My wished for ending.

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Okay, it's not very long or very good. This is just how I wished Ocarina of Time had ended (or had in it). Saria

Her green hair flopped over her eyes as she continued to play her tiny instrument. Her delicate fingers moved fluently, repeating the well-memorised song over and over.
Her blue eyes shimmered with stubborn tears and finally she stopped playing and allowed one to roll down her face.
There had been no more need for a the Sages anymore, so here Saria had stayed- in the Sacred Forest. Waiting for him. Just waiting.
There was a rustle behind her and she spun around on the tree trunk, only to come face to face with Kaepora Gaebora.
“Hoot hoot. He shall come. Do not give up hope child. Hoot,” it said softly before flying away. The Kokiri girl shrugged and returned to her tree stump. Would he really? After all, he had probably met lots of other, beautiful maidens on his travels. She had even heard Ruto speaking of their engagement when they were all Sages. Perhaps Link had travelled back to see her.
All of a sudden rage overcame the girl and she threw the ocarina away from herself, but didn’t hear it make contact with anything.
Saria’s head snapped up and her eyes widened in disbelief.
She stood up slowly and walked forwards before being taken in his strong arms.
“That day- on the bridge when you gave me the Ocarina… You said we would be friends forever. Why would I break that promise?” he whispered in her ear and her heart fluttered. He had remembered after all of these years? After all he had been through? He still cared…
Saria moved to look directly up into Link’s matching blue eyes and she shot him a dazzling smile.
“Mido won’t be too happy,” she giggled back and Link hugged her tighter. She could smell the grass and fresh air which clung to his tunic, and she could both hear and feel his heart beating strongly and courageously in his chest.
“I don’t want to be friends forever…” Saria whispered and Link held her at an arms length, staring into her eyes and trying to find the meaning behind these harsh words.
“I love you far too much…” she continued and her charm was rewarded with a soft kiss. She had known it was worth the wait.

Submitted: April 08, 2010

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I like it!

Thu, May 27th, 2010 11:26am


Aww, thanks ^^

Thu, May 27th, 2010 6:15am

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