The Day All Ended

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Don't tease people!You never know what might happen.

Submitted: June 15, 2008

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Submitted: June 15, 2008



Cole Chadwick used to be a annoying bratty little boy, but when he was sixteen years old an event challenged him. It was life threatening and destroyed him. He no longer has the strength to amuse or socialize with any human being.

The Event that Changed my Life

Ring Dering Ring.

“This is the police!, bellowed the “kind” gentleman who was dressed in a navy uniform with hoary circles(I think they’re called badges, but there really just pieces of metal glued onto a navy uniform) “ You are under arrest!” They have to have had the wrong address. I was a kind soul who had never caused anyone any harm what so ever. Anyways, I decided to put my courage to the test and inform these gentlemen that they had the wrong address. The next thing I knew, I was lying flat on my back, on the floor, in some sort of murky chamber with no windows. Blackness and obscurity surrounded my poor frail body. The sun was no where to be seen. Which, for me, is actually a benefit because I tan really easily. But I’m not albino, but I am significantly pale with white hair and blue eyes. Now I know this sounds strange, considering I’ve probably been kidnapped, but I’m supposed to go to school tomorrow and now I won’t be able to attend. Oh well . And I’ve already missed too much school. Groan, now I’ll have to attend summer school.

Footsteps echoed. They were the footsteps of a fat man. The wall suddenly opened and a fat guy in a blue suit appeared at the other side with a slight golden light surrounding him and his gelled back hair.

A couple of minutes later, I was sitting before another blue-suited man in an “interrogation room”. He asked me questions about how I had murdered this eleven year old girl whom I had never met. He said that I was guilty of slaughtering her. He also said that the body of this girl was found in my backyard. I told him “ the truth and nothing but the truth”. I really hadn’t seen a body or any strange occurrences the past few days. I informed him that I had been in the insides of my house the entire evening and nothing strange or out of the ordinary had happened. He smiled slowly. He began to look more and more rat like by the second. And that’s when I realized what had happened. There was a boy in my class that I had always teased. That kid that I had always taunted looked exactly like the police-man who had arrested me.

The doorbell was ringing. Usually, as you should know as a knowledgeable human being, whenever the doorbell rings at three in the morning some mishap must have occurred. And so I thought that whoever was now banging down on my door must realize that they have the wrong address or will eventually realize that I’m not a jet-lagged foreigner who just moved in and just happens to be lost and confused and in need of a expensive tour guide. But the banging continued well on for another second or so before the rude gentleman by the door conjured a bull horn to shout into it in order to wake up the entire neighborhood. And believe me on this, my neighbors are not the most amiable content people in the world. My mom refers to them as the “nosy neighbors.”, better known as the Robinsons, the Snaps, the François, and the Bull families. My family is known as the outcasts, or the Chadwick’s. Anyways, I was the only one home and thereby, as mom had yelled, I was responsible for the house, even if it burned down. I wonder what kind of monster she thinks I am. “ Don’t burn down the house, oh , and turn off the oven. I left it on!” End quote. She actually believed that I was capable of burning down the house!

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