List on Dan's Greatness

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It's just a list on why I think Dan's great.

Submitted: November 26, 2011

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Submitted: November 26, 2011



HE himself gave me this task to make me leave him alone. I always thought that somedays he was cold but others he isn't. He says good luck but I the way he typed it he's waiting for me to fail me being like..."I CAN'T DO IT!!" Then he'd be like "Then you obviously don't think I as grat as you say I am." He has this way of saying things. He himself saying that I'd never suceed. You can stop making the list he says. I know he's just testing me and if he's nto I'll still try my best.

1. Charm - He always knows what to say even if he;s not a people person. I wish he was moe of a people person because he's actually pretty funny and he's a cool guy.

2. Looks - He's really handsome, like all the time. And dark hair and light eyes are uber duber cute. I love the combination and best part he's white~

3. Ability to be right - Him always being right, allows me to always trust him with information and knowledge.

4. His way of breaking the silence - He always makes a funny noise or asks me something.

5. His intelligence - He's like the smartest person, he even types better english than me. What a winner.

6. His love for Skyrim - I've never really seen a person love and priase a game so much and Dan is pretty good at it from what I can here. He only dies like once before comign up with some plan to easily deafeat the person he lost to.

7. Quick descion making - He makes all decisions within seconds and his are usually the best in the end. If everyone one could make descions as fast as he could the world would be a better place more things would get done.

8. Ability to work quickly - He works uber duber fast at everything and it's high quality. what more could you ask for?

9. His warmth - When he is being warm it's really nice it's basically cuddly I just want to cuddle him through my screen it's so nice.

10. His kindness - No warmth and kindess are two different things, warmth is confort. And kindness is well....kindness. Anywhoo~ He's really kind and I hate it when people say other wise because they don't know him well eough to judge him.

11. He can swim - I can't do it. But then again swimming is a white person thing. I'm reading an article on why black americans don't swim. Because they can't. Did you know that a little under 70% of African Amercicans can't swim or have a low ablility to swim and a little over 12% had to teach themselves. 58% of hispanics can't swim or have low ability and 42% of white children can't swim or have low ablility. I mean of course if I had a swimming pool in my backyard too I'd learn how to swim. But noooo I'm black. But then again I'm not a fast runner either so I think there's a problem.

12. HE'S FUNNY - I love his sense of humor completely it's right up my ally between the black jokes and him just being him I'm always happy all the time. Even if I'm mad at him I can't help but laugh wen he makes a joke on skype.

13. His food habits - (Yes I'm getting random) His food habits made sure that he stays thin and handsom, he says that he's not skinny but that's not what I see.

14. He's BOLD - His maturbation on camera got me super happy! I mean it take some guts to sit there and whip out your penis to masturbate for some girl you've only know for almost 3 months. But I guess that means were close.

15. He can whistle - I can't do it but then again most people can't. Only 20% of people can whistle.

16. His honesty - I LOVE IT. I really do. I like it when people are honest and let me know things it just shows that they have nothing to hide.

17. He buys me things - He's the frist person that actually bought me something I didn't ask for and I LOVED the gifts. That's never happened before every time I didn't ask for something but people bought me something anway I never really liked it. HE'S THE FIRST WHOOO~

18. The Jalinne Improvement Programme - I like it it's fun and sometimes hard in some places, but I think it makes me a better person. So I can start standing up for myself and becoming a little more artistic. And I like it it's fun.

19. His tastes - I like his taste in clothing and sexual preference I mean I can't be everything he sexually desires so it's kind upsetting because I can't be has high as his standards but I'll keep trying and when I send a picture he says that they look nice so yeah that makes me happy.

20. He's always here - I never have to wonder if Dan's going to be online he's always here all the time and I can tell him about my day or complain and he's still here.

21 (BONUS) His tolerance - Even though I've been super annoying and bitter and uber bipolar and constantly giving you an attitude your still here. So thank you for putting up with me.

It's not 100 but I can't even find 10 things I like about myself. Not joking. But I hope you find this okay.

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