Broken Mirror on the wall

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'Broken Mirror'. Its a poem which i have wrote about the reflection of the same person whose dreams has been broken and In the mirror he sees himself a different person.

Submitted: November 15, 2013

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Submitted: November 15, 2013



There is someone who has struggled

There is someone who is in pain,

There is someone in the mirror and I am staring

Him back again.


There are scars on him which tell the whole


Hate is in his heart and love had died

In the worry.


Scattered  pieces in his mind because

His dreams has been broken,

His love stays in the dark

So, his heart has been rottened.


There is pride on his face and agony

Inside his eyes,

He talks to himself

People say his mad from inside.


He forces me to see him in the mirror

When I don’t want to,

He grabs me in the pain which he has

Been through.


We reflect each other and I believe that

We are same,

Both are hiding behind the lie; though

You think it makes difference.


No friends and No family

So, people say I have to live alone,

They will shout and cry for me when I will

Be literally gone.


It’s not the end of poem and

I guess it will not give the pain,

I am  looking myself in the mirror and breaking

It once again..



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