A funeral and a Friend.

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Johnny's day wasn't exactly going well anyway, but then things went from bad to worse when he met his new... Friend?

Submitted: April 09, 2010

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Submitted: April 09, 2010



Johnny sat on the park bench. The sun light broke through the trees around him, creating shadows on what should have been beautiful grass. It was weird how nature seemed to mimic his own emotions.
His phone started to ring and he flipped it open with an exasperated flick of his wrist.
“Yes… Well, how do you expect a funeral to go?... Tonight? I guess I could work, yeah… Okay, bye.”
Johnny closed the phone ad leant forwards, his head in his hands and his neatly gelled, brown hair falling back into its previous, scruffy position. He straightened up and rubbed his face before turning to the left to pick up his briefcase, when he practically jumped out of his skin to see a young man sat there. Johnny wasn’t sure whether it was the fact the man seemed to appear from no where that scare him the most, or his appearance.
The young man had silver hair which glided playfully on his shoulders, granite coloured eyes and a soft but small mouth. And he was ringing somebody on the phone. Johnny got up to leave but he heard something which made his heart stop.
“Hello there. Have you just asked my friend to work after a funeral?... You did?... Well, he quits!” and he shut the phone calmly before handing it to Johnny. Wait, it was Johnny’s phone!
“How did you get that? How did you ring them? Why did you ring them?” Johnny asked, desperation and anger growing inside of him.
“Hey, I’m Silver,” the young man replied to the desperate questions and stood up to be eye level with Johnny.
“What time is it? Six? Wanna get something to eat? I fancy Chinese.”
Johnny was slightly taken aback at the offer and shook his head in disbelief. “No, Silver. I do not want to eat with you. I don’t even know you. Goodbye,” he replied and began walking away, leaving Silver stood there shrugging.

Seeing as he didn’t have a job anymore Johnny decided that laying on the couch all night would be a rather good idea indeed. He looked at the clock and groaned. It was seven thirty and he realised he hadn’t eaten… But he couldn’t be bothered making anything for himself (that’s if he even had food in his cupboards).
He stood up, stretched and began to make his way into his kitchen when there was a soft knock at his apartment door. He opened it lazily and his eyes widened.
Silver walked airily into the small apartment- white plastic bags in tow.
“I got us some Chinese. I didn’t know what you liked so I just got you chicken chow mein,” he said happily and sat down on Johnny’s couch before starting to eat. Johnny, tired and hungry figured he may as well let Silver stay for a bit to eat, he had brought the food after all.
He opened his carton of noodle and ate a piece of chicken before spitting it out onto the floor. There, on the floor, dirtying his carpet was a piece of muddy bark.
He stared into his container and shrieked, throwing it onto the floor. Earthworms, mud and bark littered his previously clean carpet and Johnny turned to Silver who was slurping up his own noodles.
“They’re worms you idiot!” Johnny screamed, closing his eyes against the disgusting sight in front of him. However, upon opening them he saw nothing more than simple Chinese food and a rather bemused looking Silver.
Johnny slumped in his chair and turned to look at his new acquaintance. “Why are you here?” he asked bluntly and Silver put his hand to his head.
“I knew there was something I forgot to tell you,” he giggled. “I’m here to kill you,” he smiled. Johnny on the other hand rolled his eyes and asked again what Silver was doing here.
“As I said Johnny boy,” Silver hissed back, all playfulness gone from both his voice and his mannerisms, “I am here to kill you.”
Both men shot to their feet. Now, Johnny had seen this sort of situation in films all the time. The protagonist tries to fight back, and ends up mortally wounded. Johnny wasn’t that dumb. He sprinted to the door and flung it open, fortunately smacking Silver in the face as it went.
Johnny sprinted down the small halls and down many steps before his feet finally hit concrete. But where should he go? It was about eight now and a lot of places were closer or were closing. Then a though struck him. His work! He knew the place well whereas Silver didn’t, and that would give him an immediate advantage. So, with a determined nod he set off sprinting once more.

The warehouse was dark and cold. Not the same dark and cold as it was during the day, but darker and colder. It scared even Johnny.
He stepped in carefully and closed the door behind him. He had lost Silver a while back, and he just hoped that the psychotic killer wasn’t here now.
He began to climb up the metal steps and didn’t stop until he reached the fourth floor where all of the offices were. This floor was normally lit by large windows, so Johnny moved over to them and peered out, looking for Silver.
“Who are we looking for?” and excited voice came beside him and Johnny jumped back as Silvers face loomed closer to him.
“What? Did you see him?” he asked and then cackled insanely. “I see him too. He’s mighty scary isn’t he?” he continued to say and shook his head.
“Anyway,” he stated, sighed then walked closer to Johnny. “How far down do you think this drop is? Quite far isn’t it?” he asked whilst Johnny stood there, fear disallowing both his legs to move and his voice to speak.
“Wouldn’t it be horrible to fall down?” Silver then asked. He gripped Johnny’s shirt and threw his against the window, giggling slightly to himself.
“One,” he whispered and kicked the glass. Johnny hear the heart stopping sound of cracks running through glass.
“Two…” Silver kicked again and this time Johnny actually saw the cracks spreading past him quickly.

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