Summer Disaster

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I was bored, so I just wrote a random story. It's not finished yet though. Comment and tell me what you think.

Submitted: June 25, 2008

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Submitted: June 25, 2008



The dark demon began to attack the test paper. It’s pen tip sinking deep into the desk and burning a hole into it. Kids screamed inwardly but made no outward comment due to fright. The demon got up and handed the test in to the teacher. The dark boy left the classroom casually and received an F on the test. This occurred on every final that was taken that week, all six of them. Six Finals

And so the summer began in misery for pitiable grade-lacking Colin Green. Colin left the red-brick school building along with a “herd of animals” ,and breathed in the crisp fresh air of the summer air. The air that was the air of freedom. Colin had too much freedom on his hands for the summer to follow. But that didn’t matter much to dear Green. The first item on his summer list was to simply walk home. To Colin that was a task. The sun cast blinds of light and shadow on the sidewalk pavement, causing a homey enviorment to Colin. His blond hair glowed in the light of the air. But something was definatley, and dear Collin appeared slightly frightened.

The principal of my school, Aurahigh, had asked me to follow Collin Green home and watch him from behind a bush until late at night. Principal Ashborn instructed me to complete this daunting task and to not ask questions, and then I would receive a large sum of money: $1,000. So I had agreed to complete this mission. I mean, what could happen?
Collin was walking briskly to his house on Main st: and I followed close behind following the path of the bushes. The sun’s shadows, fortunately, was causing my large shdow to not be seen. I still had no idea why I was soing this. It was probably illegal. I mean, I was actually staking someone. Isn’t that illegal? I guess it’ll be all right. After all, I’m only 17.

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