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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
A short imagination by an imaginative boy, Sid

Submitted: August 22, 2012

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Submitted: August 22, 2012





Sid, a boy of 12 woke up at about 6 AM on a hot summer day. It was the first day of his summer holidays and he was pretty much excited.

‘Today is the day’ he said to himself. But for what? No one knew the right answer. He got out of his bed and brushed his teeth with his favorite mint flavored tooth paste. He then had his bath and went downstairs. He was very punctual at such things.

He entered the kitchen where there was not a soul around. He got used to it, because his father and mother both left to work early morning and only returned late at night. So he found himself alone from day time till night time. But as I said before, he got used to it.

He found a note on the kitchen table, but decided not to take it.

‘Hah... the usual notes saying Sid, eat your breakfast, snack is on the fridge, eat your lunch, tell the maid to clean the hall!  Why does mom always leave a note? I know what I am supposed to do’ he thought.

But he started reading the note for it was too difficult for him to leave a note that is left for him. Of course, it was one of the usual notes. He left it on the table and finished his breakfast of egg sandwich and milk.

‘Now, it’s time’ said Sid to himself. But, for what?!! You’ll soon find out.

He hurried upstairs to his room. He stood on his bed and opened the attic entrance for it was fixed high up on the wall. The small attic entrance opened and a rope ladder made of thick rope and solid brown polished wood slid downwards.

Sid climbed up the ladder and entered the attic. The attic was not at all what it used to be when Sid was in home. He had only arrived yesterday from his boarding school and longed to get to the attic. But now, he stood disappointed.

‘Does Mom ever find time to clean the attic!!’ he said to himself. ‘I’ll ask the maid to clean it when she arrives. It’s too much for me to clean. But I’ll do my bit’ he thought.

In front of the window stood his favorite table and chair. The dust in it was clearly visible for it got hit by direct sunlight. Sid took a cloth which was lying somewhere and wiped the table and chair clean.

On the side of the table stood a medium sized shelf full of books. Sid belonged to a rich family, and he insisted that the shelf should be filled with new books of different varieties when he came home on summer holidays. He stood grinning at the sight of the new books.

‘So my old friends are now in the basement and my new friends have arrived’ said Sid grinning. ‘I shall have a lot of fun with them’ he thought.

He went to the left side corner of the attic where a big box was placed. He opened the box and took out a diary of his and placed it on the table. He went down his room and took out a pen and climbed up again.

‘Now it’s really time’ said Sid to himself. But for what?!! You’ll find out in a few minutes.

He stood in front of the medium sized shelf. He closed his eyes and took out a book. He opened his eyes and had a look at it.

Mythical Characters’ read Sid. ‘Ah... this one would do’ he said and placed the book on the table. He closed his eyes again and turned the pages of the book and stopped at a certain page. He opened his eyes.

‘So today, I’m going to play with you my friend’ said Sid. But, what did he look at?!!

Santa Claus’ read Sid aloud.’ ‘Now let’s read about him first’ he said to himself.

  Santa Claus also known as Saint Nicholas is said to bring gifts to good children during the late evening and overnight hours of Christmas Eve, December 24 by flying on his sleigh using nine  magical reindeers named Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph (the red nosed reindeer)

Sid read only these lines and his mind fumed with imagination.

‘Santa Claus brings gifts on his flying sleigh, isn’t it? I wonder what will happen if’ he said and closed his eyes and entered into his imaginative world.

DECEMBER 24, 2012

11 P.M


The whole street was now consumed by darkness. Every single child was now in bed sleeping in peace hoping that Santa will bring them presents that night.

But wait, there’s one child who’s not sleeping. Who’s that? Oh! It’s Sid. That naughty boy! What is he up to?!!

Sid was a boy blessed with extreme intelligence and the ability to create unthinkable devices at ease… but also unluckily blessed with a lot of naughtiness.

‘What are you up to Sid?’ asked a voice with no soul.

‘I’m carrying out my mission Fooling Santa’ replied Sid.

‘Fooling Santa?!!’ said the voice in amazement. ‘What’s that?’

‘I’m going to trick Santa and steal his magic sleigh’ replied Sid.

‘Oh… my boy!! You can never fool Santa. He knows everything a child does. He comes and leaves without a trace. And I dare say Santa will come to your house. Even the thought of fooling Santa is considered as a great Mischief’ said the strange voice.

‘Shhh…I know such facts. Santa only comes after the child slept, isn’t it? We’ll here is how I am going to fool Santa’ said Sid and got out of his bed. He opened his Closet and there was a small gun in the bottom of the hanged shirts. He took it and said:

‘This gun can make the exact duplicate of me which will last for about seven hours. I have removed all the bad things out the duplicate’s mind, so Santa should come to give him a present’ said Sid and looked at his watch.

‘It’s about time’ said Sid and shot himself with the gun. At once, an exact duplicate of himself was made. Sid took some spray out of his pocket and sprayed at the duplicate’s face. At once, the duplicate fell down unconscious. Sid put him on the bed and went outside. He hid behind a big tree and said:

‘I have installed a secret camera on the antenna near the chimney. It’s a small one, not even Santa could notice a thing like that. So when Santa arrives, I will hear a beep sound from the device I have in my pocket’ said Sid.

‘But this is insane! I already told you Santa knows everything. He will definitely not come’ said the mysterious voice

‘SHUT UP! I don’t believe a single word you say. Santa can’t know everything. He is not a god’ said Sid.

The argument continued for some time and stopped. They waited patiently for three hours. At about 2:05, Sid heard the beep sound. He had almost slept but woke suddenly at the sound.

Sid slowly peeped on his right side. A sleigh with 9 reindeers had landed on his roof and a fat figure going down the chimney could be seen.

‘Ha! This is the right time to react’ he thought. He came out of his hiding place and made his way to the roof with the help of a ladder that he had already left at the back of the house. He climbed over the sleigh and sat down.

‘But this is nonsense! No one will be able to ride Santa’s sleigh except himself’ said the voice. But Sid didn’t care to listen. He took hold of the rope and made a whip at one of the reindeers. Then the sleigh started to tremble.

‘It’s starting to fly! It’s starting to fly!’ said Sid in amazement as the sleigh took off high into the air.

‘Finally it’s time to fulfill my only wish for this Christmas. A ride on Santa’s sleigh and to deliver a present’ said Sid.

‘Now I am going to deliver two to three presents and return his sleigh back to Santa’ said Sid. He took the list written is golden paper. Strangely, the paper was not a big one. It was a small one with only one name on it. He saw the name:


‘Oh! So my delivery is in my street’ said Sid. The sleigh was now floating on the air and it started to move when Sid gave a whip. The sleigh got high up in the air. He could fell the chill December wind blowing on his face and he felt cold. He could feel the twinkling stars and the moon coming close to him.

‘Now where will you find Dave’s house. I know it’s a small street, but it’s hard to find Dave’s house’ said the mysterious voice which was silent for a long time.

‘I know my way’ said Sid and took out a device from his pocket (he seemed to have a lot of things in his pocket, right!!). The device was a GPS- 107 designed by him with a voice activating system that had the ability to track everyone’s house in the world at the mentioning of the name. He said loudly:

‘Find Dave’s house in Rusty Street’ and at once, the location of Dave’s house was displayed on the screen.

‘So, we were going the wrong way’ said Sid and gave a whip to the reindeer and the sleigh turned and flew in the right direction. In no time he landed on the roof of Dave’s house. He looked at the back of the sleigh. It had only a single present.

‘Is this the last delivery of Santa’ said Sid in amazement. He took the present and went down the chimney slowly by keeping each of his hands to both sides of the wall. After about 15 minutes of struggling, he finally came down. To his surprise the Christmas tree was in front of him. He placed the present under the Christmas tree and made his way up by climbing the chimney.

He at last made to the roof of the building. He entered the Santa’s sleigh. But this time he had not given the reindeers a whip. The sleigh had automatically started flying and in no time he found himself in front of his house. The sleigh disappeared leaving blue sparkles in the air.

Sid was confused. Everything seemed magical. He felt very sleepy. He went to his bed with a satisfaction of fooling Santa and delivering a present.

The morning came and the sunlight reached Sid’s face making him wake up. He carried out his morning doings as usual and went down without any excitement for he was very sure that Santa would not have left him any present. But to his surprise he found a mysterious present other than the one’s given by his father and mother. He opened it and looked inside a box.

Inside was a framed picture of Santa and a letter written in golden paper. He started reading it:

Dear Sid,

Are you happy of having fooled me? We’ll I want you to be happy for it will be gone at the end of the letter. Though you had a mind to fool me, you have been good to your parents all the year. So I don’t want to spoil your wish. Hence I granted your wish of flying at my sleigh. Hope you enjoyed the ride!!

P.S. Erase the thought of having fooled me. The Santa you met yesterday and the reindeers all are a duplicate of me and my reindeers made of magic (except for the present and the list). If you can make a duplicate, why can’t I?!!  

Sid opened his eyes again. He seemed as if he had come from an another world. He smiled to himself and took out his pen and wrote on his diary.


  1. GPS- 107(ability to track anyone’s house in the world at the mentioning of the name)
  2. Duplicating gun.

He closed his diary. The door bell rang.

‘It must be the maid’ said Sid and went downstairs with the satisfaction of having undergone a successful adventure.

© Copyright 2020 HARIHARAN. All rights reserved.

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