looked at each other in shock.

“I think we better go”.

 “We can’t go we have more to explore” Ben said convincingly.

Chapter 5

The twins and Ben walked to the top of the first set of stairs they hear a rustle, BANG, THUD, CRASH… they all jumped. Ben went to investigate but the twins would not leave his side.

They went up to the door they heard the noise from and slowly opened the door they entered there was old paintings of Jesus covered in cobwebs and dust. They went in further then creeeek, BANG the door had shut they all turned round to find … 

Submitted: January 08, 2013

© Copyright 2020 hanz91. All rights reserved.

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