Land of the free....My ASS!!!

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I write what I was feeling and right then I was feeling everything, It's not right how this world is being ran. I'm sick of it, We have one chance to fix our ancestors mistakes, We can make this place better but we keep being put down and put back into place, Since when is the NEW AGE ran like the OLD DAYS?

Submitted: April 01, 2010

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Submitted: April 01, 2010



America is not a happy place like everyone thinks, At least not anymore. America might be a place where we build our homes, Where we raise our families, Yes that is true but how many deaths happen in a year, How many lives do we take, Lives of our own people lives of other people, People who work day in and day out like us, Who have families, Children, Wives, Mothers, Fathers, People who are different than us by so little. Whether they have black skin, Brown skin, Or White skin, whether they are Gay, Straight, or lesbian, we see only those little things, Things that shouldn’t matter to us at all. Yet they do, we pin point those things, we bully them with it, we ridicule them. It’s as if our only purpose in life is to bring down those who we should be standing beside, Next to, helping. But we don’t instead of uniting as a group, a family people who live on the same land, Breath the same air as all of us do. Instead of seeing those things we turn and betray our own FAMILY. We might not be related threw blood but we are related threw spirit…Threw life…Threw the little things, Things we take for granted so much that we yet to know we’ve lost them, Earth…Mother earth is our home, She brings us food, She brings us life yet we abuse it by cutting down forest, and fighting with our brothers and sisters over something that is worthless to even fight over, This earth is big enough for all of us, Yet it is slowly withering away, And all we care about it is how much land we own, It’s time to stop fighting over those things.

I am an atheist, I don’t believe in one being that might of made this earth I believe in multiple beings, I am only 16 yet I can tell for a matter of fact that you will force your opinions on me, Badger me with facts about god and your religion in my life time, yet that won’t change how I see life. Now I know some of you think taking things into your own hands will work but when has killing done anything, we are still in war with people who have families and we are killing them. Yes I am only 16 and you think I don’t know much…But your wrong, I know plenty. I know of the people you are killing. I know of the people right now that are dying and not even from our cause, But why don’t we help them?, Why do we ignore others who are just like us, Is it cause they aren’t like us, Wrong, They are like us, They walk, They breath, They cry when they are sad the only difference you see is either skin or country, How can a child help where he or she is born, How can they be not worth saving just by their skin color. Why?.....Why are you so discriminative, Why do you judge so much….I don’t know why, Do you know why?

You probably are still thinking I’m only 16 so what I say doesn’t matter, But we are the next generation, We are the generation that is suppose to bring this earth back from all of the destruction you made, But we can’t….Cause you’re in the way, With all of your politics…. And judging about how we should act…How we should think….What we should and should not speak…. You say we are the next generation that we can do so much for this earth, But you hold us back at the same time, Are you in fear that we might change the fate of this earth, Are you in fear that we might change all the setting you have placed into this life. But what if what we are doing is making good, that what we change will help us survive, that will make everything better, ever think of that.

I’m Brittany Philippi, And I’m a atheist at the age of 16, I might not believe in god but I believe in the future of this earth and I believe instead of holding us back from what we can accomplish, You should step aside and let us fulfill our role as the healers that will fix all that can be fixed and saved all we can save. Our life is short at least give us our life time to live making a difference and helping change things for the better.

Thank you.

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