To fight or give up?

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Fight or flight

Submitted: May 15, 2014

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Submitted: May 15, 2014



I'm watching my life slowly go by wondering if its all worth living. Spending each day in regret and almost in tears feeling like im falling apart, thinking it surely can't get any worse and then of course it does. 
Unsure how much longer i can bare to continue.

How can it be worth living if you want to push everyone away and just give up? 

How does happiness shine through when all you see is pain and anger from everything around you?

People continuously say 'its always dark before the dawn' or 'it always gets worse before i gets better' im so tired of hearing it. What if you stop believing all their bullshit cause you know in your heart its not getting better than what it is?

How can you believe such things when nothing ever goes right?

when you're always sick?

When every decision turns into regret?

what happens when you just give up fighting and settle for what is?

Does it ever get better or are those just words to fool you into hoping things do in fact get better?

What happens when what is most important to you becomes your worst nightmare?

Are you meant to fight to keep it close and make it better or just let go?

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