So scared, so safe

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So Safe.

Submitted: October 27, 2011

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Submitted: October 27, 2011



Tell me you’ll never leave me? 
You’ll never abandon me? 
I’m fragile, weak, and helpless; without you. 

The idea of being left alone scares me the most, even more than dying. It makes me so scared that I hide away in the darkest corner of whatever place in my mind that I can. Never to be found. 
The voices in my head taunt me, call me names. They make me feel inadequate, I’m scared. 
So scared. 

Finally one day a light shined into my dark mind, my eyes locked to it in wonder slowly standing up from the cradle I had my body in. My leg shake in fear t excitement, kmy hands reach out to the light in hope wondering what it was; it felt warm so warm and safe. 

My fingers brushed the light and in a split second it vanishes turning into a little glass ball and dropping to the floor. I dived and catch it just before it hits the ground and breaks, my eyes look at the ball that flowed with the same light that I saw, so amazing, so wonderful. It glowed with such…. Such?.... Life. 

I pulled the ball to my chest cradling it in a soft hold wanting to protect it and in that very moment, all the pain I held, all the fear that filled my body slowly left; it wasn’t there anymore, the fear of being alone, of being abandoned left and was replaced with that warm feeling this ball held. I looked down to see the ball was gone but this soft glowing light was radiating from the area the ball was only it was coming from my chest. I pulled my shirt up and looked to see the same shape, the same size, and the same light coming from the area in my chest. But instead of being scared or panicked, I smiled. I felt safe. 

So safe.

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