The Wish

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A boy by the name of Folly makes a horrid mistake....

Submitted: May 21, 2008

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Submitted: May 21, 2008



Scott Folly breathed in the musty damp smell of the old library.Folly was sitting in a red plush chair in the corner of the library, reading a horror book, of course, when he heard a large bang come from behind the brown bookcase on the other side of the one-roomed library. Scott figured that the bang was because a book fell off the shelf, but then, a couple of seconds later, he heard another bang, this time closer to him.
Lover of horror books that he was, Folly carefully stood up. He treaded at a snail’s pace across the red-carpet. There was no one there except for a small machine resting comfortably on the floor. It let out another defining bang.
Folly picked up the machine and examined it. It was a white rectangular shape with a black lever on the left side. The back of the machine read: “Make one wish and it will be granted. Simple: just say wish out loud, pull lever.” How strange, Scott thought, I wonder if it’ll actually work. He figured that it wouldn’t hurt to make a wish. I mean, what could happen?
Folly didn’t think. He made a deathly wish. He wished people would stop making fun of him.
The next day was a typical Tuesday morning. Scott woke up to the sound of his buzzing alarm clock. “NOO!”, he shouted when his alarm went off. Scott always yelled whenever his alarm went off for school. “ Scott, what in the world is wrong with you, you’ll wake up the entire neighborhood with that yelling of yours!” That weird, Scott wondered, Isabella doesn’t usually speak like that to me. Isabella, my twelve year old sister, has never said anything unpleasant or bad-mannered to me in my entire life.
At school, life got even stranger. When he opened his locker, a bucket of slime fell from the innards of his locker and whacked him right on the head. The slime was green. Scott was green the entire day. In class, the teacher made fun of him. She said,” Today we’re going to learn some vocabulary. I’m sure you all already know what Folly means, so we’ll skip that word.” Everyone laughed. The teacher did to. Not only that, but students began to leave their garbage in Scott’s locker and left banana peels on the hallway floor for Scott to trip on. By the end of the day, Folly had realized that his wish must have gone wrong. He had to fix it. He knew that if he didn’t, he would be cursed for the rest of his life!
Scott Folly breathed in the musty damp smell of the old library books. Today he really needed those books. He went thought piles and piles of books about wishes, and found nothing to help him. Every wish book like this was fantasy, and he was positive that he wasn’t dreaming.
Scott paced back and forth for hours. His legs began to tire. He sat back sown in his red reading chair and took a nap. When he woke up, he remembered what had happened to him that day and decided that the only solution would be to sleep.
That night, at home in his comfortable bed, he dreamed about the kids at school and their teasing. He slept restlessly in misery. His dreams filled with school night mares of teachers with red eyes, students locking Scott in a locker, and even the principle throwing a skunk in Scott’s locker.
Scott woke up the next day to the sound of his alarm clock beeping. It was Tuesday morning..”NOOO!”, Scott yelled. Isabella came into his room.
“Oh, Scottie, its not the end of the world. And, plus, its Tuesday, the week will be over before you know it.”
“Tuesday”, I asked feeling confused, “ Its not Tuesday, its Wednesday. Right?”
“Scott, are you sick, you don’t look so good.”
Scott told her that he was fine. He went to school that Tuesday and no one did anything extremely mean to him that day.

That evening, in the library, a strange man came in and noticed Scott in the library. He chuckled to himself and removed the machine from the back of the library. He knew that from now on Scott would appreciate everything that he had. He wondered what Scott’s next wish would be, or if there would be one.

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