I am amazing, we are amazing.

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Exactly as the title says. Inspirational.

Submitted: December 23, 2011

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Submitted: December 23, 2011




I have wanted to do amazing things with my life.

I have a pair of ice skates in a red bag, guards on, gloves in a pocket along with a hat for winter to keep me warm. The dust layers the top.

I have a ninety nine dollar violin that sits up there with it, and I picked it up for the first time in months tonight and opened it, I looked over the deep cherry red wood, the bow that I learned how to hold.

Many times I have tried to do something, anything; soccer, volleyball, at one point and time I wanted to be a trapeze artist cause of an anime I was watching.

I get so inspired by things, by people. The way they are strong and do all those things and make it look so easy, only we run into a brick wall when we try it ourselves.

I always believed that when you have a talent is comes easily, and natural to you. For you it’s as easy as breathing, you don’t think just do. And for the longest time I have wanted to do something like that, I wanted to make a name for myself; I wanted to be recognized for the hard work I put into something. Though for the longest time I didn’t see it till now.

I know how to ice skate without falling as for fancy jumps and tricks that is another story, I can hold the violin but I can’t play, I can draw but not well, I can sing but not beautifully, I can dance but I look like a mess by doing so.

But as I was watching a movie that made me dig out my old violin I slowly thought to myself, I call myself a writer without even thinking; I can picture things in my head and make up worlds as if they were real. For me writing is as easy as ice skating is for an ice skater, as easy as strumming a bow and making music, as easy as flying through the air at dangerously high altitude and making it look so amazing that little kids in the audience look up and build that little dream of flying through the air just like them and doing what they do.

I always believe that if you are talented you don’t think just do and you never realize it. Only do I realize it when people tell me that my writing is amazing, I look at them with a bit of confusion cause why would I believe them to me it’s easy, all I have to do is type and let the words flow, they praise me and admit they could never write like I do and the entire time I look at them and think “It’s easy”.

I don’t play the violin, I’m not the next graphic designer at Disney, and I’m more certainly not the next famous Ice skater.

I’m a writer, that is what I am, that is the name I have for myself; the profession I will build my life around so people recognize the work I do just sitting on my bed, typing and I will make it look easy to them cause that is what we talented people do, we make the most amazing things look easy.

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