A girl without smile

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Mac plans a trip to a hill station, but somehow he couldn't go instead of that his friend, John calls him to meet.As the Mac meets up his friend; he gets an idea to go to brothel house where his mind and life takes tremendous turn of his own thoughts; he realizes the another side of this world.

Submitted: November 15, 2013

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Submitted: November 15, 2013



It was an early morning I woke up; White, fluffy clouds glided across the pale blue sky; the fading, subdued moon hid redundantly behind them. The sun had awakened and is promptly emerging through the hazy sky. The cloudy layer created a pleasant blanket from the sun.

Birds simultaneously tweeted out to each other in a chorus, singing a soothing, melodic tune. A graceful robin flew swiftly across the open pasture, flowing beside the gentle breeze, back to its vigilantly poised nest on the branch of a tree. This wise, ancient oak tree proudly watched over the fields, casting shadows over the fragile flowers that would wilt if exposed to the sweltering sun. Smaller, more delicate trees frame the field's perimeter. Having sat dormant all winter, fresh leaves were shooting out of the dull, peeling bark and radiant flowers were beginning to bloom. Carried along by the encouraging wind,

 I opened my eyes. The sunlight bathed my skin as I lay on my side. I tried closing my eyes, but couldn’t do it and even the dream was still running in my brain, forbidding me to go back to sleep.

 As I sided the purple curtains of my room, sun rays passed through the glass windows and scattered into my spacious room. My room wasn’t so elegant anymore because of the snowfall it got the ceiling problem and damp wall falling white paint, but it was enough to rest.

I woke up from my wooden bed and looked myself in the mirror, ‘Am I getting weak or what’, I spoke to myself, but it wasn’t time for speaking I had to get ready as fast as I could; I brushed my tooth, took a warm shower due to the drop down in temperature and dressed up in my favorite white woolen jacket, black pant and black shoes..

Ring! Ring! My phone took my attention as I looked into it, “Oh! Man, Please not again”, I mumbbeled. “Hey john how are you doing”, I said in a hazy manner. “I thought we had planned a trip for today. What’s the matter aren’t you coming if you aren’t then I have something else for you”, John replied in a furious manner. “And what’s that”, I answered in a polite way. “It’s a surprise I believe”, John replied. “Give me half an hour”. “Fine!!”

I had always loved surprises but not the crazy one and even john had turned out to be my good friend along with jack.

As I walked out of the main door of my house, I could hear the dry snow crunching beneath my feet. The air was crispy, and my cheeks were rosy, the tip of my nose was as cold as it can be. I felt alive, surrounded by quiet, pure beauty.
Far off into the meadow I caught a glimpse of a fawn, surely following its mother. But all was quiet, and I smiled, witnessing nature's glory.

“Hey! How are you doing? I thought you won’t be coming this time”, John smiled and walked towards me. “Damn!!You, you just keep on thinking because I think you were born for this”, I raised my eyebrows and gave a little punch on his shoulder.

Everything was going well, even the jack had come to meet me; we drank a little and sat in the Garden which was just in front of a royal enormous building.

Sun had sunken down and we were still thinking what to do to next. Even though john’s parents had called him more than four times, but still he decided to spend a beautiful night with his friends. “ Why are we wasting our time, I thought we will do something crazy tonight but look at you guys, you look old buddies spending time in Garden !”, I said silently, so no one could hear it. Jack looked at me in confusion and said, “How about we go to brothel house”. “I don’t think it’s a good idea”, John said while looking at me. I smiled at him and said, “But I think its an good idea, Majority wins and we are going”. “Damn!! You guys”, John said while nodding. Jack and me laughed together and moved out of the garden.

“Do you know that place?” I asked Jack. “Surely I do”, He continued. “I was the good customer but things changes and even I had to concentrate on my studies, so I believe this a great day to skip a logic and Live in a illusion”. “How are the girls over there, do they look fine or it’s an ugly shit because I want to spend for a good”, I replied while checking the cash in my purse. “It will be fun”, John said silently.

At last we had reached the place, lots of women standing nearby the road waiting for their customer, well dressed up with lots of makeup and their pimp standing just in the opposite position. I looked at the old building covering in dust like no one had painted it from many years.

Jack bought two cigarettes. I smoked it in a silent way trying to not to worry, but somehow I couldn’t hide the truth from my face. Jack went into the dark alley and spoke a bit with the pimp while John and I were watching the traffic.

“Come on guys!!Come inside”, Jack showed us a signal. I walked In last. We stepped up on the old and small staircase and reached first floor. “Damn! What the hell in world going on?”I said to myself. Lots of girls standing in the balcony, full of cosmetic, attired in small clothes and with fake smile. One of the pimp took us to the room which was right in front of us, pimp seemed stoned.

The room was covered in white marbles with ancient design on it. We rested on sofa, I was finally comfortable. “Hey!!Girls come on”, A pimp said. As he spoke out from his filthy mouth more than eleven girls stood in from of us. “What do say Mac, which one did you like”, Jack said while kicking my leg. “We must be comfortable with the rates as well what you say John”, I continued. “John are you in this world?”. John seemed lost in confusion like he didn’t know what was going on. Jack stood up and started arguing with the pimp and suddenly even one of the girl entered in between, she looked beautiful but somehow I denied to speak with her about sex because I thought that Jack must had slept with her before.

John stood up and walked out of the room without saying anything, I followed him. “May be its not the right time”, John continued. “Tomorrow we will come, what do you say Mac”.

I lit another cigarette and smoked in silent; I don’t know what had happened to me but I was silent as someone had showed me the hidden dark truth and I couldn’t tell anyone about it.

Jack came from behind and we started walking on the footpath. “Whatever I saw was that true?, is it really fair to have a shameless sex which can be earned from money”, I asked John. “Yes! And that’s not a shameless sex”, John replied.

My thoughts had started rising up about those girls without a smile, “Were they been forced or they are just doing it for money; if they are doing it for money then why don’t they work somewhere else where they don’t have to sleep for cash or look like a vulgar girl. I don’t think it’s their destiny and their dream and especially the one who spoke with Jack, she looked good and even she seemed from a good background”.

“Brother! Stop thinking too much, it’s good to have places like this because it decreases the rate of rapes, anyone who is desired to have sex they can pay and enjoy, this is the way how it works; you can’t do anything about it and even it’s the only way from which they earn money, that’s their talent”, John stood by my side and made me understood about their business. I looked at him and smiled, “I am going to write about this, by the way I am hungry why don’t we eat anything”, I continued. “But how can they stay without original smile, I doubt when do they smile from their heart”.

John looked into my eyes and replied, “They do smile, but secretly”. 

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