Happy Birthday!

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Something happy to read out to the little ones?

Submitted: April 16, 2013

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Submitted: April 16, 2013




There once lived a little girl named Trudy Cancan. Her eyes were as blue as gleaming sapphires, with thick curled eyelashes. Her ginger locks would fall upon her rosy cheeks which she would pull back into an untidy ponytail. But she sure was a messy little fellow, with dirt on her shorts and paint in her finger nails; she would run around the house causing chaos here and there. Johnny her younger brother, would always be afraid, that she’d do something silly and then blame it all on his head. “Daddy can’t you see? Johnny is guilty, his face is all red. I never put our tortoise in the freezer. It was him; he’s got nothing in his head”.  Her tricks and mischief would keep everybody on their tiptoes until she would finally go to bed. Then from night till she’d rise, Trudy would dream of the day on which there would be absolutely no compromise.


“It’s my birthday!” Trudy would say, “Not yesterday, not tomorrow, but 3 months from today”.  She would jump and dance and act happy and gay, oh for her birthday was just 3 months from today.  Her big blue eyes would light up with joy, when she’d think about all the presents and balloons on her day. Every night she would close her eyes and imagine herself, in a puffy pink dress and her glittery glass sandals. “Mummy!” She’d say, “Will you get me a diamond crown? So I could rule the entire town?”


“Oh my! It’s my birthday, Just 2 months from today. I still have to decide the cake I want to bake” Trudy jumped up and exclaimed. She instantly drew the ladder out from behind the door and grabbed her mother’s dusty recipe book from the top shelf of the cupboard. Plonk, the book slipped from her hand and fell open upon the floor with all the pages scattered across the floor, “Trudyyy, what did you do now?” screamed Mrs. Cancan as she heard a loud thump. “Oh nothing mummy dearest, a book just slipped out of Johnny’s hands.  But don’t worry, I’m clearing it all up.” Trudy lied. The naughty little girl then skimmed through every page, until she found the perfect cake.


“Oh dear! It’s my birthday, just a month from today. But I still have to decide what games we have to play” Trudy hid her mother’s pearls and jewels all over the backyard and said to herself, “This would be the best treasure hunt that anyone would have ever played. Maybe I could use Johnny for a game of pin the donkey’s tail”. Johnny too had a game in his mind, he knew of the perfect day to take a little revenge.


“It’s my birthday, not yesterday, not tomorrow, but TODAY!” Trudy screamed as she ran from one room to the other, banging on doors and shaking every member of the house until they were all awake. Thud, thump, bang, were all the sounds you’d hear, as she ran around singing “It’s my birthday, I am 11 today!” She rolled up her navy blue sleeves and pulled up her pajamas and got ready to bake, “Oh Johnny, it will be the most magnificent cake”. Soon the kitchen was a giant mess, with flour and egg spilled in places you won’t even guess. Out came a golden vanilla cake that didn’t seem quite right, are cakes supposed to be as thin as a kite? Who would beat the chocolate batter lead to quite a big fight, and down fell the bowl with all its might. They spooned it all back in a baking tin, “at least we have a cake, no one needs to know” Trudy whispered with a slight grin. She iced it in a bright yellow, and sprinkled it with rainbow jell-o. Then she ran up to her room to get into her dress. “Where’s my dress? It was just hanging here, OH NO! Who put it down there?” The naughty little girl let out a cry as she found her dress lying crumpled and dirty under the bed. Just when she walked down to investigate who dirtied her dress, she saw her cake lying on the floor in a mess. “WHO LEFT THE TORTOISE SCURRYING AROUND ON MY CAKE?” shouted the angry girl as she fell upon the floor and kicked her feet. Johnny watched from a corner as mum put the icing back in place and exclaimed, “at least we have a cake, no one needs to know”.

Trudy Cancan looked adorable when she was grumpy, her nose would flare up and become all lumpy. And she was much grumpier now than she knew; the present her parents had bought her was nowhere to be found. So she sat on the couch waiting for her friends, while mum and dad made some amends. But it was 5pm already and no one was there, and when she went up to check she saw that the invitation cards she had given, had the wrong address. “This was supposed to be a perfect day, but now it’s a disaster” She complained as tears trickled down her cheeks.

Johnny did not want to see his sister sad, he just wanted to show her how she always made him mad. “I think I deserved this, for I am always so naughty. Maybe I did need to learn a lesson” thought Trudy. Out walked her parents with a giant cake. Pink, purple, orange and blue, every color that Trudy ever knew. She jumped with joy and blew out her candles, and popped a few balloons with sharp handles. Then came Johnny and handed her a pink rose with a tiny card;

“You make me angry, you make me whine,

But you really are my sunshine”

A smile spread across Trudy’s face as she sat down to rest, “I love you Johnny, you are the best”.

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