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Just because their parents have signed some papers it doesn't mean they are sisters.

Submitted: January 01, 2014

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Submitted: January 01, 2014



I sighed before flopping down on the couch. I decided I would sleep there enjoying the sound of rain and thunders since I couldn't hear them in my room because of sound proof walls. My parents were on vacation. "Parents" I said and ran a hand trough my short black hair. my father died when I was about 7, almost 10 years ago. It was pretty hard for a little emotional girl I was and my mother's marriage didn't help at all.

"Aaaash" my heart dropped when my step sister screamed my name, Without hesitation I ran into her room. I found her wrapped up in a blanket sitting in the corner of room. I sat in front of her, pulled her on my lap and hold her tight.

" Rose? Rose what's wrong? " she was shaking and crying, holding on to my shirt. " baby tell me what's wrong? " I asked again. I was scared to death. we weren't close but I loved her a lot, a lot more than I should. A loud clap of thunder shook the house and she screamed, trying to get closer to me.

" ok.ok let's go to my room huh?" I stood up and pulled her with me but she couldn't stand on her legs. she was shaking so hard. I unwrapped her arms around my waist and put them around my neck.I helped her to wrappe her legs around my waist. I started walking toward my room.

I laid her down on my bed and got in with her. she cuddled into my side immediately. I smiled softly and hugged her, whispering sweet things in her ear and drawing patterns on her back.

After a while she calmed down and sat up but I didn't move. she looked around clearly amused. it was the first time she was in my room.

" Why do you have a queen size bed? " she asked looking down at me.

" Because I move around when I'm asleep." She nodded. I got up from the bed suddenly feeling thirsty. Rose grabbed my hand, looking absolutely terrified. " Where are you going?"

" I'm thirsty. " I answered but she didn't let go. I squeezed her hand a little."be back in a second." I said with a smile, loving the way her hand fitted in mine. "promise? " she asked sounding like a child.I bend over and kissed her forehead. " promise. " I shook my head for 14 year old she acted pretty childish.

I walked into the kitchen trying to not think about her hot breath on my neck when I was carrying her or her long legs around my waist. Trying not to wonder how she would look up at me if I were on top of her pushing her soft perfect hair out of my way to her lips.

I entered my room. She was reading stuff I had written on the wall. "hey just 'cause I let you stay in here doesn't mean you can look around. " I said before sitting on my bed and leaning against the headboard.

"You know how to play that?" she asked pointing at my electronic gitur.

" Of course, silly. Why do you think walls are sound proof? " she giggled, looking absolutely fuckable.

" Josh said he'll teach me one day" she said after sitting next to me.

" Josh? " I asked not really wanting to hear her answer.

"Yeah my boyfriend. "

"why didn't I know about him?"

" maybe because you never talk to me?!"

" I do talk to you. "

" Yeah. you're like hi, bye"


" what's his last name? " I asked after a while.


" you kidding me?" I was about to get angry. she can't be with that inefficient mummies boy.

" What? "

" He is a loser."

" Don't talk about him like that. " She raised her voice a bit.

" Why would you even look at him. bet I can please you better than he does." Oh shit, that was not supposed to come out.

"you can what? " she asked, almost whispered. I rolled my eyes and straddled her. keeping my face inches away from hers I repeated.

" I can please you better than he does. "

" You can?" she was grinning.

" I can also prove it." I didn't wait for her approval and just connected our lips. It was way better than I dreamed, softer and sweeter.

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