The Day my World Truly Crashed

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In this story, a girl who hates life experiences a tramau. Will she learn a new idea about life from her experience? Or will she be just as clueless as she was in the begining?

Submitted: May 30, 2008

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Submitted: May 30, 2008



The light at the end of the jet-black hall was lessening in size as I felt myself being propelled backwards. Pushing forward wasn’t working. The more strength that I asserted into moving forward, the more the wind seemed to strengthen .My body was moving quickly away from the light at the end of the tunnel. There was a loud roaring sound from behind and some sort of a red liquid began to pour down from above. But, it couldn’t have come from my head, I was in a perfect physical body. The heating animal behind me roared. A loud beeping sound echoed throughout the hallway.

 Beep Beep Beep Beep. A loud groaning sound exhibiting itself from deep inside my throat somewhere. Reality had just hit me. The beeping sound meant that my daily night mare was over and the beginning of the day in reality was about to embark from the harbor. As any ordinary day, I was completely mentally prepared for the day that lay before me. It presented itself with the usual school work load, the tedious classes, and the long walks from one class to the next.

The day commenced itself and proved its tediousness once again. On the way home to my house I found myself thinking about what lay ahead of me on the road of life. Junior year was waiting with a smile on the neighboring corner, just around the bend. Not only that, but finals for Sophomore year was only about three weeks away and the summer was slowly approaching. The summer, though, was really only a short car ride. This summer I would turn sixteen and learn how to drive! But that’s not what I’m writing about here. If you want to read about car driving, go out and buy a driver’s manual!
At my house, I went into the kitchen and made myself dinner. Dinner for this specific Wednesday night included a cheese-pizza burrito, potato chips with salsa, and a glass of Coca-Cola. The deliciousness of this meal was incredible, but school work was still waiting for me by my bedroom desk, which I apparently was forced to share wit my 12 year old sister.
Trudging up the stairs, I found myself groaning under all the weight of my textbooks. But what could you do, those who live in Frankston had much education to be earn. I knocked on the white door to my room and waited for a reply from Anna. Anna, apparently, had either fallen asleep or had gone without permission to her friend’s house. Cautiously, the door opened before me and Anna was laying on the floor. There was a red dried liquid all around here, or as most people call it as blood. There was a gun and a knife on the floor next to her. Anna’s wrists were both cut and the bone could be seen. There was no question abut it, Anna was dead and there was nothing I could do to help her out. All I could do now is wonder why she had killed herself, I’ll never really understand why.

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