The Fat Chicken

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The Fat Chicken.
Bob is a fat chicken who cant do much at all.Will he loose weight or get to fat and DIE find out...

Submitted: May 08, 2012

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Submitted: May 08, 2012



One cold,rainy day Bob the fat chicken waddled out of the coop like a bowl of jelly. He was a lonely and sad chicken who had one friend Joya a Spanish mouse.Bob went to see the mouse but as he knocked on the tiny,wooden door he found a note,the note said. Dear Bob, I am moving away to Spain back where i belong so I just wish U the best. Love Joya. Tears dripped onto the piece of old tatty paper as Bob cried. Joya was his only friend what will he do now?

Chapter 2:Making Friends

The next morning Bob woke up to find the coop clean empty! He waddled off outside and rubbed his eyes remembering the heartbraking note. Eveyone was dancing around having a jolly good time! Bob sat in the coop crying. He had to make friends with someone! He thought. Maybe Perk will be his friend? Perk is the \"Cool Chicken\" Around the barn I dont think he will like Bob! Bob felt someone sit next to him,It was Oliver the \"Geek Chicken\" Around the barn. Oliver asked to be Bob's friend. Bobs face lit like a candle his soul was singing he answered \"Yes\"

Chapter 3:Losing Weight

It was time for Bob to lose weight! He started off by racing the Chickens around the old tatty barn.Within 4 weeks Bob was as thin as Perk! Bob was very proud and from now on Bob was the most \"Popular Chicken\" in the Barn

The End :)

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