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We live in a world that is no less than a ruthless jungle. Question is, what has it turned us into?

Submitted: April 16, 2013

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Submitted: April 16, 2013




Here, in these deep, dark woods you can hardly differenciate between night and day. Often a ray of light may penetrate through the twisted branches that veiled the sky. There was no sound that I could comprehend, only the chirping of birds and insects or the ocassional hiss of a snake or a powerful roar coming from the distance.  This inscrutable jungle was my world. Day in, day out I would aimlessly wander through this endless maze only to end up at the same location. This location is my fortress, built with animal carcass and carpeted with icy moss. Outside the non-existant walls of my fortress there lies a ruthless, wild breed of living creatures.  Here only the fittest survive and the weaker amongst them is hunt down. But if I were to escape this vicious world, I need to be just like the others. Maybe then, I can find my way out of this labyrinth.

As I walked on I noticed a slight change in the atmosphere; a slight dampness. An unfamiliar sound adds in, possibly the croaking of a frog or the buzz of an unknown insect. I pushed apart a few branches to reveal the scenery that lay ahead. An endless, dull blue body of water. The frozen twinkle of the evening star gleamed in the water. I find the reflection misleading; there are no treasures to be found here. Only memories to be lost. I throw a stone of thought onto the river, but it only disturbed the surface in the merest hint of a ripple. I move a little closer. But what do I see? A ruthless monster, a gorgon who feels despairingly human. I study each feature carefully. These eyes that I see are not the windows to the soul that lies within, but reveal the spirits that have been crushed. Those large ears are not used for hearing, but for putting up a wall of ignorance against the cries of the helpless. I could now understand, these waters had turned the gaze of my eye inwards. This is what I had become.

Moving backwards in horror, I trip over a large object. A rusted key like structure carved with intricacy. There was no lock around, no treasure to be unlocked, no door to be opened. What must this key reveal was a sheer mystery. But this key seemed too useful to be left behind. I grasped it in my hands and continued walking on.

The endless woods were not infinite afterall. The end lay right ahead of me. There were many obtacles that I had come across on my way, but this seemed to be the most impossible one to overcome. A fence made of barbed wires and broken glass, blazing fire and razor-sharp thorns. Beyond the fence lay emancipation. An image that could be frozen with a single look. A place where the laughter of a child would echo in the chuckle of the wind as it woud twirl the leaves strewn across the other side of the fence. There, even night would be ashamed of complete, utter and hopeless darkness- the maidenly moon would blush beems of shiny moonlight and guard against the empty blackness. I wished to be part of that loving companionship, camaraderie, the vivacity, the lingering sensation of being alive. I had a key, but what was I to unlock?

I ran back to the waters; that is where my answer lay. Hundreds of stories have been lost to these forgotten waters, waves trapped beneath the surface. My story was one of them, a story waiting to be told. This monster that the ruthless jungle had turned me into had to be drowned and a human to be reincarnated. For when that happens, that key in my hand would unlock the door. The door that lead to the other side of the fence. The door that lead to emancipation. 

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