The Droid Ruined My Day

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He was counting down and I didn't believe him I only had to say one little word, I thought he was lying so I took my time. All of this could have been prevented if I had just said it.

Submitted: January 03, 2012

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Submitted: January 03, 2012



I was sitting down in the small living room in the basement talking to my favorite person Dan. We were casually chatting then all of a sudden he calls me on Skype, of course I answer and except a 'Hi.' from his beautifully sexy delicious, Dutch accented voice. No, that's not what I get.

Dan: Hi~
Jalinne: HHHIIII~
Dan: I want you to call Sam, Samwise
Jalinne: Do I have to?
Dan: Ye.
Jalinne: Why?
Dan: You have five minutes.
Jalinne: Ugh....

I looked over at Sam on the couch and tried to decide how I should tell her I didn't want to call her Samwise because it'd be weird but then again I don't like to disappoint my future husband. So I went on asianfanfics and typed in a story box to Sam about what was about to happen. Fortunate for me her phone refused to load asianfanfics. Five minutes went by and Dan responded.

Dan: You didn't say it. You have 5 more minutes.
Jalinne: Do I have to?
Dan: Ye.
Jalinne: But it's weird.
Dan: 4 of your 5 minutes are up.
Jalinne: ...

I looked at Sam and she smiled and waved. My Embarrassment level was 34% I was very anxious and jittery I took Heather's iPod and went straight to the notepad I typed down the situation so my friends could play along nicely and all would be well. I tossed the iPod back to Heather and Sam so they could read. "I don’t get it." Sam said.

"Me either." Said Heather. When did my friends become dumb? I turned the laptop away and I told them what was going on in a whisper. And i urged them to play along, I went back to the laptop.

Dan: 5
Dan: 4
Dan: 3

I started to panic I snapped my fingers to signal Sam that it was time.  My Embarrassment level was 45% I didn't want to say anything like that. It was so not me. Sam smiled at me then started. "So Hi Jalinne," Sam said I looked at her then back at the computer screen. She was so not helpful I laughed the first one off nervously.

Dan: 2
Dan: 1

I signaled back to Sam to try one more time she and Heather laughed. "Hi Jalinne."

"Hi......Samwise.........." I laughed more and more hoping to make the embarrassment go away. "Are you happy?" I asked Dan.

Dan: Yeah, but it's already too late.
Dan: I already sent it to Heather.
Jalinne: WHAT?!
Jalinne: SERIOUSLY?!
Jalinne: I know you didn't...
Dan: I did.
Jalinne: What did you send?
Dan: What you said before.

I immediately hung up on Skype and put the laptop to the side. “GIVE ME YOUR IPOD AND LOG INTO SKYPE!!” I yelled at Heather with my hand out.

“Why?” Heather questioned.

“Because Dan sent you something because I really don’t want you to read. So please just do it.” I begged.

“NO! I want to see it!!” Sam yelled to Heather. “Don’t let her get it!”

“Give me it!!!” I yelled at Heather. Heather tried to get up and run out of the room but I tackled her and took the iPod. “Now……just type in the code and go on Skype and we don’t have to worry about this.” I said in a panicked whisper. Heather and Sam laughed I’d kill myself if they every saw what I said to Dan about sucking his cock and washing his back with my boobs. I twitched a little at the thought of them finding out. Heather handed me her iPod and I sat down on the floor, I relaxed a little she couldn’t check her Skype now. Sam had just blocked Sam that day so she wouldn’t have gotten the message even if she didn’t log in and if Heather tried to log in I’d be right next to her. Heather calmly walked up to her phone and started to look through it like nothing. Then she ran.

“DARN IT THERE’S SKYPE ON HER PHONE!!!” I yelled. Sam laughed and I ran after Heather. Heather ran up the stairs that led out of the basement I grabbed her ankle on the last stair she tripped a little then continued to run up to her room. I searched the living room thinking that she would have stopped there then I heard her running up stairs I ran to the stairways and up the stairs as soon as I got to the top of the stairs her room door slammed closed. I banged on it. “LET ME READ IT!!! DON’T READ THEM PLEASE JUST DELETE THEM!!!!!!” I was totally embarrassed when Heather came out of the room I couldn’t even look her in the face.

“Why did you say that?” She asked trying not to laugh.

“I don’t know…..” I said in a low whisper really embarrassed and I was so happy that I wasn’t white because I would have been so red. We went back down to the basement and I sat down on the floor and wrapped myself in the covers to hide myself, I didn’t want to be seen. I have never in my life have been so embarrassed.

I looked back at Sam. “Did you get it?” I asked her.

Sam laughed and looked at Heather started to laugh to, they started nonstop laughing. “HOW DID YOU GET IT?!” I yelled at Sam.

“You left Skype up so I went up and read it.” Sam said laughing with Heather laughing too. I pulled the covers over my head so I couldn’t be seen. ‘Gosh I hate Dan so much right now.’ Those were my only thoughts. I just wanted to hide and disappear from the world.

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